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16 August 2018

POET’s revenue grows 11.7% in Q2

Initial revenue from Optical Interposer-based products on track for early 2019

15 August 2018

GaN Systems and PowerSphyr collaborate on wireless charging systems

Firms to co-develop high-powered consumer, industrial and automotive applications

14 August 2018

NeoPhotonics’ revenue grows 18% in Q2 to $81.1m

Growth of 30% outside China driven by data-center interconnect and metro deployments in Americas and EMEA

10 August 2018

Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult to receive £51m from UK Catapult network

Innovation Centre to open in South East Wales in early 2019

9 August 2018

Qorvo’s quarterly growth driven by mobile demand in China

CapEx rising to boost BAW and GaN manufacturing capacity

8 August 2018

SUNY Poly awarded $2m US ARL grant to make SiC-based ultra-high-voltage power electronics chips

Device fabrication to use SUNY Poly-led NY-PEMC’s tools and to support graduate students’ research

8 August 2018

PowerAmerica funds new projects to advance wide-bandgap technology in USA

$20m for six new member projects and 20 existing member projects

7 August 2018

Emcore’s inventory correction from main CATV customer offset by revenue growth from other customers in Q2

Gross margin to rebound as chip capacity increases and L-EML based transmitters transition to production

6 August 2018

Skyworks to acquire analog-system-on-chip designer Avnera

Ultra-low-power, small-footprint analog circuits to enable smart interfaces for wireless connectivity

6 August 2018

Veeco reports higher-than-expected Q2 profits, despite falling revenue from sales of blue LED MOCVD systems to China

Gross margin to surpass 40% by year-end, driven by growth in higher-margin, non-LED applications

3 August 2018

Aixtron’s orders rise 20% year-on-year in first-half 2018, driven by MOCVD systems for lasers and red-orange-yellow LEDs

Full-year order intake guidance raised from €230-260m to €260-290m

2 August 2018
Amber light for zinc tin nitride boost from indium gallium nitride wells
Simulations suggest more than 200x increase in efficiency for 600nm-wavelength light emission.
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9 August 2018
Integrating capacitors into p-gallium nitride gate transistors on silicon
On-chip capacitors could help to manage parasitic inductance problems leading to gate-drive loop over-voltage stress at high-frequency operation.
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1 August 2018

SiC power semiconductor market growing at 29% CAGR to $1.4bn in 2023, aided by automotive adoption
The silicon carbide power semiconductor market is driven by diodes for power factor correction and photovoltaic applications, but transistors are rising at a compound annual growth rate of 50% to be the main driver in 2023.

1 August 2018

GaAs wafer market growing at 15% CAGR to 2023, driven by photonics applications growing at 37%
RF still comprises over half of the GaAs wafer market, but Apple is driving the adoption for VCSELs while LEDs are growing at a CAGR of 21% to over half of the GaAs wafer market by 2023.

1 August 2018

Schottky diodes integrated in vertical GaN transistors on silicon
Researchers seek lower costs for vertical power devices using much less expensive substrate.

1 August 2018

Expanding the potential of hydride vapor phase epitaxy
Researchers claim first electrically pumped device using on-axis substrate.

1 August 2018

UCLA develops defect-free boron arsenide as most efficient semiconductor material for thermal management
Better heat conduction from hotspots could boost computer chip performance and energy efficiency.

1 August 2018

AlInN as interlayer for greenemitting multi-quantum wells
An aluminium indium nitride interlayer has boosted photoluminescence intensity from green-emitting indium gallium nitride multiple quantum wells by up to seven fold over conventional structures.

1 August 2018

Strain engineering higher hole density in N-polar aluminium gallium nitride
MOCVD technique overcomes high background free-electron concentration.

1 August 2018

Monolithic InP on silicon growth for optoelectronics
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology have fabricated near-1.5μm wavelength laser diodes using an on-axis substrate.

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