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19 December 2014
LED modules to grow at 23.9% while packaged LEDs lighting market grows at 11%

LED makers turning to modules to boost revenue and profits

18 December 2014
Calyxo's new-generation CdTe PV module reaches aperture-area efficiency of 14.3%

CX4 product scheduled for mass production at beginning of 2015

17 December 2014
Emcore's quarterly revenue growth in Fiber Optics offset by drop in Photovoltaics

Broadband Fiber Optics business to grow 26% after sale of Telecoms Fiber Optics and Photovoltaics businesses

16 December 2014
NREL demonstrates 45.7% efficiency for CPV solar cell

New design of four-junction inverted metamorphic cell adds high-quality absorber layer

16 December 2014
ALLOS offers AZZURRO patents and technology transfer and licencing

New firm targets LED and power semiconductor device makers growing GaN-on-Si wafers themselves

15 December 2014
Veeco receives largest purchase order since 2009

Sanan orders 50 EPIK700 MOCVD reactors for high-volume LED production

12 December 2014
Australia's University of New South Wales and RayGen set record solar system efficiency of over 40%

Prior record of 36.7% exceeded using CPV receiver combined with heliostat collector field

11 December 2014
Terahertz radiation from mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers

Researchers claim ‘dramatic increase’ in tuning range compared with any other electrically tunable source.

11 December 2014
Organic LED market to grow almost tenfold from $2.7m to $26m in 2020

…but inorganic LEDs likely to remain cheaper, more efficient and longer lasting

11 December 2014
UK’s Anvil and Cambridge grow cubic GaN-on-Si wafers by MOCVD

Cubic GaN on 3C-SiC on silicon promises lower-cost, more efficient LEDs

10 December 2014
Resistance memory with all-nitride structure

Could lead to monolithic transistor-resistor memory devices using III-nitride high-electron-mobility transistors.

10 December 2014
First Solar enters residential market with strategic investment in Clean Energy Collective

Community solar aims to expand addressable market

9 December 2014
LED market to grow at 17.9% from $46.4bn in 2014 to $105.5bn in 2019

General illumination to be 85% of LED market by 2019

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18 December 2014
Diamond-like carbon used to improve performance of GaN HEMTs

DLC and micro-machining reduces thermal resistance from 13.6K/W to 5.3K/W.

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3 December 2014

Long-term evolution of gallium arsenide production
Mike Cooke offers his impressions from the latest quarter results of RFMD, TriQuint, Skyworks, and Anadigics.

3 December 2014

The next era in power electronics
Mike Sherman of Chrysalix EVC explains how gallium nitride can cost effectively meet the demands on size and efficiency of power electronics devices.

3 December 2014

Color tuning from defect engineering
China research uses silver nanorods to create red to white gallium nitride LEDs.

3 December 2014

Cool-white quantum dot light-emitting diode
Researchers believe devices may prove crucial for the realization of cool- and warm-white light sources.

3 December 2014

Cantilever bridge to higher bandwidth from VCSELs
Thermal wavelength drift reduced by factor of four compared with conventional vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers.

3 December 2014

VCSEL quasi-array of four devices outputs 210W at 110A
Researchers see wide application prospects such as laser fusion welding, medical treatment, car-sensing, and laser ranging.

3 December 2014

Diagonal quantum cascade transition improves photodetector performance
The room-temperature response of quantum cascade detectors at 8μm wavelength has been boosted by almost an order of magnitude.

3 December 2014

Single-crystal gallium arsenide on metal foil
Technique could open way to low-cost high-efficiency solar cells with roll-to-roll production.

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14 October 2014

Wafer Polishing and Characterization Manager
Galaxy Compound Semiconductors (a member of IQE plc Group)

12 June 2014

Principal Development Engineer in the Materials Department
University of California, Santa Barbara


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