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19 October 2018

Zhejiang University reports first current-collapse-free vertical GaN power rectifier

No dynamic ON-resistance degradation at 200ns after switching from reverse stress bias up to 500V

18 October 2018

Cree’s quarterly revenue grows 13% year-on-year, driven by Wolfspeed’s organic growth of 50%

LED and Lighting Products gross margins rise despite impact of China tariffs

18 October 2018

Exagan forms Taiwan subsidiary

Sales and applications center opened in Taipei to speed use of GaN in charger and server markets

17 October 2018
Orienting quantum cascade lasers to higher efficiency and lower threshold
Off-cut substrate reduces interface roughness scattering losses to performance.
16 October 2018

IR light source market to grow at 29% CAGR from $1.8bn in 2018 to $6.5bn in 2023

Application proliferation and technology diversity reshaping the IR light source industry

15 October 2018

NTT DOCOMO Ventures invests in QD Laser

Quantum dot laser technology targeted at retinal scanning laser eyewear and augmented reality

12 October 2018

GlobalFoundries adds nine firms to RFwave Partner Program

New partners to provide mmWave test and characterization plus design services, IP and EDA solutions

10 October 2018
Argon-ion-enhanced room-temperature bonding with low resistance
Researchers bond gallium arsenide to silicon and gallium nitride, giving ohmic junction.
9 October 2018
Silicon monoxide gate dielectric for gallium nitride transistors
Thermal evaporation process avoids high-temperature, reactive-gas and ion-bombardment processes that can impact interface quality.
5 October 2018

AIM Photonics unveils support for datacom and telecom optical bands with new silicon photonics PDK

New Analog Photonics and SUNY PDK enables partnering companies to gain technological capabilities in O+C+L optical bands

5 October 2018

Emcore raises quarterly revenue guidance from $21-$23m to $24.2-25.2m

Higher-than-expected revenue driven by increased L-EML sales and higher Navigation product shipments

4 October 2018
Black phosphorus photodiode for mid-wavelength infrared detection
Van der Waals nature of material avoids thermal noise from dangling bond recombination of carriers.
4 October 2018

SILTECTRA prepares to launch outsourced wafering services business

COLD SPLIT wafering technology made available to semiconductor and materials manufacturers, to speed adoption of complex substrate materials, like silicon carbide

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19 October 2018
High-performance light emission from III-nitride stress/dislocation control
Diodes achieved high 592mW 456nm-wavelength output power at low 2.77V forward voltage with 350mA injection.
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2 October 2018

Gallium oxide transistors increase breakdown to 1.8kV
Researchers have used atomic layer deposition to improve the field-plate structure in gallium oxide MOSFETs.

2 October 2018

Integrating capacitors into p-GaN gate transistors on silicon
On-chip capacitors could help to manage parasitic inductance problems that lead to gate-drive loop over-voltage stress at high-frequency operation.

2 October 2018

Advancing InGaN VCSELs
Mike Cooke reports on progress towards filling the green gap and improving tunnel junctions as alternatives to indium tin oxide current-spreading layers.

2 October 2018

Structures to enhance light extraction in InGaN LEDs
Micro-hole arrays and sidewall texturing can overcome the narrow photon escape cone from gallium nitride into air.

2 October 2018

Amber light for zinc tin nitride boost from InGaN wells
Simulations suggest a more than 200x increase in efficiency for 600nmwavelength light emission.

2 October 2018

Atomic-layer sidewall passivation of InGaN μLEDs
Square 20μm x 20μm devices achieve peak external quantum efficiency of 33% with passivation, compared with 24% for no passivation.

2 October 2018

Technology advances paving way for micro-LED cost reduction in high-volume applications
Technology solutions should start converging by the end of 2019, reckons Yole Développement.

2 October 2018

III-nitride solar cells on h-BN separation layer
Transferring indium gallium nitride solar cells to glass with an aluminium or frequency-selective dielectric mirror can increase short-circuit current.

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