ARM Purification

15 January 2021

SemiLEDs’ quarterly revenue halves

Gross margin falls below zero

14 January 2021
Deep UV tunnel-junction LED efficiency
Researchers claim more than one order of magnitude boost for 255nm-wavelength device.
14 January 2021

Ushio achieves record 19W output for single-chip 850nm IR LED

Narrow-angle irradiation and five times more power per package enables downsizing and cost reduction

13 January 2021

Asahi Kasei & Crystal IS launch second round of UV Accelerator funding initiative

Ideas sought on returning people to offices or commercial buildings safely post-COVID

11 January 2021

NS Nanotech showcases portable far-UVC ShortWaveLight Purifier at CES

Emitters of 200-230nm germicidal light target coronavirus on surfaces and in air

8 January 2021

SETi and Seoul Viosys’ Violeds technology kills 99% of coronavirus within a second

KR Biotech verifies sterilization results for UV LED technology

8 January 2021

Epistar and Lextar form JV Ennostar, targeting mini/micro-LEDs

Integrated compound semiconductor group to span epitaxy, chips, packaging, modules, and foundry

23 December 2020

LED revenue to fall 10% in 2020 to $15.127bn

Rebound to $15.7bn in 2021 expected as COVID vaccines distributed