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8 October 2015
GaAs RF device revenue to grow from another record of $7bn in 2015 to peak of $8bn in 2018

Rising GaAs content in evolving device and network architectures to offset market share loss to rival technologies

7 October 2015
IQE's GaN-on-SiC epiwafers used to achieve record power and frequency results for satcom and 5G applications

Single 0.14μm-gate-length GaN MMIC process yields both 7.7W/mm at 35GHz and 12.5W/mm at 10GHz

7 October 2015
PowerAmerica calls for projects for DOE-funded program on wide-bandgap semiconductor manufacturing development

NCSU-led $146m private-public partnership targets cost-competitive, large-scale production of WBG-based power electronics

6 October 2015
Bruker to acquire Jordan Valley Semiconductors

JVS' in-line x-ray metrology tools to complement Bruker's analytical x-ray technologies

6 October 2015
Skyworks to acquire PMC-Sierra for $2bn

Storage systems, flash controllers, optical switches and network infrastructure solutions to target hyperscale data-centers

6 October 2015
Purdue launching Quantum Center during workshop

Applications include quantum computers, compact and ultra-precise sensors, and chip-based devices for positioning and navigation instruments

5 October 2015
Ascatron and LPE cooperate on 150mm SiC epitaxy for power electronics

New PE106 reactor installed in Ascatron's production fab for 0.1-100μm-thick n-type doped epiwafers

2 October 2015
SDK to start shipping very low-defect-density SiC epiwafers

Surface defect and basal plane dislocation desnities below 0.1/cm2 target commercialization of full-SiC power modules

2 October 2015
Trumpf opens Berlin high-power laser diode engineering subsidiary

Facility to build on collaboration with Ferdinand-Braun-Institut

1 October 2015
Bulk gallium nitride substrate enables 4kV-breakdown vertical diode

Area-differential specific on-resistance of less than 3mΩ-cm2.

1 October 2015
Quadrivio and Como Venture take 16.7% stake in Ascatron as part of A-round fundraising

Ascatron aquires 28.8% stake in PileGrowth Tech, targeting SiC-on-silicon MOSFETs

1 October 2015
Panasonic develops GaN diodes with high-current operations and low turn-on voltage

Hybrid structure yields four-fold higher operating current with low turn-on voltage

1 October 2015
POET to deliver integrated VCSEL prototypes in second-quarter 2016

Ahead of schedule in consolidating Toronto-Connecticut-San Jose footprint to Silicon Valley by first-quarter 2016.

1 October 2015
Polarized white light-emitting diode without phosphor conversion

Potential applications include back-light for liquid-crystal displays.

30 September 2015
Latest issue of Semiconductor Today now available

For key compound semiconductor business and technology developments, see latest issue

29 September 2015
Panasonic develops first 4.5W continuous-wave blue-violet laser

Power output boosted by 1.5x, energy conversion efficiency by 1.2x

29 September 2015
Plessey gains £30m loan from Deutsche Bank for LED production expansion

Annual GaN material capacity to grow from 100 million to over 3 billion square millimetres

28 September 2015
Finisar demos first 100G QSFP28 SWDM4 module for duplex multimode fiber

Complete suite of transceivers enable data-center upgrade to 40G and 100G using existing MMF infrastructure

28 September 2015
NeoPhotonics launches products to support 400G coherent transport for long-haul, metro and data-center interconnect networks

High-speed InP waveguide photodector-based coherent receivers and dual-output ultra-narrow-linewidth lasers pave way for next-gen 400G systems

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7 October 2015
Quaternary III-nitride barrier boosts two-dimensional electron gas

Development towards potential telecom, healthcare, space and military 30GHz+ applications.

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1 October 2015

High-pressure anneal for indium gallium arsenide transistors
Process reduces interface and border traps in aluminium oxide/hafnium dioxide gate stacks, improving performance and reliability.

1 October 2015

Substrates for III-nitride vertical power electronic devices
Researchers have in the past few years been exploring the potential advantages of vertical over lateral devices.

1 October 2015

High-temperature recess for normally-on gallium nitride transistors
Researchers claim the highest output power density and power-added efficiency reported to date for enhancement-mode devices.

1 October 2015

Neutral pH electrochemical etching of silicon-doped gallium nitride
Solutions of common salt and sodium nitrate enable etching of pores with and without crystallographic preference.

1 October 2015

Aluminium indium gallium nitride nanowire LEDs on silicon
A spontaneous core-shell structure presents a barrier against efficiency-sapping surface recombination. Devices emit wavelengths between 430nm and 630nm.

1 October 2015

Lowering threshold currents for m-plane III-nitride VCSELs
An ion implant aperture and planar indium tin oxide design has reduced the threshold current by a factor of five.

1 October 2015

Mid-infrared interband cascade lasers on indium arsenide substrate
Intermediate cladding enables lower current threshold and higher-temperature operation.

1 October 2015

Electrochemical potentiostatic activation of p-gallium nitride
Technique can selectively break up magnesium-hydrogen complexes that block acceptor ionization.

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22 July 2015

Senior Director of GaN Technology

22 July 2015

General Manager



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