ARM Purification

22 December 2020

NREL and UNSW raise two-junction solar cell efficiency record to 32.9%

First record-efficiency multi-junction cell to use strain-balanced structure promises further improvements

5 November 2020
III-V photovoltaics for IoT dust
Researchers claim higher power density than all prior micro-PVs on silicon and silicon-on-insulator.
21 October 2020

First Solar to supply PV modules to Vistra

869MW of Series 6 modules for utility-scale projects in Texas

14 October 2020

First Solar’s Series 6 is first PV module to be EPEAT-rated

CdTe solar module awarded Green Electronics Council’s EPEAT Silver rating

13 October 2020

Midsummer and Rollgum team on solar roofs for the Iberian peninsula

Letter of intent signed to supply commercial customers in Spain, Portugal and Andorra

12 October 2020

Midsummer’s solar cells trialed on side of hybrid truck trailer

Fuel savings of up to 20% expected

12 October 2020

Germany’s ZSW, MLU and HZB pinpoint losses in CIGS solar cells

Larger grains and reduced density of grain boundaries could boost efficiency

23 September 2020

First Solar modules chosen for largest urban PV plant in Europe

JPee’s 59MWDC facility built on disused landfill