ARM Purification

23 August 2020

First Solar modules chosen for largest urban PV plant in Europe

JPee’s 59MWDC facility built on disused landfill

17 September 2020

First Solar pricing secondary offering of stock at $69 per share

Firm will not receive any proceeds from stockholder’s sale of shares

17 September 2020

First Solar announces secondary offering of common stock

Stockholder to sell and donate a portion of shares

16 September 2020

Record 25.9% efficiency for III-V multi-junction solar cells on silicon

Aixtron working with Fraunhofer ISE, Technical University of Ilmenau, and Philipps University of Marburg

14 September 2020

US AFRL invests in NREL solar cell project

Installation of pilot-production D-HVPE reactor expected next July

2 September 2020

AZUR orders 3D-Micromac microPRO XS for processing GaAs solar cells

Laser system to be used for drilling, cutting and marking substrates

20 August 2020

First Solar plant first utility-scale facility to deliver grid services

Chile’s ISO licenses Luz del Norte to supply ancillary services

10 August 2020

Fraunhofer ISE sets efficiency record of 25.9% for III-V/Si tandem cell grown directly on silicon

Inexpensive grinding and etching used on silicon substrate rather than CMP

Arm Purification