22 July 2024

UK–Swiss joint funding for project to develop SiC power MOSFET gate technology using ALD oxides

Hitachi Energy Switzerland collaborating with Oxford Instruments and University of Warwick

19 July 2024

Innovate UK awards £1.1m one-year project to industrialize ULTRARAM, led by Quinas with IQE and Lancaster and Cardiff universities

Lancaster’s 3” MBE antimonide material to be scaled by IQE to 6” MOCVD, before device fabrication and test by Quinas

19 July 2024

First Solar announces ownership of TOPCon technology patents

Firm evaluating options including asserting patent rights against potential infringers

18 July 2024
TMAl reflow GaN-on-silicon for fully vertical electronics
Avoiding intentional AlN buffer growth enables high current flow through GaN/Si interface.
18 July 2024

onsemi launches EliteSiC M3e MOSFETs as its latest-generation silicon carbide technology platform

Introduction of future SiC generations to be accelerated through 2030

18 July 2024

First Solar commissions Western Hemisphere’s largest solar R&D center

NREL certifies new thin-film record of 23.1%-efficient CdTe cells

18 July 2024

UK can capitalize on data-center boom, reckons CSA Catapult’s CEO

Business, academia and government needs to engage with tier-1 organizations to build new relationships

17 July 2024

MACOM dedicates Lowell Campus to John Ocampo

Dedication ceremony honors late chairman

17 July 2024

Rocket Lab celebrates CHIPS Act funding preliminary agreement

Congressional leaders and state and local officials visit Albuquerque solar cell manufacturing facility

16 July 2024

Nexperia orders Aixtron G10-SiC and G10-GaN systems for Hamburg fab

Nexperia expanding 200mm production for silicon carbide and gallium nitride power devices

12 July 2024

Innoscience claims victory over EPC’s ’508 patent in ITC’s initial decision

Remaining ’294 patent at issue from ITC challenged as invalid at USPTO

11 July 2024
Red InGaN micro-LED on silicon prospecting
Pioneers reach ultra-high 4232PPI resolution.
AFC Industries
Pfeiffer Vacuum
ETA Research
News Features
4 July 2024
Magnesium intercalation in gallium nitride
Superlattices of 2D monolayers show record high strain, enhancing hole transport.
27 June 2024
Near size-independent UV-A micro-LED performance
Researchers claim record for on-wafer EQE from sub-10µm device.
20 June 2024
GaN HEMTs on 8-inch sapphire
Researchers seek to reduce production costs for devices with blocking voltages beyond 1200V.
13 June 2024
Etching-free pixel definition for InGaN micro-LEDs
Selective thermal oxidation proposed as viable alternative to plasma etch.
6 June 2024
InP-on-insulator substrates for 2.1μm lasers on silicon
Ion-slicing technique could enable lower-cost production of optoelectronics.
22 May 2024
Reversing size effects in cyan-green micro-LEDs
Researchers fabricate QD LEDs with M-plane sidewalls with much reduced surface damage
Feature Downloads
5 July 2024

Poly-MoS2 FETs integrated on 200mm substrate
Researchers report performance comparable to single-crystal devices.

5 July 2024

Sumitomo presents poreassisted free-standing GaN
Researchers hope the technique will enable larger substrates beyond 100mm.

5 July 2024

Reversing size effects in cyan–green micro-LEDs
QD LEDs with M-plane sidewalls with much reduced surface damage.

5 July 2024

InP-on-insulator substrates for 2.1μm lasers on silicon
Ion-slicing technique could enable lower-cost production of optoelectronics.

5 July 2024

PCSEL emits at more than 300mW CW at 1550nm wavelength
Potential applications include communications and eye-safe LiDAR.

31 May 2024

High-power 1.55μm CW laser diodes on silicon
Ion-cutting of a thin InP buffer layer onto a silicon substrate for III-V epitaxy.

31 May 2024

III–nitride ultraviolet photonic circuits on silicon
Researchers demonstrate system comprising monitor, LED, modulator, and photodetector.

31 May 2024

Micro-LED IP plateaus after seven years of exponential growth
Over $12bn has been spent by the micro-LED industry, including $3bn by Apple before its exit, says Yole Développement.