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23 April 2014
Cree's quarterly revenue grows 16% year-on-year to $405m, driven by 35% growth in lighting products

CapEx target raised again to support new-product capacity

22 April 2014
Solar Frontier explores building R&D and manufacturing plant outside Japan with CNSE

Over 1000 jobs and nearly $700m in investments projected for New York State

22 April 2014
IP battle expected in next three years as GaN-on-Si enters production

Patent survey reveals growing interest from RF/power industry players

22 April 2014
MOCVD equipment market growing at 14.13% CAGR over 2013-2018

HB-LEDs for lighting to remain main driver, but installations rising for GaN-on-Si power electronics

22 April 2014
EVG leading in permanent bonding market, but merged Applied/Tokyo Electron to challenge

Market to triple from almost 5 million 8”-equivalent wafers to peak more than 16 million in 2019

21 April 2014
New technique enables low-energy light detection, extending range from 4μm to at least 55μm

Hot–cold hole energy transfer mechanism overcoming the spectral limit of bandgap

18 April 2014
Top-down InGaAs nanowire fabrication enabled by novel etch processing

Plasma etch surface damage mitigated by digital etch repair cycles.

17 April 2014
Tenaska decides against using Soitec CPV modules for CSOLAR IV West project

Other CPUC-approved Soitec PPAs with SDG&E unaffected

16 April 2014
GigOptix delivers $1.5m order for E-band radio chipsets

Adds senior director of IC development for Wireless Product Line

15 April 2014
Growing cubic and hexagonal GaN on standard (100) silicon substrates

Potential for monolithic integration with CMOS and polarization-free light-emitting devices.

15 April 2014
SemiLEDs' quarterly revenue rebounds by 22%, but losses still rising

Margins to improve as acquired LED packaging line to boost higher-ASP component revenue

15 April 2014
Packaged HB-LED market to grow at 12.9% to over $26bn in 2018

General lighting LEDs to grow at CAGR of 27%

11 April 2014
Improving LED efficiency through InN nanostructures

Bridging the green gap by using quantum confinement

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21 April 2014
Growing InGaAs MOSCAPs directly on (100) silicon substrates

Metamorphic buffer only 840nm – thinnest reported to date, according to researchers.

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1 April 2014

Meeting the challenge of integrating III-Vs with deep submicron silicon
High-mobility devices based on indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) channels could benefit the performance of mainstream silicon integrated circuits. Researchers are working to meet the challenges of bringing the different device traditions together.

1 April 2014

Peregrine challenging GaAs power amplifier market with UltraCMOS Global 1
Performance achieved without envelope tracking or other enhancements.

1 April 2014

Improving nanowire transistor linearity with regrowth
Third intercept point values "significant improvement over those achieved from other approaches".

1 April 2014

Enhancing SiC epitaxy with high-speed rotation
By spinning 150mm wafers at 1000rpm, growth rate has been boosted to 50μm/hour while also improving doping uniformity.

1 April 2014

Embedded Schottky diode for unidirection GaN HFET
Korean researchers have developed a device that demonstrates both forward and reverse breakdown drain voltages greater than 600V.

1 April 2014

Increasing fMAX for InP/GaInAsSb transistors
ETH-Zurich fabricates GaInAsSb DHBTs with record fMAX of 636GHz

1 April 2014

New 'universal' method for transparent conduction on nitride semiconductors
Transparency of 95% has been maintained in some candidate materials to a deep ultraviolet wavelength of 250nm.

1 April 2014

Gallium nitride quantum dots and deep UV light emission
University of Notre Dame produces LEDs with wavelengths as short as 243nm.

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8 January 2014

European Technical Sales Territory Manager
Logitech, Glasgow, Scotland, UK


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