29 September 2020

Crystal IS and Boston Uni demo Klaran UVC LEDs’ effective wavelength for inactivating SARS-CoV-2

Efficacy drops above 260-270nm wavelength range

28 September 2020

Small-wafer market growing at 1.8% CAGR to $5.4bn in 2025.

Silicon the only material to lose sub-6” share, due to rise of ‘More than Moore’ devices

24 September 2020

Inseto supplies SemiProbe system for Warwick’s SiC power device development

Prober to apply voltages up to 10,000V and measure currents up to 100A

24 September 2020

CompoundTek’s wafer edge coupling targets SiPh commercialization from Q1/2021

Product test time being reduced by up to 40%

24 September 2020
InAs quantum dot laser diodes on SOI
Researchers claim first electrically pumped devices.
23 September 2020

Emcore launches 1550nm high-power laser module for LiDAR and optical sensing

Custom version adopted by LiDAR system provider for AVs

23 September 2020

Scintil appoints Soitec’s R&D director as board observer

InP/Si PIC developer targets 800 & 1600Gb/s prototypes this year

22 September 2020

Lumileds names Matt Roney as CEO

Jonathan Rich becomes executive chairman

Arm Purification
News Features
21 September 2020
BiTeSe optoelectronic functional device
Researchers realize ‘OR’ gate, memory and optical signal decoding operations.
11 September 2020
Green and orange LEDs on porous GaN
Less rigid material creates relaxed InGaN pseudo-substrate for high indium uptake in regrowth
3 September 2020
Large-area liquid-phase indium-V growth on SiO2
Hall measurements give mobility values comparable to epitaxial material.
27 August 2020
Halogen-free vapor phase epitaxy for GaN
Process sought for vertical power device high-voltage applications.
Feature Downloads
2 September 2020

Smartphone shipments fall 15.7% year-on-year to 279.7 million in Q2
COVID-19 is impacting the market, but Huawei has overtaken Samsung, according to Informa.

2 September 2020

ALLOS transferring RF & power electronics patents & know-how to new GaN-on-Si entrant Azur
ALLOS is focusing on developing GaN-on-Si technology for micro-LEDs, notes Knowmade.

2 September 2020

GaN complementary logic on silicon using normally-off transistors
Researchers have used regrowth-free fabrication for the first demonstration of logic inverter operation at 300°C, along with record gain measurement at room temperature.

2 September 2020

Boosting mobility in InAlGaNbarrier heterostructure
Researchers have claimed the first high-electron-mobility transistor performance using a gallium nitride interlayer to improve material quality.

2 September 2020

Baking and plasmaenhanced low-temperature GaN atomic layer deposition
Sapphire substrate pretreatment enables single-crystal nucleation at 350°C with reduced impact of thermal expansion mismatch.

2 September 2020

Phosphor-free white LEDs for efficient displays and communications
Semi-polar bulk gallium nitride substrate enables partially polarized radiation and higher modulation bandwidth.

2 September 2020

Effectively releasing tensile stress in AlN thick film for low-defect-density AlN/sapphire template
A medium-temperature AlN interlayer has been used to reduce curvature and cracking in deep-ultraviolet LED growth.

2 September 2020

Carrier-localization engineering for DUV LEDs
Researchers use self-assembled sidewall quantum well structures to boost light output power and quantum efficiency of III–nitride material on sapphire.