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17 October 2019

k-Space starts construction of second manufacturing facility

Expansion includes increased demonstration space, production capacity, and R&D and office space

17 October 2019
Silicon carbide 600V transistors comparable to silicon performance
High-frequency figures of merit surpass those of Infineon’s commercially available 600V P7 silicon CoolMOS™ technology, according to researchers.
16 October 2019

Cornell NanoScale Facility and Plasma-Therm collaborate on atomic layer etching

Plasma-Therm providing ALE system; CNF providing ALE process and device development

15 October 2019

Bosch develops silicon carbide chips, targeting power electronics for EVs/HEVs

Cleanroom of new 300mm Dresden fab being facilitized

15 October 2019

Compound Photonics and Plessey partner on micro-LED displays for AR/MR applications

Plessey’s micro-LED fabrication technology to combine with CP’s microdisplay module engineering and packaging

14 October 2019

ROHM launches 4-pin TO-247-4L package SiC MOSFETs

Switching loss reduced by up to 35% versus conventional 3-pin TO-247N packages

11 October 2019

II-VI unveils first 200mm semi-insulating SiC substrates for RF power amplifiers in 5G antennas

Introducing follows first 200mm conductive SiC substrates for power electronics in 2015

10 October 2019

IQE acquires full ownership of CSDC joint venture

Acquisition aims to take advantage of developing opportunities in the Asian technology supply chain.

9 October 2019
High-frequency indium aluminium nitride barrier transistors on silicon
Researchers claim record 16GHz-µm cut-off-gate-length product for gallium nitride channel HEMTs.
8 October 2019

Qorvo acquires Cavendish Kinetics

Team to transition RF MEMS technology into high-volume manufacturing for mobile devices and other markets

7 October 2019

Global 5G phone sales to soar in 2020, then grow rapidly to more than 1 billion by 2025

5G’s share of handset sales to grow from under 1% in 2019 to nearly 10% in 2020

7 October 2019

ADVA leading three-year project to create optical transceiver chiplets

PEARLS consortium integrating quantum dot lasers onto silicon-based electro-photonic integrated circuits

7 October 2019

Micro-LED technologies make significant progress over last 18 months

But challenges remain before ramping up for large-volume consumer applications

3 October 2019

Plessey’s micro-LED growth technology combines native blue and green epi on single wafer

Roadmap targets production of full RGB micro-LED displays by 2020

3 October 2019

BAE Systems completes Phase 1 of transitioning USAF’s short-gate GaN technology to Advanced Microwave Products Center

AFRL-sponsored Phase 2 to scale 140nm GaN MMICs to 6” wafers and validate for open foundry service

3 October 2019

AXT reduces Q3 revenue guidance from $24.5-26m to $19.6-20m

Cut attributed to weaker demand for data-center connectivity and LED applications and low raw materials revenue

2 October 2019
Reducing power losses in indium gallium nitride laser diodes on silicon
Researchers use structure variation and lower growth temperatures to reduce energy-sapping point defects in waveguide and contact layers.
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18 October 2019
Vertical gallium nitride light-emitting diodes on 4-inch silicon wafers
Researchers produced high-power, reliable devices with 501mW output at 350mA injection.
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2 October 2019

III-nitride superluminescent diodes on silicon for displays and communications
Opportunities for compact on-chip light sources for speckle-free images and visible light data transfer.

2 October 2019

Metal nanoparticle plasmon push for III-nitride light-emitting diodes
Red- and white-emitting devices benefit from resonance between free-electron states and semiconductor active regions and phosphors, Mike Cooke reports.

2 October 2019

Reduced contact resistance aluminium gallium nitride channel power devices
Researchers develop improved metal-organic chemical vapor deposition process.

2 October 2019

Ferroelectric gate stack for normally-off gallium nitride power transistors
Researchers claim the lowest reported specific on-resistance with breakdown voltages greater than 650V.

2 October 2019

Increasing on-current in III–V transistors on silicon
Researchers claim the highest reported value for 13nm-gate-length device.

2 October 2019

Thermal atomic layer etching of III-arsenide semiconductors
Process used to fabricate fin transistors with 2.5nm channel width.

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