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25 July 2017

Riber reports first-half 2017 revenue up 80% year-on-year

Full-year growth target raised from 30% to 50% after first-half orders grow 92% year-on-year

25 July 2017

Skyworks’ quarterly revenue grows by a more-than-expected 20% year-on-year to $900.8m

Firm capturing more content per platform as design-win and new product pipeline expands

24 July 2017

Fujitsu achieves record output density with power amplifier for W-band GaN transmitters

GaN plugs below source and drain electrodes reduce internal resistance while InGaN back barrier layer controls current leakage

21 July 2017

US DOE awards Stion $1m for CIGSSe PV module efficiency R&D

New interconnection technology to improve efficiency and reduce panel cost

21 July 2017

Micro-LED-like displays and projection modules to be available in 2018

Breakthroughs in mass transfer of micron-size LEDs to display backplane yet to materialize

20 July 2017

US DOE awards SUNY Poly $720,000 ARPA-E grant to develop GaN-based power switches as part of PNDIODES program

Army Research Lab, Drexel University and Gyrotron Technology to co-develop GaN doping and annealing techniques

20 July 2017

IQE’s strong first-half revenue growth marks start of increased VCSEL wafer demand for mass-market consumer applications

Capacity expansion approved to meet higher-than-expected demand in second-half 2018; lease agreed for new premises and MOCVD system orders placed

19 July 2017

Five-junction solar cell yields module efficiency of 41.2%

GaAs-based triple-junction cell stacked on GaSb-based dual-junction concentrator cell by transfer printing

19 July 2017

GaN Systems completes investment round led by BMW i Ventures

Funding to be used to expand global sales and accelerate new product development

18 July 2017

Veeco CNT ships 500th ALD system to NCSU

Former Ultratech/Cambridge Nanotech business presents papers at ALD 2017

18 July 2017

POET focuses on proprietary Dielectric Hybrid Platform to accelerate revenue growth

Strategic partner sought to develop and commercialize monolithic GaAs platform after manufacturability challenges delay optical engine

17 July 2017

Polish Academy of Sciences’ Institute of High Pressure Physics now Ammono leaseholder

Collaboration to boost synergy between ammonothermal and HVPE GaN growth

17 July 2017

PLAT4M matures three silicon photonic platforms

Commercialization of technology accelerated by linking silicon photonic ecosystem

14 July 2017

GTAT launches SiC boule growth furnace addressing emerging demand for 6” wafers

Portfolio expanded to address rapidly growing power electronics market

13 July 2017
Amber quantum wells on indium gallium nitride pseudo-substrate
Layer transfer techniques enable strong long-wavelength photoluminescence.
13 July 2017

Manz orders sputtering systems from centrotherm’s FHR for CIGS solar module factories in China

centrotherm focuses on CIGS thin-film development partnership with Manz

12 July 2017

US-backed consortium AIM Photonics gains Mentor as newest tier-1 member

Software provider aims to unify the electronic and photonic design processes

11 July 2017

RF power semiconductor market growing at 9.8% CAGR from $1.5bn in 2016 to $2.5bn in 2022

GaN taking over LDMOS’ market share as 5G reshapes RF technology landscape

10 July 2017

Indian Institute of Science gets government approval to establish commercial GaN foundry

Centre for Nano Science and Engineering’s GaN-on-Si facility already producing transistors for researchers

7 July 2017

University of Twente develops record 290Hz-linewidth narrowband laser

InP-Si3N4 hybrid laser widely tunable over 81nm at 1550nm using LioniX’s TriPleX process

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19 July 2017
High-voltage regrown vertical gallium nitride p-n diodes on bulk substrate
Molecular beam epitaxy extends breakdown to beyond 1kV.
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3 July 2017

Direct growth of III-V laser structures on silicon substrates
From infrared to ultraviolet wavelengths, researchers are enabling lower-cost production of silicon photonics.

3 July 2017

Imec develops 200V & 650V dispersion-free normally-off/ E-mode GaN power devices on 200mm silicon
Technology ready for prototyping, customized lowvolume production and technology transfer.

3 July 2017

Monolithic gallium nitride vertical transistor and light-emitting diode
Researchers claim best ever performance for such integrated devices.

3 July 2017

Direct hole injection plugs for InGaN LEDs
Technique can increase light output power and wall-plug efficiency at higher current.

3 July 2017

Monolithic amber-green-blue nanopillar LEDs
Strain engineering could provide a viable approach for micro-displays based on indium gallium nitride technology with existing manufacturing infrastructure.

3 July 2017

Non-polar gallium nitride ultraviolet photodetector on sapphire
Researchers in India have improved the performance of a-plane gallium nitride UV photodetectors grown on r-plane sapphire substrate

3 July 2017

Ultraviolet photodetection with gallium nitride nanoflowers on silicon
Researchers claim the highest responsivity over both GaN/Si and commercial silicon devices.

3 July 2017

Epitaxial lift-off and wafer bonding for III-V photodetectors on silicon
Researchers seek low production costs through speed up of wet etch process.

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3 August 2016

Project Development Officer
Cardiff School of Engineering

5 August 2016

Senior Cleanroom Process Engineer
Cardiff School of Engineering



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