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24 March 2017

GaN RF power devices to represent nearly 25% of high-power semiconductors for mobile wireless infrastructure in 2017

Asia-Pacific region, including China, to drive future revenue growth

24 March 2017

NeoPhotonics reports record revenue of $109.8m for Q4, driven by High Speed Products sales up 52% year-on-year

Q1 to see dip due to delays in next 100G deployment phase in China

24 March 2017

TowerJazz announces silicon photonic foundry process targeting optical transceiver electronics

Phoenix to provide photonic PDKs for manufacturing optical integrated circuits

23 March 2017

Transphorm introduces Silicon Valley Center of Excellence

Customer support center enables high-speed, high-voltage GaN power systems development

23 March 2017

Cree signs patent cross-license agreement with Ledvance

Cree to receive royalty payments and royalty-free license to Ledvance’s patents in exchange for license to Cree’s LED light bulb and LED patents

22 March 2017
Gallium nitride vertical junction barrier Schottky diodes
Reduced surface fields enable low reverse-bias leakage and low turn-on voltage.
22 March 2017

VCSEL firm Princeton Optronics to be acquired by Austria’s ams

Adding illumination source extends ams’ optical sensor portfolio

22 March 2017

Aixtron receives repeat order from Sumitomo for GaN-on-SiC production technology

Japanese RF component provider reacts to growing demand for RF data transfer applications

22 March 2017

Kaiam expanding UK manufacturing capacity by acquiring Compound Photonics’ facility

Silica-on-silicon and transceiver manufacturing to be supplemented by integrated InP PICs

21 March 2017

Imec demonstrates 896Gb/s silicon photonics transceiver

Dense arrays of 56Gb/s GeSi electro-absorption modulators and GeSi waveguide photodetectors combined with a multi-core fiber interface

21 March 2017

Oclaro gives first live 40km interoperability demo between 100G extended-reach QSFP28 and CFP2

100G transceiver portfolio expanded from 2km and 10km to 40km while enabling higher faceplate density and low power consumption

21 March 2017

Akash Systems formed to apply GaN-on-diamond technology to SatComs

Start-up reacquiring GaN-on-diamond patents and intellectual property from RFHIC

20 March 2017

Peregrine acquires MIT spin-off Arctic Sand

Low-power semiconductors for DC-DC power conversion to enhance Murata’s power module business

20 March 2017

AXT resumes substrate production at Beijing manufacturing facility

Some 6” furnace capacity to be used for 2”, 3” and 4” GaAs and Ge after power supply damaged; return to full production expected in Q2/2017

20 March 2017

Finisar reports another quarterly revenue record, but up only 2.9%

Dip in revenue in January quarter to precede return to growth in June quarter

17 March 2017

AIM Photonics gains process modeling firm Coventor as new member

3D modeling technology to improve manufacturing of high-yield, complex integrated photonic designs

16 March 2017

MSA formed for shortwave WDM optical standards operating over duplex MMF

Specs published defining 40 and 100G transceivers for enterprise and cloud data-center applications

16 March 2017

AXT’s Beijing plant suffers fire damage in GaAs and Ge crystal growth production area

All wafer processing halted; Q1 revenue guidance lowered from $19.5-20.5m to $18-18.5m

15 March 2017
Growing quantum dot lasers on microelectronics-compatible silicon
Researchers claim first electrically-pumped device that doesn’t use intermediate buffers.
15 March 2017

Imec’s 200mm GaN-on-Si e-mode power devices withstand heavy ion and neutron irradiation

Radiation hardness of e-mode devices confirm maturity of 200mm GaN-on-Si platform

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24 March 2017
Semi-polar indium gallium nitride laser diode/waveguide photodiode combo
Researchers see integrated device as leading to on-chip power monitoring, visible light communication, and photonics platform
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1 March 2017

Atomic scaling of future electronic materials to lower dimensions
Mike Cooke reports on increasing interest in graphene, nanotubes and other planar and linear structures at the IEDM conference in San Francisco.

1 March 2017

Korea’s UNIST fabricates thinnest oxide semiconductor
Deposition of monolayer hexagonal ZnO on graphene promises highly transparent and flexible opto devices

1 March 2017

Metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy of nitrogen-polar gallium nitride
Researchers in China have used a reformed-flow-rate-modulation technique to improve crystal quality for N-polar GaN.

1 March 2017

Non-polar aluminium gallium nitride from two-way pulsed precursor flow
Improving crystal quality of a-plane material with Al content of more than 60%.

1 March 2017

Gallium nitride thin-film transistors produced in 200°C process
Researchers claim record low-temperature thermal budget.

1 March 2017

Interface engineering for green indium gallium nitride laser diodes
Thermal treatment results in low threshold current density of 1.85kA/cm2 under continuous-wave operation at room temperature.

1 March 2017

Light transmission from co-integrated laser and modulator on silicon
III-V distributed Bragg reflector laser and silicon Mach–Zehnder modulator produce 25Gb/s signals.

1 March 2017

Avalanche photodiode with photomultiplier-like performance
Researchers use periodically stacked structures of gallium nitride and aluminium nitride to claim record gain.

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3 August 2016

Project Development Officer
Cardiff School of Engineering

5 August 2016

Senior Cleanroom Process Engineer
Cardiff School of Engineering



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