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20 September 2019

First Solar outsourcing US EPC to third-party providers

Scaling, developing and selling Series 6 module technology becomes top priority

19 September 2019
Improving white light-emitting diode luminous efficiency and color rendering
Researchers combine phosphors, quantum dots and metal nanoparticles to fill out visible spectrum through a range of physical mechanisms and interactions.
19 September 2019

QSFP-DD800 MSA formed to boost pluggable transceiver speeds to 800Gbps

Backward compatibility with QSFP-DD, QSFP28 and QSFP+ modules and cables to address demands of 25.6Tb/s-scale systems supporting dense 100GbE or 400GbE interfaces

18 September 2019

Scintil Photonics raises €4m in first-round funding

Fabless silicon photonic firm to accelerate industrialization of InP-on-Si technology and product development

18 September 2019

FBH reports 1.8kV-breakdown gallium oxide MOSFET with record power figure of merit

Improvements achieved by optimizing epilayer structure and gate topology

13 September 2019

Solliance and MiaSolé set record 23% efficiency for flexible solar cells

Top semi-transparent perovskite cell combined with bottom CIGS cell in tandem solar cell stack

12 September 2019
Monolithic alternating current indium gallium nitride light-emitting chips
Circuit integrates Schottky barrier diode rectifier with 28 LEDs operating at 110V root-mean-square at 60Hz.
12 September 2019

Midsummer enters agreement with Rusnano

Russia to promote CIGS PV production and end-user product development across Eurasian Union

11 September 2019
Wafer-level backside processing of high-frequency indium phosphide chips
Researchers use thinning and through-substrate vias to reduce ground-bounce and resonance instability.
11 September 2019

Altum RF announces RF Test Lab in Sydney office

Expansion includes full RF measurement capabilities

11 September 2019
Vertical gallium oxide Schottky barrier diodes with improved performance
Small-angle beveled field plate increases power electronics Baliga figure of merit to 0.6GW/cm2, matching gallium nitride and silicon carbide devices.
11 September 2019

DuPont divests Compound Semiconductor Solutions business to SK Siltron

Silicon wafer maker gaining silicon carbide wafer production technology for power electronics market

10 September 2019

ST to supply SiC power electronics to Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi for high-speed on-board chargers in next-gen EVs

OBCs using ST’s MOSFETs and rectifier diodes to enter volume production in 2021

9 September 2019

Delphi partnering with Cree for automotive silicon carbide devices

Cree’s SiC MOSFETs to be used in Delphi’s 800V inverters for premium global automaker, ramping production in 2022

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20 September 2019
Gadolinium oxide gate insulation for gallium nitride channel transistors
Use of single-crystalline material reduces current leakage by up to six orders of magnitude compared with a Schottky junction.
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2 September 2019

Indium arsenide and gallium antimonide fins on 300mm silicon
Researchers look to vertical nanowire tunnel field-effect transistor applications.

2 September 2019

Gallium nitride quantum well

Researchers make first study of off-state breakdown with a view to radio frequency high-power applications.

2 September 2019

High-electron-mobility III-nitride on 3C SiC template on silicon
Researchers work towards comparable electrical characteristics to epitaxial layers on conventional 4H-SiC substrates.

2 September 2019

Annealing to tune output wavelength of quantum dot lasers on silicon
Selective deposition of silicon- and titanium-dioxide dielectric caps enables a 37nm wavelength shift between lasers.

2 September 2019

Electrically driven germanium-tin verticalcavity surface emitter
Researchers use silicon-on-insulator platform with potential for scalable electronic-photonic integrated circuits.

2 September 2019

High-power polarized-light vertical-cavity surfaceemitting laser
Researchers achieve 60% power boost over previous devices aimed at silicon photonic integrated circuit sensor application.

2 September 2019

Fraunhofer ISE sets efficiency records for silicon-based monolithic triple-junction solar cells
The wafer-bonded cell efficiency record has been raised from 33.3% to 34.1%, while the directly deposited cell record has been set at 24.3%.

2 September 2019

UCLA demos first antimonide-based SAM-APDs for x-ray and gamma-ray detection beyond 50keV
GaSb/AlAsSb separate absorption and multiplication avalanche photodiodes show photo-peaks up to 59.5keV.

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