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21 August 2014
COB LED market to reach $9180m by 2020

Illumination applications comprise over 45% of market; Asia Pacific over 50% of market by region

21 August 2014
Fukuda Crystal Lab grows 2-inch scandium aluminium magnesium oxide crystal rivalling sapphire

Commercial launch as GaN blue LED substrate targeted for spring 2015

20 August 2014
Infineon to acquire International Rectifier for $3bn

Power semiconductor maker adds IR’s system expertise in power conversion while expanding in GaN-on-Si

20 August 2014
Oclaro’s 100G growth compensating for legacy 10G decline

Restructuring cuts losses, while 100G capacity increases target adjusted EBITDA breakeven at $100m quarterly revenue by September 2015 quarter

19 August 2014
GigOptix proposes to acquire memory product firm GSI for $161m

Merger to create high-speed communication semiconductor firm

19 August 2014
GaAs IC market to grow to $8bn in 2017

Power amplifier prices to rise from $2.90 to over $3.50, driven by LTE and AWS

18 August 2014
Photo-electro-chemical etch and vertical-cavity laser diodes

UCSB uses technique to give smooth surface for deposition of distributed Bragg reflector.

18 August 2014
JDSU’s quarterly revenue grows 7.3% to $448.6m

Rapid datacom revenue growth to resume over next two quarters

18 August 2014
Mid-power LEDs to account for 48% of market in 2014

Lighting to exceed backlighting in packaged LED revenue, providing growth

15 August 2014
Grading InGaN wells to increase LED light output power and efficiency

Varying indium composition allows wider wells with reduced carrier density, decreasing Auger recombination.

14 August 2014
PVMC to provide technical support services to CIGS firm SoloPower

Partnership to accelerate commercial manufacturing ramp-up

14 August 2014
Hanergy completes acquisition of GaAs thin-film PV firm Alta Devices

Plans to speed commercialization of technology for mobile power applications

14 August 2014
Cree's quarterly revenue up 8% to record $436m, driven by 18% growth in lighting products

CapEx increased to support growth in lighting and LEDs

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21 August 2014
High-electron-mobility light-emitting devices for optoelectronics

Nitride semiconductor transistor heterostructure used as basis for light-emitting Schottky diodes and transistors.

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4 August 2014

Wider-band modulation of blue-green light-emitting diode
Taiwan researchers achieve record optical 3dB modulation bandwidth of 463MHz for an InGaN quantum well device.

4 August 2014

Developing phosphor-free white light from nanopyramid LEDs
Researchers in China have achieved an estimated four-fold improvement in light extraction over planar devices.

4 August 2014

Monolithic integration of nitride HEMTs and LEDs
HKUST develops techniques for applications in smart lighting, LED micro-displays and visible light communication.

4 August 2014

MIT demonstrates first vertical gallium nitride diodes on silicon
A vertical p–n structure achieves soft breakdown of 300V, providing a potential low-cost alternative to GaN-on-sapphire diodes.

4 August 2014

Growing cubic and hexagonal GaN on standard (100) silicon substrates
IBM and Northwestern University develop a growth technique with potential for monolithic integration with CMOS and polarization-free light-emitting devices.

4 August 2014

Progress towards combining III-V technology with silicon manufacturing
Mike Cooke reports on contributions to the ‘Technology’ section of the recent 2014 Symposium on VLSI Technology and Circuits.

4 August 2014

Beryllium oxide interlayer reduces interface trapping in InGaAs MOSFETs
A US/Korea team has developed a BeO/HfO2 bilayer dielectric gate stack for QW MOSFETs for the 7nm technology node and beyond.

4 August 2014

Growing InGaAs MOSCAPs directly on (100) silicon substrates
A metamorphic buffer of only 840nm is the thinnest reported to date, according to researchers in Taiwan.

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12 June 2014

Principal Development Engineer in the Materials Department
University of California, Santa Barbara


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