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2 September 2015
Cree names Power and RF division Wolfspeed

IPO planned for wide-bandgap SiC power product and GaN RF device business in fiscal 2016

1 September 2015
US Air Force awards Cree's Power and RF Division $4.1m contract extension

APEI-developed SiC power modules to be qualifed for F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

1 September 2015
Plessey wins £6.7m grant from UK Regional Growth Fund for LED production expansion

Annual manufacturing capacity to grow from over 100 million square millimetres to 3 billion square millimetres of GaN

31 August 2015
Plasma pre-treatment for gallium nitride chemical mechanical polishing

Surface roughness reduced to 1.00nm peak-to-valley and 0.11nm root-mean-square.

31 August 2015
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28 August 2015
High-performance gallium nitride on low-resistance silicon

Researchers claim highest frequency performance to date for transistors on LR Si substrate.

26 August 2015
Microwave anneal process for gallium nitride transistors

On/off current ratios, lower gate leakage, and maximum drain current improved compared with rapid thermal anneal.

26 August 2015
Qorvo to double GaN capacity after scaling from 4- to 6-inch wafers

GaN-on-SiC using 6-inch wafers enables higher-volume, lower-cost GaN applications

26 August 2015
RayVio expands UV LED manufacturing capacity and global sales force

Expansion to reduce cycle time and produce 2 million LED units annually

25 August 2015
Sweden's Midsummer granted SEK10m loan from regional development agency Almi

Loan to fund continued development of CIGS solar cell production equipment

25 August 2015
TSMC terminating CIGS PV manufacturing

Late market entry and lack of economies of scale led to substantial cost disadvantage

25 August 2015
Kwansei Gakuin University uses Renishaw Raman microscope to study defects in SiC

Raman microscopy complements HR-XRD with higher spatial resolution.

24 August 2015
POET enters into VCSEL manufacturing services agreement with Anadigics

POET to transfer technology to Anadigics from Q4, for demonstration of integrated VCSEL prototypes in second-quarter 2016.

21 August 2015
GE and SUNY Poly developing SiC power electronics packaging facility at QUAD C

GE to be anchor tenant of Computer Chip Commercialization Center in next phase of New York governor's $1.5bn Nano Utica initiative

21 August 2015
Peregrine enhances intelligent integration by adding monolithic phase and amplitude control at microwave frequencies

Capabilities of MPAC products applied in other integrated products

19 August 2015
Reducing damage in gallium nitride inductively coupled plasma etch

Process avoids photoluminescence degradation to within 71nm of multiple quantum well, and enables air-gap cladding alternative in laser diode.

19 August 2015
Transfer of ALLOS' 150 and 200mm GaN-on-Si epi technology to Epistar concluded in under 6 months

Reproducible crystal quality achieved with total dislocation density of 2×108cm2

19 August 2015
2D transistor made from dual-phase transition-metal dichalcogenide crystal

Laser-induced phase patterning yields ohmic homojunction in molybdenum ditelluride

18 August 2015
Optical network equipment spending in Europe up 8% year-on-year in Q2

Global market flat year-on-year, but up 22% on Q1

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2 September 2015
Forward-bias gate breakdown in HEMTs with enhancement-mode p-GaN gate

First time temperature dependency has been characterized, according to research team.

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1 September 2015

Grading gallium indium nitride arsenide for multi-junction solar cells
A slanted bandgap across a 1μm absorber layer has enhanced the extraction of photo-generated carriers from 34% to 36.7% at 900–1100nm wavelengths.

1 September 2015

Creating heterojunctions between black phosphorous and gallium arsenide
Photo-response of phosphorene on GaAs is found to be comparable to that of phosphorene on molybdenum disulfide.

1 September 2015

Increasing the power and efficiency of 265nm-wavelength LEDs
Researchers in Japan have improved the light extraction from deep UV LEDs by using photonic crystal and subwavelength structures.

1 September 2015

Getting ready for indium gallium arsenide high-mobility channels
Mike Cooke reports on the VLSI Symposium, highlighting the development of compound semiconductor channels in field-effect transistors on silicon for CMOS.

1 September 2015

Metal-insulator-semiconductor gated hybrid anode GaN-on-silicon diode
A reverse breakdown voltage of more than 1.1kV has been achieved with current leakage as low as 10μA/mm.

1 September 2015

Indium surfactant for higher hole concentration in gallium nitride
Ammonia-based MBE process suppresses compensating donor effects.

1 September 2015

Long-wavelength N-polar indium gallium nitride LEDs
MOVPE process achieves red emission with 633.4nm wavelength, longer than other –c-plane InGaN LEDs, according to researchers.

1 September 2015

Creating n-InP/p-Si heterojunctions with lateral overgrowth
KTH in Sweden believes that the CELOG technique opens the door for low-cost and high-efficiency solar cells and photonic integration of III-Vs on silicon.

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22 July 2015

Senior Director of GaN Technology

22 July 2015

General Manager



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