ARM Purification

29 September 2020

Crystal IS and Boston Uni demo Klaran UVC LEDs’ effective wavelength for inactivating SARS-CoV-2

Efficacy drops above 260-270nm wavelength range

25 September 2020

Toyoda Gosei develops DUV LED water purification module

Unit to be sold through greater partnership with WOTA

22 September 2020

Seoul Semi’s WICOP Bi-color LEDs used in headlamp of latest Audi A4

WICOP Gen2 mini Bi-color emitter shrinks footprint

22 September 2020

Lumileds names Matt Roney as CEO

Jonathan Rich becomes executive chairman

18 September 2020

First proof that safer, 222nm UV-C effectively kills SARS-CoV-2

Disinfection of occupied public spaces possible

16 September 2020

AquiSense launches first UV-C LED point-of-entry system for water treatment

UV LED disinfection expanding into new residential and commercial markets

15 September 2020

Seoul Semi wins lawsuit against Factory Depot

US court issues permanent injunction against Philips display and Feit light bulb products

15 September 2020

Aledia benefits from strong patent portfolio in GaN-on-Si nanowire LEDs

Leti spin-off building first manufacturing facility to address display market

Arm Purification