ARM Purification

25 September 2020

Picosun’s ALD boosts UVC LED reliability and lifetime

Al2O3 passivation and non-hermetic packaging promises lower cost

24 September 2020

Inseto supplies SemiProbe system for Warwick’s SiC power device development

Prober to apply voltages up to 10,000V and measure currents up to 100A

11 September 2020

IQE reports record first-half revenue of £89.9m

Year-on-year growth of 50% in Wireless and 20% in Photonics drive return to profit

10 September 2020

SweGaN selected for second year on list of Sweden’s hottest tech startups

GaN-on-SiC epi firm grew 300% in 2019

4 September 2020

Riber receives €1m-plus order for MBE services in USA

Refurbishment to upgrade production system for new applications

3 September 2020
Large-area liquid-phase indium-V growth on SiO2
Hall measurements give mobility values comparable to epitaxial material.
25 August 2020

Siltronic orders Aixtron system to ramp GaN-on-Si epi production

Fully automated AIX G5+ C MOCVD system to be shipped in Q4/2020

24 August 2020

Scientech to distribute Trymax’s resist ashing and UV products in Taiwan

Scientech expanding to high-speed communication, 3D sensing and high-frequency power device markets

Arm Purification