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27 May 2016
LED market to grow at CAGR of nearly 17% until 2020

Growing adoption in emerging countries to drive market

26 May 2016
MRSI providing die bonding assembly work cell for Fabrinet's Silicon Valley optical packaging center

Application center to aid fast prototyping and new product ramp-up to volume manufacturing

25 May 2016
Intersil extending radiation-tolerant portfolio to GaN power conversion ICs for satellite applications

Intersil collaborating with EPC to sample eGaN-based products this summer

25 May 2016
Imec and Solliance partners report first semi-transparent perovskite modules

Perovskite/silicon stacked solar module reaches 20.2% efficiency over 4cm2 and 17.2% over 16cm2

24 May 2016
Coplanar fabricated indium gallium nitride light-emitting diodes

Simpler technique cuts photolithography and metal deposition steps and offers potential path towards LED displays.

24 May 2016
Wafer-scale lift-off of III-nitride epitaxial layers with boron nitride

Could reduce process times and costs compared with laser and chemical techniques

23 May 2016
ACCESS project achieves record 6Gb/s terrestrial radio transmission over 37km

GaN power amplifiers and InGaAs LNAs enable 71–76GHz E-band wireless to exceeding state of the art by factor of 10

23 May 2016
Aixtron agrees €670m takeover by Fujian Grand Chip Investment Fund

Offer of €6 per share targets second-half 2016 close

19 May 2016
Purdue develops SOI CMOS power amplifier for 5G cell phones and next-generation radar

Efficiency of 40% comparable to GaAs-based amplifiers.

18 May 2016
More indium gallium nitride integrated photonics on silicon

China-based team combines diode structure with multiple waveguides.

18 May 2016
UNSW boosts unconcentrated solar cell conversion efficiency to record 34.5%

Spectrum-splitting, four-junction device edges closer to theoretical limits of solar cell efficiency

18 May 2016
Ascatron raises €4m in A-round funding for final development of its first SiC products

Material technology implemented in SiC epi production equipment; next step to optimize device design and outsource chip fabrication to foundry

17 May 2016
POET to acquire BB Photonics

Broadened IP portfolio in III-V materials provides source of sustained differentiation in integrated photonics

17 May 2016
NASA awards Ozark $754,000 to create SiC-based UV imager on a chip

Prototype to be used for planetary exploration and Earth observation

17 May 2016
IQE transfers Translucent's cREO growth capability to North Carolina facility

Interface charge tuning demonstrated using cREO for GaN-on-Si products

16 May 2016
ST unveils 650V and 1200V SiC power devices for EV applications

SiC MOSFET and diode production to be scaled from 4" to 6" wafers by end-2016

16 May 2016
IQE joins imec's GaN-on-Si Industrial Affiliation Program

IQE and imec demo 650V power diodes on 200mm wafers

13 May 2016
Rubicon's revenue rebounds, driven by 6" patterned sapphire substrates

Flat Q2 to be followed by significant PSS growth in Q3

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25 May 2016
Monolithic quantum dot infrared photodetectors on silicon

Direct growth technique could lead to high-performance, multispectral and large-format focal plane array imaging.

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3 May 2016

Noise and aluminium indium arsenide antimonide avalanche photodiodes
Researchers implement staircase structure from 1980s proposal.

3 May 2016

Exciton control in molybdenum disulfide
Researchers hope that work will lead to room-temperature Bose–Einstein condensation and efficient light-emitting structures.

3 May 2016

ORNL-led group grows aligned monolayers of latticemismatched semiconductors
van der Waals epitaxy of 2D GaSe/MoSe2 misfit bilayer heterojunction yields building block for energy-efficient optoelectronics.

3 May 2016

Tantalum barrier reduces gallium phosphide contact resistance
Out-diffusion is blocked in gold-beryllium alloy contacts, reducing Schottky barrier height in LEDs.


3 May 2016

Thermal droop in indium gallium nitride light-emitting diodes
Researchers have developed a model of thermal droop in InGaN LEDs through both experiment and simulations.

3 May 2016

GaN RF device market to grow at 14% CAGR, rising by 2.5x by end-2022
Market to double from $300m over next five years, says Yole.

3 May 2016

Vertical, CMOS and dual-gate approaches to gallium nitride power electronics
US research company HRL Laboratories has published a number of papers concerning III-nitride high-frequency power electronics in the past few months.

3 May 2016

III-V field-effect transistor transconductance record
Increased carrier concentration in a re-designed access region yields 3.45mS/μm at 0.5V drain bias.

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22 July 2015

Senior Director of GaN Technology

22 July 2015

General Manager



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