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Matheson Gas
14 January 2022
Ohmic contacts on lightly doped p-GaN
Current flow increased by up to five orders of magnitude.
13 January 2022

Navitas’ co-founder Jefferies’ ‘Net Zero’ ESG Expert Call series

CTO highlights GaN ICs for powering EVs, solar, data centers and saving up to 2.6Gtons/year of CO2 emissions

13 January 2022

ULTRARAM memory demonstrated on silicon wafers for first time

Performance on silicon surpasses similar devices on GaAs substrates

12 January 2022

Transphorm ships over 1 million GaN devices for fast chargers and power adapters in December

More than 3x increase in units shipped in second-half 2021 over first-half

11 January 2022

Iowa State names Liang Dong as Microelectronics Research Center’s new director

Vikram L. Dalal steps down after 22 years

10 January 2022

Navitas and Powerland partner on thinnest, lightest 50W GaNFast charger

GaN ICs powering OPPO’s Reno7 Pro ‘League of Legends’ limited-edition 50W ‘cookie’ fast charger

10 January 2022

GaN Systems releases GeN2 Class-D audio amplifier and companion SMPS reference design

Second-generation reference design optimized for sound quality, thermal performance, size and cost

7 January 2022

GaN Systems and Axign unveil 500W heatsinkless Class-D audio amplifier at CES

Reference design merges GaN power transistors and Class-D controller

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