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18 April 2019

CS Applications Catapult partners with Faraday Grid to conduct market research on power electronics industry

UK’s electric grid requirements to grow 10-15% annually over next 10-15 years; EVs to drive 85% of increased demand
18 April 2019

Palomar expands Southeast Asia Innovation Center in Singapore

Latest 6532HP die bonder added for assembly of advanced photonics packages
15 April 2019

SmartVIZ project exploring high-resolution visualization technologies using micro-LEDs

Osram, ASM AMICRA and Fraunhofer IISB working on brighter, more robust and more efficient lighting than LCDs or OLEDs
11 April 2019
First demonstration of RF N-polar GaN metal-insulator-semiconductor HEMT
Reduced-dislocation-density gallium nitride substrate used to reduce carrier scattering at low carrier concentration for use in AB-mode amplification.
10 April 2019

Qorvo to acquire programmable analog/mixed-signal power IC firm Active-Semi

Acquisition expands addressable markets by over $3bn
10 April 2019

OSRAM’s quarterly revenue to fall 15% year-on-year; full year to decline 11-14%

Opto Semiconductors business impacted by under-utilization of production capacity
9 April 2019

Laser diode and direct-diode laser market to grow to $13.985bn by 2029

Emerging laser technologies revolutionizing industrial material processing and optical sensing markets
8 April 2019

BluGlass highlights R&D on RPCVD of tunnel junctions at lower temperatures than MOCVD

Tunnel junctions promise to boost dollar-per-lumens ratio while mitigating efficiency droop in nitride LEDs
8 April 2019

POET announces bridge financing exceeding needs till DenseLight sale

Proceeds to advance development of optical interposer platform
5 April 2019
Non-polar GaN-based VCSEL diode with nanoporous distributed Bragg reflector
Researchers claim first electrically injected device with around 409nm wavelength under pulsed operation.
3 April 2019
Curved mirror reduces threshold of gallium indium nitride vertical laser
Researchers claim record for blue VCSELs from device operated in continuous-wave mode.
3 April 2019

Tailoring defects in bismuth sulfide yields highly sensitive CMOS-compatible broadband IR photodetector

Spain’s ICFO and University of Zaragoza supported by EC’s Graphene Flagship initiative
3 April 2019

SemiNex begins making laser engines on new production line

Assembly time reduced 10-fold and cost halved
1 April 2019

Imec receives €2.5m ERC Advanced Grant to develop ultra-bright thin-film light sources and lasers

Five-year project aims to boost light intensity and develop electrically pumped laser
1 April 2019

Micro-LED display market growing at 86.4% CAGR from $272m in 2018 to $21,129m in 2025

Commercialization still in emerging phase, but growing demand for brighter and more energy-efficient displays to drive market
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18 April 2019
Aluminium scandium nitride exhibits ferroelectric behavior
Researchers claim first demonstration for III-V based semiconductor material.
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6 March 2019

Gallium oxide prospects for high-voltage and high-power electronics
Mike Cooke reports on research plotting and exploring potential routes to commercial application.

6 March 2019

Octagonal cell topology for high-frequency SiC transistors
Researchers have reduced the gate capacitance and storage to produce improved figures of merit that reflect the trade-off with on-resistance.

6 March 2019

Diamond thermal management boosts output power of InAlGaN transistor
Researchers achieve more than 20W/mm ~3GHz S-band performance for indium-added barrier layer high-electron-mobility device.

6 March 2019

Selective-area emitter for gallium nitride bipolar transistors
An Ohmic base contact enables high current and power density as well as a current gain of 90, believed to be highest among reported devices on sapphire.

6 March 2019

Lateral graphene/hexagonal boron nitride heterostructures
Chemical vapor deposition technique on copper foil points way to large-area uniform continuous films for device fabrication.

6 March 2019

Graphene-enabled AlGaN nanopyramid arrays on silicon
Researchers see potential applications for UV light-emitting diodes, photodetectors and lasers.

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