AES Semigas

Matheson Gas
29 December 2021

Effect of Auger electron–hole asymmetry on efficiency droop in InGaN QW LEDs

Ignoring asymmetry overestimates ambipolar Auger coefficient by up to 62%.

23 December 2021

Seoul Semiconductor exhibiting light sources at CES

WICOP mc micro-display enables V2X communication during autonomous driving

21 December 2021

QEPrize awarded to Akasaki, Nakamura, Holonyak, Craford and Dupuis

Recognition for the development of LED lighting

20 December 2021

ams OSRAM selling horticulture lighting systems business Fluence to Signify

ams OSRAM to continue as strategic LED component supplier to combined business

20 December 2021

Seoul Viosys debuting WICOP mc metaverse VR display technology at CES

First no-wire & no-package WICOP technology

17 December 2021

Nitride Semiconductor verifies inactivating effect of UVC-LEDs on coronavirus

275nm deep ultraviolet LED greater than or equal to 254nm low-pressure mercury lamp

17 December 2021

SmartKem collaborating with UCSB’s Solid State Lighting & Energy Electronics Center

Flexible organic semiconductor materials to benefit micro-LED displays and sensors

15 December 2021
Hot performance from InGaN red μLED
External quantum efficiency reaches 3.2% at room temperature.
Branford Auction