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18 January 2017
NeoPhotonics completes sale of Low Speed transceiver business to APAT Optoelectronics

NeoPhotonics focuses on photonic integration for high-speed 100G-and-beyond networks

16 January 2017
Epistar expanding capacity for both AlGaInP LED chips and flip-chip CSP blue LEDs

AlGaInP LED chips to rise from 25-30% of revenue in Q4/2016 to over 30% in 2017

16 January 2017
GaN Systems joins AirFuel Alliance

GaN transistors to enable resonant wireless charging at 25-2500W

13 January 2017
GaAs component market to grow at over 4% to $9.13bn in 2021

APAC accounted for 78% of revenue in 2016, while growth in Americas driven by 4G network expansion

12 January 2017
VisIC raises $11.6m in Series C round of financing

New capital to accelerate commercialization of GaN MISHEMT power conversion devices

12 January 2017
Carbonics introduces carbon-on-silicon wafers for RF components in 5G wireless

RF devices and integrated amplifiers to be launched in 2017, then RFICs and MMICs in 2018.

11 January 2017
Back-reflector for gallium indium nitride arsenide solar cells
Researchers estimate that back-reflectors could lead to 28% increased short-circuit current under concentrator-type illumination.
11 January 2017
Purdue demos potential of beta gallium oxide on insulator transistor for ultra-efficient switches in power electronics

Low-cost method developed using adhesive tape to peel off layers of β-Ga2O3 from single crystal

11 January 2017
Panasonic acquires US-based industrial direct-diode laser start-up TeraDiode

Laser processing business to be augmented by integrating direct-diode laser technology

11 January 2017
Veeco to report Q4/2016 revenue of $91-95m, up from Q3's $85.5m

Full year down from 2015's $477m to $330-334m as China drops from 51% to 26% of total revenue

10 January 2017
University of Illinois-led team develops GaN-on-Si HEMT technology scalable to 200mm substrates

Next step to fabricate fully functional high-frequency GaN HEMTs on silicon for 5G wireless data networks

9 January 2017
Light transmission from co-integrated laser and modulator on silicon

III-V distributed Bragg reflector laser and silicon Mach–Zehnder modulator produce 25Gb/s signals.

6 January 2017
Multi-level metalization for high-density gallium nitride transistors on silicon

Scheme increases wafer utilization efficiency for high-saturation-current devices.

5 January 2017
CATV/broadband market boosted by DOCSIS 3.1 deployments, but RF revenue to remain flat

GaN the only RF technology to see revenue growth

5 January 2017
TriLumina and Analog Devices collaborate on illuminator module for automotive Flash LiDAR

High-output VCSEL array and laser driver in small surface-mount package to enable mass deployment of LiDAR

4 January 2017
Understanding graphene-semiconductor Schottky contacts

Researchers develop "simple and parameter-free carrier transport model" to describe current-voltage behavior.

3 January 2017
Avalanche photodiode with photomultiplier-like performance

Researchers use periodically stacked structures of gallium nitride and aluminium nitride to claim record gain.

3 January 2017
Taiwan's Genesis Photonics transitioning to CSP LEDs for automotive lighting

Kunshan, China fab to be sold as blue LEDs falls from 80% of revenue in late 2015 to 30% by early 2017

29 December 2016
Non-polar aluminium gallium nitride from two-way pulsed precursor flow

Improving crystal quality of a-plane material with Al content more than 60%.

28 December 2016
Gallium nitride thin-film transistors produced in 200°C process

Researchers claim record low temperature thermal budget.

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16 January 2017
Fully vertical and quasi-vertical gallium nitride pn diodes on silicon
Record characteristics point to future competitive low-cost devices for 200-600V power switching.
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2 December 2016

Silicon carbide technology preferred over traditional silicon technology
Improvement in power conversion by using silicon carbide will increase demand for the technology in developing countries, says Allied Market Research.

2 December 2016

Integrating gallium nitride LED with silicon drive transistor
Researchers wafer bond silicon-on-insulator layers to GaN-on-sapphire LED substrate and fabricate MOSFETs.

2 December 2016

Low-resistance tunnel junction boosts InGaN nanowire LED performance
Turn-on voltage reduced to 2.9V by inserting aluminium layer between heavily doped regions, reducing tunneling width.

2 December 2016

Photo-electro-chemical lift-off of free-standing gallium nitride
Batch process causes no damage and is compatible with growth substrate, enabling reuse and process cost reduction.

2 December 2016

Seeking source of green gap in InGaN light-emitting diodes
Findings exclude inferior InGaN material quality from the list of potential causes.

2 December 2016

China: the future of world trade and the semiconductor industry
Mike Cooke looks at recent political developments in the light of frustrated Chinese attempts to take over western semiconductor companies.

2 December 2016

Extending interband cascade VCSEL wavelengths to 3.4μm
Electrically pumped device demonstrates pulsed threshold current density as low as 390A/cm2.

2 December 2016

Indium phosphide on silicon template for optoelectronics
Researchers use wafer bonding to create platform for 1.2μm-wavelength laser diode growth and fabrication.

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3 August 2016

Project Development Officer
Cardiff School of Engineering

5 August 2016

Senior Cleanroom Process Engineer
Cardiff School of Engineering



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