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29 April 2016
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28 April 2016
POET to acquire Singapore-based opto device maker DenseLight

POET to gain fab, sales & channel distribution networks, and broader III-V product portfolio for end-to-end datacom market

28 April 2016
Alta Devices sets 31.6% one-sun solar cell efficiency record

Power-to-weight ratio of thin, flexible dual-junction technology targets UAVs

27 April 2016
Fully vertical gallium nitride p-i-n diode grown on silicon substrate

Researchers claim first demonstration with high performance.

27 April 2016
Cree's revenue falls 15.8% to $367m

Recovery to $370-395m expected next quarter, following delays to new products in commercial lighting

27 April 2016
MACOM sues Infineon over Nitronex GaN technology for 4G/LTE and 5G networks

Infineon tried to renegotiate International Rectifier-Nitronex agreements to reduce MACOM's rights, it is alleged

26 April 2016
HC SemiTek collaborates to explore BluGlass' RPCVD for low-temp p-GaN in green LEDs and AlN-on-sapphire for HB-LEDs

BluGlass to deposit RPCVD films on 4-inch wafers from HC SemiTek

25 April 2016
NREL theory overcomes barrier to using 2D semiconductors in electronic and optoelectronic devices

2D metal electrode binds with 2D semiconductor via van der Waals interaction to tune out Schottky barrier

22 April 2016
GigOptix's Q1 revenue up 25% year-on-year to record $11.4m

Firm renamed GigPeak after acquiring Magnum Semiconductor

22 April 2016
Smartphone shipments fall to 292 million in Q1, with iPhone plunging 43.8%

Chinese brands overtake shipments of Samsung and Apple combined

21 April 2016
Peraso raises $20m Series C financing co-led by IDT and Roadmap Capital

Capital targeted at growing WiGig IC sales

21 April 2016
Sol Voltaics achieves alignment and orientation of GaAs nanowires in thin film

Could boost PV module performance to 27%

21 April 2016
Monocrystal to double sapphire polishing capacity in 2016

Monocrystal to double sapphire polishing capacity in 2016

21 April 2016
UCSB-led team reports first quantum cascade laser on silicon

Eliminates the need for external light source for mid-IR silicon photonic devices or photonic circuits

20 April 2016
Silicon dioxide charge inverter boosts hole injection in InGaN LEDs

External quantum efficiency increased 20% at 20mA current.

19 April 2016
ORNL-led group grows aligned monolayers of lattice-mismatched semiconductors

van der Waals epitaxy of 2D GaSe/MoSe2 misfit bilayer heterojunction yields building block for energy-efficient optoelectronics

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29 April 2016
Aluminium gallium nitride nanowire UV LED fabricated on metal foil

Researchers see development as first step towards scalable roll-to-roll manufacturing of nanomaterial based solid-state optoelectronics.

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4 April 2016

Non-alloyed contacts for gallium arsenide devices
A zinc oxide interlayer and sulfur hexafluoride have been used to avoid metal-induced gap and interface trap states.

4 April 2016

Increasing gallium nitride MOSFET threshold voltage
Researchers claim record high value of 7.6V for aluminium oxide dielectric gate insulator.

4 April 2016

Going beyond gallium nitride transistor state-of-the-art performance
imec presents enhancement-mode p-GaN high-electron-mobility devices on silicon at IEDM.

4 April 2016

Aluminium ion implants for lateral gallium nitride transistors
Process reduces off-current leakage with little degradation of on-current.


4 April 2016

HRL creates low-carbon gallium nitride layers for Schottky barrier diodes
Devices achieve 0.77V turn-on and more than 800V breakdown.

4 April 2016

Hybrid MOCVD/MBE growth of III-nitride tunnel junctions
Molecular beam epitaxy has been used to apply n-type layers on metal-organic chemical vapor deposition grown p-type GaN.

4 April 2016

Improving performance of InGaN LEDs on sapphire substrates
Mike Cooke reports on research into semipolar growth, quantum well barrier composition and zinc oxide enhancements.

4 April 2016

Taking the temperature of light-emitting diode external quantum efficiency
Team seeks to disentangle the various effects that impact performance.

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22 July 2015

Senior Director of GaN Technology

22 July 2015

General Manager



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