20 September 2021

Applied Materials launches CMP and hot ion implant systems for 200mm silicon carbide wafer production

Further products for 200m SiC PVD, CVD, etch and process control being developed

17 September 2021

Odyssey announces CEO transition and appointment of John Edmunds as chairman

Co-founder & CTO Rick Brown made interim CEO; Alex Behfar resigns as CEO & board member

17 September 2021

pSemi opens Taiwan branch office

Taipei office scales up manufacturing and bolsters global customer support

16 September 2021
Increased current for red InGaN μLEDs
Researchers achieve power density comparable to AlGaInP devices aimed at display applications.
16 September 2021

Cree | Wolfspeed to transfer from Nasdaq to NYSE

Corporate name changing from Cree to Wolfspeed on 4 October

16 September 2021

NSF grants $25m to fund new Center for Integration of Modern Optoelectronic Materials on Demand

Focus on devices for applications ranging from displays and sensors to quantum technologies

16 September 2021

IQE’s first-half 2021 GaAs revenue grows 30%, offsetting drops for GaN-on-SiC and Photonics

Nine MOCVD tools to come online by beginning of 2022

15 September 2021

TRUMPF launches ViBO VCSEL laser platform

Monolithically integrated micro-optical elements allow 3D sensing with tailored illumination profiles

News Features
9 September 2021
Red InGaN μLEDs for displays
Researchers find more stable EQE at smaller sizes relative to AlInGaP alternative.
2 September 2021
Stacking three III-nitride LEDs
First triple-junction monolithic cascade structure enabled with improved MOCVD tunnel junctions.
26 August 2021
More evidence for Auger causing GaN LED efficiency droop
Electron emission spectroscopy supports three-body mechanism for energy sapping processes.
20 August 2021
Gallium oxide white LED prospects
Vertically integrated rare-earth-doped layer structure emits at relatively low 8.8V.
12 August 2021
MOCVD tunnel junctions beat ITO for blue μLEDs
Chemical treatment enables significantly higher external quantum efficiency and wall-plug efficiency.
5 August 2021
GaN complementary logic platform
Researchers see potential for monolithic peripheral control for power electronics, radio-frequency power amplifiers and harsh-environment applications.
Feature Downloads
1 September 2021

Silicon carbide device market to exceed $4bn by 2026
Chinese players are preparing to compete on the global stage, while Europe forms a silicon carbide ecosystem, says Yole Développement.

1 September 2021

GaN breakdown exceeds 10kV
Schottky diode features lateral multi-channel and reduced surface field structures.

1 September 2021

Increasing the mobility of n-GaN on silicon
A record room-temperature mobility of 1090cm2/V-s has been achieved with a carrier concentration of ~2x1016/cm3.

1 September 2021

Linear power of graded AlGaN-channel HEMTs
Researchers claim a record for the cut-off frequency-power density product.

1 September 2021

Towards continuous-wave UV-B laser diodes
Team reduces current density threshold to 13.3kA/cm2 at 300nm wavelength.

1 September 2021

3D imaging and sensing market growing at 14.5% CAGR to $15bn in 2026
ST and Lumentum benefit most in Apple’s supply chain, notes Yole Développement.

1 September 2021

VCSEL market growing at 13.6% CAGR, doubling from $1.2bn in 2021 to $2.4bn in 2026
VCSELs are transitioning from 4” to 6” wafers and could soon move to 8” wafers, says Yole Développement.

6 July 2021

GaN RF device market growing at 18% CAGR from $891m in 2020 to $2.4bn in 2026
The GaN-on-SiC is growing at a CAGR of 17% from $342m to $2 222m, but GaN-on-Si is growing at 86% from $5m to $173m over 2020–2026, says Yole.