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19 September 2018

Leti-led EU project REDFINCH to develop PIC-based mid-IR portable sensors for chemical detection in gases and liquids

Hybrid and monolithic integration of III-V diode and interband cascade and quantum cascade materials with silicon to create high-performance, cost-effective sensors

19 September 2018

Osram launches its first VCSEL

Homogeneous 940nm IR illumination targeted at facial recognition

18 September 2018

5G GaN2 project developing 28GHz, 38GHz and 80GHz demonstrators for 5G cellular network base stations

Fraunhofer IAF to develop E-band power amplifiers for 80GHz

18 September 2018

US Air Force’s GaN technology to be transferred to BAE Systems’ Advanced Microwave Products Center

6”, 140nm MMIC process to be qualified by 2020, with products available to DoD suppliers through open foundry service

17 September 2018

Thermco Systems expands global operations with acquisition of CSD Epitaxy

Furnace manufacturer adds batch epi reactor maker

17 September 2018

SemiGen boosts contract manufacturing capability

Firm invests $0.5m in new assembly & test equipment

14 September 2018

IR LED market growing at 15% CAGR to over $1bn by 2024

700-850nm and 850-940nm segments to grow at 17%

13 September 2018

RF power amplifier market to grow from $3bn by 3.2x, at 12.2% CAGR, through 2028

Asia-Pacific, excluding Japan, to remain largest region

10 September 2018

Finisar’s quarterly revenue grows more than expected due to ROADM deployment in China and India

Growth to be driven by demand for VCSEL arrays for 3D sensing when Sherman fab ramps up

7 September 2018

Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult secures first commercial agreement

CSA Catapult to provide analysis of potential market for University of Bristol’s TherMap technology

7 September 2018

IQE’s first-half 2018 revenue growth driven by Photonics segment

Gross margin hit by pre-production costs for Newport Foundry and product development for new VCSEL customers

6 September 2018
Activating buried p-type gallium nitride for power electronics
Researchers use reverse breakdown for assessing p-GaN activation as a “sensitive probe pertinent to power electronic applications”.
6 September 2018

Technology advances paving way for micro-LED cost reduction in high-volume applications

Technology solutions should start converging by the end of 2019

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13 September 2018
Magnetic sensing with gallium nitride high-electron-mobility transistors
Split drain devices on silicon achieve greater sensitivity than pure silicon equivalents.
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6 September 2018

Speeding oscillation of double heterojunction bipolar transistors
Researchers use graded quaternary gallium indium arsenide antimonide to improve electron transport from base to collector.

6 September 2018

Agnitron develops MOCVD capability for 10kV+ β-phase gallium oxide switches
New records have been set for β-Ga2O3 background concentration and bulk film electron mobility.

6 September 2018

Fujitsu triples output power of gallium nitride HEMTs
Radar observation range could be extended by 2.3 times.

6 September 2018

Improving AlGaN transistor channel performance
Researchers in China enable higher drain current and lower off-leakage current to give ultrahigh on/off ratio of ~109.

6 September 2018

High-material-yield halogenfree vapor phase epitaxy of GaN
Reducing gallium crucible distance to the seed as well as reducing the process pressure enables up to 47% use of source material.

6 September 2018

Undoped gallium nitride upper waveguide for reduced laser threshold
Researchers reduce losses by confining the optical field away from the p-type doped regions.

6 September 2018

Monolithic InP on silicon growth for optoelectronics
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology has fabricated near-1.5μm wavelength laser diodes using on-axis silicon substrate.

6 September 2018

Hole gas boost for deep UV diode wall-plug efficiency
A strained layer of aluminium nitride gives rise to surface holes due to charge polarization effects.

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