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10 December 2019

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10 December 2019

Aixtron qualified for micro-LED production at PlayNitride

Follow-up order for AIX G5+ C MOCVD system placed as PlayNitride prepares high-volume manufacturing

9 December 2019

Cardiff-based consortium gains £5.2m funding for SMARTExpertise RF-GaN project

Cardiff University and Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult to develop high-frequency electronic devices

6 December 2019

II-VI signs multi-year agreement of over $100m to supply SiC substrates

Wafers to be used for GaN-on-SiC RF power amplifiers in 5G wireless base stations

6 December 2019

Plessey develops native red InGaN LEDs on silicon for micro-LED displays

Production of full-RGB micro-LED displays targeted in 2020

4 December 2019

Filtronic expands hybrid microelectronics assembly & test facility with $1.3m equipment investment

Workforce also increased to meet demand for E-band transceiver modules and custom design & manufacturing services

3 December 2019

ST acquires remaining 45% stake in silicon carbide wafer maker Norstel AB

ST to continue growing both production of 150mm SiC wafers and R&D on 200mm production

2 December 2019

Lumentum divests lithium niobate-based product lines in Italy to China’s AFR

Lumentum ramping down LiNbO3 operations in San Donato as it focuses on InP PIC-based components and modules

29 November 2019

FBH-led project ‘power transistors based on AlN (ForMikro-LeitBAN)’ launched

Millimeter-wave and power electronic devices to be developed on free-standing aluminium nitride substrates

28 November 2019
Electrochemical membrane release for aluminium gallium nitride devices
Potential for deep ultraviolet light emission, and high-voltage and -power electronics.
27 November 2019

Soitec and Applied Materials to jointly develop silicon carbide substrates using Smart Cut technology

Pilot line to be operating at Substrate Innovation Center by first-half 2020, for wafer samples in second-half 2020

25 November 2019

SweGaN, IEMN and Linköping University unveil Transmorphic Heteroepitaxy GaN-on-SiC growth process for power devices

New hybrid GaN-on-SiC material targets power savings in electric vehicles and charging stations as well as solar inverters

21 November 2019
Boost to magnesium doping of gallium nitride on freestanding substrates
Researcher find higher free hole concentrations for given doping level, compared with material grown on sapphire.
20 November 2019

CSA Catapult to deliver energy-efficient intelligent rail system for Network Rail as part of Innovate UK-backed consortium

South Wales-based CSA Catapult collaborating on proof-of-concept to support Network Rail’s predict-and-prevent maintenance strategy

19 November 2019

Cree and ST expand and extend silicon carbide wafer supply agreement

Doubling of value to $500m addresses rapidly growing demand for SiC power devices, particularly in automotive and industrial applications

19 November 2019

Nexperia enters GaN FET market

650V GaN-on-silicon device targeted at high-volume EV, communication infrastructure and industrial sectors

18 November 2019

Cree and ABB partner on silicon carbide for automotive and industrial applications

Cree to broaden customer base as ABB Power Grids business accelerates entry into EV sector

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5 December 2019
Self-aligned-gate gallium oxide metal-oxide-semiconductor transistors
Researchers see such a process as being ‘essential’ for future devices with high performance and ultra-low power losses.
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1 November 2019

Monolithic AC InGaN light-emitting chips
Circuit integrates Schottky barrier diode rectifier with 28 LEDs operating at 110V root-mean-square at 60Hz.

1 November 2019

Improving white LED luminous efficiency CRI
Researchers combine phosphors, quantum dots and metal nanoparticles to fill out visible spectrum through a range of physical mechanisms and interactions.

1 November 2019

Micro-LED technologies make significant progress over last 18 months
But challenges remain before ramping up for large-volume consumer applications, says Yole Développement.

1 November 2019

Implementing III–nitride light-emitting devices on silicon substrates
Mike Cooke reports on recent advances in putting indium gallium nitride laser, superluminescent and light-emitting diodes on silicon using epitaxy and wafer-bonding technologies.

1 November 2019

High-frequency InAlN barrier transistors on silicon
Researchers claim record 16GHz-μm cut-off-gate-length product for gallium nitride channel HEMTs.

1 November 2019

Gadolinium oxide gate insulation for gallium nitride channel transistors
Use of single-crystalline material reduces current leakage by up to six orders of magnitude compared with a Schottky junction.

1 November 2019

Indium gallium arsenide one-transistor dynamic random access memory
Researchers hope for devices with lower operating voltages and lower energy consumption.

1 November 2019

Vertical gallium oxide Schottky barrier diodes with improved performance
Small-angle beveled field plate increases power electronics Baliga figure of merit to 0.6GW/cm2, matching gallium nitride and silicon carbide devices.

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