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26 August 2016
AIM Photonics releases integrated silicon photonics PDK

End-October application deadline for 2017 multi-project wafer runs

25 August 2016
Dialog enters GaN market with integrated devices targeting fast-charging power adapters

UK-based fabless IC firm using TSMC's 650V GaN-on-Si process

23 August 2016
Aemulus and Peregrine partner to develop microwave frequency tester

Existing RF tester to be extended into X, Ku and Ka microwave bands

23 August 2016
Reducing misfit dislocations in green semi-polar light-emitting diodes

Limited-area epitaxy eliminates non-basal-plane slip that most affects electrically generated light.

23 August 2016
EU's MIRPHAB project unveils mid-IR chemical sensor six-times faster than alternatives

New sensor capable of detecting drugs and explosives from a distance of 30m

22 August 2016
Infrared LED revenue growing faster than overall IR components

IR LEDs growing at 8.4% CAGR to 2021

22 August 2016
Gallium arsenide phosphide solar cells on silicon with record 12% efficiency

Dislocation engineering combined with silicon photovoltaics could lead to lower-cost ~30%-efficient double-junction devices.

19 August 2016
Cree's double-digit growth in commercial lighting offsets slowdown in consumer lighting prior to launch of next-gen bulb

Lighting revenue to fall 5-10% next quarter while rebuilding commercial project pipeline

18 August 2016
Hexagonal boron nitride enables cost-effective, compact solid-state detection of neutron signals

Record-efficiency semiconductor thermal neutron detector could replace helium gas for nuclear weapon detection

17 August 2016
Wafer reclaim for indium gallium aluminium phosphide light emission

Researchers developing epitaxial lift-off process without expensive and time-consuming grinding and polishing.

17 August 2016
Aixtron's increased orders in Q2 herald recovery in second-half 2016

Executive and Supervisory Boards recommend accepting Grand Chip Investment's takeover offer

17 August 2016
SystemOnGlass optical communications firm ColorChip raises a further $20m

Funding to enable scale up of operations and recruitment of staff

16 August 2016
Disinfection system maker AquiSense acquired by UV-C LED maker Nikkiso

Firms aim to accelerate market commercialization of disinfection products worldwide

15 August 2016
NeoPhotonics' Q2 revenue up 16% year-on-year to $99.1m, driven by 100G

Full-year growth outlook raised to 22-25% year on year, despite accelerating PON product decline

15 August 2016
Rubicon's revenue falls to $3.5m in Q2

Cash burn impacted by building consignment inventory for key wafer customer

12 August 2016
Emcore's quarterly revenue growth to $22.4m driven by cable TV rising 30%

Push-out of large Satcom order to boost next-quarter growth

12 August 2016
COB LED market in APAC to grow at 34.79% CAGR to 2020, driven by general lighting

…but use of different packaging technologies by manufacturers decreases assembly throughput, affecting growth

10 August 2016
Monolithic band-engineered semi-polar white light-emitting diode

Doping profile used to red-shift optically pumped long-wavelength quantum well.

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24 August 2016
Continuous-wave room-temperature indium arsenide quantum cascade laser

Longest wavelength and lowest thresholds claimed for QCLs.

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3 August 2016

SiC power market growing at CAGR of 19% to 2021 as it spreads to more applications
SiC diodes hold 85% market share, but SiC transistors to reach 27% share in 2021, says Yole Développement.

3 August 2016

Hybrid III-nitride and silicon carbide high-voltage power transistors
Device simulations suggest proposal could combine high mobility with higher OFF-state voltages.

3 August 2016

Direct growth of InAs quantum dots on silicon
Mike Cooke reports on recent progress in producing III-V layers on silicon without using wafer bonding, showing potential for wider applications.

3 August 2016

Speed up for indium gallium nitride two-dimensional electron gas
Researchers claim record mobility, with the potential for high-power and high-frequency applications.


3 August 2016

Thin-barrier quantum wells increase bandwidth of cyan light-emitting diode
Researchers claim 1GHz 3dB bandwidth record for visible-light LEDs.

3 August 2016

Quaternary superlattice for electron-blocking layers
Researchers increase light output power and reduce efficiency droop.

3 August 2016

Growing crystalline gallium nitride nanowires on flexible titanium foil
Resulting material has comparable quality to standard GaN nanowires grown on rigid silicon.

3 August 2016

Epitaxial growth of laser diodes on wafer-bonded InP/Si substrates
Technique should allow alignment precision of monolithic integration without problems of lattice mismatching.

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3 August 2016

Project Development Officer
Cardiff School of Engineering

5 August 2016

Senior Cleanroom Process Engineer
Cardiff School of Engineering



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