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11 February 2016
TU Munich grows pulsed IR-emitting GaAs nanowire lasers on silicon chip

Team targets cw emission at other wavelengths, followed by electrical injection

10 February 2016
Hybrid growth of gallium nitride tunnel junctions

MBE used to apply n-type layers on MOCVD p-GaN.

10 February 2016
Anvil working with UK Manufacturing Technology Centre to develop low-cost hybrid power module

3C-SiC devices and low-cost packaging to allow close coupling of devices and ancillaries, reduce inductances and 100kHz switching speeds

10 February 2016
GigOptix reports record revenue and gross margin in Q4/2015

Record annual revenue growth doubles from original forecast

8 February 2016
Qorvo's quarterly revenue falls 12% after demand pause from largest Mobile Products customer

Wireless infrastructure growth heralds recovery in China base-station market

8 February 2016
FormFactor to acquire Cascade Microtech for $352m

Merger to combine complementary semiconductor test, measurement and characterization applications, from engineering to production

5 February 2016
Emcore's quarterly revenue up 22% year-on-year to $22.5m

Outsourcing targets breakeven at $20m per quarter

4 February 2016
NCSU discovers new phase of boron nitride and new way to create pure c-BN

Wide-bandgap cubic BN targeted at transistors and high-powered devices

4 February 2016
Oclaro's quarterly revenue grows 8%

Stronger-than-expected growth in 100G leads to higher gross margin and net income

3 February 2016
Taking temperature of light-emitting diode external quantum efficiency

Team seeks to disentangle the various effects that impact performance.

3 February 2016
University of Sheffield spin-off Stratium raises £300,000 from IP Group and Finance Wales

Seed capital funds mid-IR QCL product launch

3 February 2016
Imec and VUB present small, low-cost and low-power chip for multi-gigabit 60GHz communication

Four-antenna path beam-forming transceiver uses 28nm CMOS

3 February 2016
TowerJazz closes acquisition of Maxim's Texas fab, adding 28,000 wafers per month capacity

15-year foundry supply agreement to allow gradual ramp of third-party products

3 February 2016
Competing Chinese bidder raises offer to acquire Anadigics from $0.76 to $0.78 per share

Bid could lead to superior offer to existing takeover deal with II-V

1 February 2016
Silicon photonics-based optical communications component market to reach $1bn by 2020

Replacement of InP and GaAs technology requires development of wafer-scale optical manufacturing, packaging and testing technologies, compatible with 3D wafer stacking

1 February 2016
Skyworks' quarterly revenue grows by 5% to new record of $926.8m

March quarter to be hit by inventory adjustments at a top customer, but revenue still growing year-on-year

29 January 2016
EpiTop claims record 176.6mW output for single-die 280nm DUV LED

High-power DUV LED products to ship in mid-2016

28 January 2016
Riber's annual revenue falls 23% to €12.8m in 2015

Doubling of order book during 2015 promises pick up in 2016

27 January 2016
Indium gallium arsenide on insulator n-channel fin field-effect transistors

IBM claims highest on-current to date for CMOS-compatible InGaAs devices integrated on silicon.

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12 February 2016
TSMC researchers claim first indium arsenide fin field-effect transistor

Drain-induced barrier lowering of 27mV/V comparable with 30mV/V value of planar InAs device.

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3 February 2016

Evatec launches new website

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25 January 2016

'Dialing-in' wet processing parameters for compound semiconductor manufacturing
Companies engaged in compound semiconductor wafer processing experience benefits from using wet processing equipment designed to handle a variety of application parameters.

25 January 2016

Metal deposition of acoustic wave devices for mobile & Internet of Things
Kuohsiung Li PhD of Raisin Technologies and John Hubschmann discuss the applications of SAW and BAW devices in wireless communication and IoT.

25 January 2016

Electron trapped in InGaAs quantum dots on GaAs reveals qubit information loss mechanisms
Quantum computer loss channels switched off by 1.5T magnetic field.

25 January 2016

Compound semiconductor electronics manufacturability on silicon
Mike Cooke reports on presentations at the International Electron Devices Meeting.


25 January 2016

Increasing carrier lifetimes for high-voltage silicon carbide
Researchers looking to 10kV+ applications for electric power transmission and distribution.

25 January 2016

Suppressing current collapse in normally-off gallium nitride transistor
Panasonic embeds p-type drain into gate-injection transistor to avoid collapse before 800V.

25 January 2016

Hole injection from V-pits into indium gallium nitride quantum wells
New mechanism seen at cryogenic temperature may be significant for room-temperature device performance, researchers say.

25 January 2016

Magnesium ion implantation of gallium nitride
Researchers claim first rectifying light-emitting diode fabrication for p-GaN doping technique.

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22 July 2015

Senior Director of GaN Technology

22 July 2015

General Manager



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