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2 July 2015
LED lighting to reach 32% of office lamp revenue in 2015

LED lamps to comprise $1.2bn of $3.5bn total market

1 July 2015
Grading gallium indium nitride arsenide for multi-junction solar cells

Extraction of photo-generated carriers enhanced from 34.0% to 36.7% for 900-1100nm wavelengths

1 July 2015
GlobalFoundries completes acquisition of IBM Microelectronics

Foundry gains RFSOI and SiGe technologies

30 June 2015
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29 June 2015
GigOptix raises revenue guidance by 5% to $9.8m for Q2

Q2 to grow 8% sequentially, driving record non-GAAP profitability

25 June 2015
Four-junction solar cell using Soitec's technologies raises CPV module efficiency record to 38.9%

Record 46%-efficient SmartCell now integrated into CPV module

25 June 2015
Cree restructuring LED Products business due to higher-than-expected ASP erosion

$500m stock buyback and annual operating plan authorized for fiscal 2016

25 June 2015
CEA Tech and Fraunhofer ISE strengthen cooperation by forming Virtual Lab

Collaboration to develop prototype ultra-high-efficiency multi-junction solar cells

24 June 2015
Creating heterojunctions between black phosphorous and gallium arsenide

Photo-response comparable to black phosphorous on the transition-metal dichalcogenide molybdenum disulfide.

24 June 2015
Luftstrom project targets more efficient and quieter battery charging in electric vehicles

GaN and SiC power semiconductors to allow transition from water-cooled to air-cooled and fan-less cooling systems

23 June 2015
Long-wavelength N-polar indium gallium nitride LEDs

MOVPE process achieves red emission with 633.4nm wavelength, longer than other −c-plane InGaN LEDs, according to researchers.

23 June 2015
Exagan raises €5.7m to produce GaN-on-Si power-switching devices on 200mm wafers

Leti/Soitec spin-off to become European source of devices for solar, automotive, telecoms and infrastructure

22 June 2015
Transphorm receives $70m investment led by KKR

Funding to support growth, product innovation and expansion for efficient power conversion technology

22 June 2015
Skyworks opens design center in San Diego

Expanding capabilities to capitalize on demand for 4G/5G and Internet of Things applications

22 June 2015
Finisar's quarterly revenue grows despite annual telecom price reductions

Profits boosted by improvement in yields for new optical engine

18 June 2015
Indium surfactant for higher hole concentration in gallium nitride

Ammonia-based MBE process suppresses compensating donor effects.

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2 July 2015
Neutral pH electrochemical etching of silicon-doped gallium nitride

Solutions of common salt and sodium nitrate enable etching of pores with and without crystallographic preference.

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1 July 2015

Direct demonstration of 1THz performance in InP HEMTs
Northrop Grumman has used indium phosphide high-electron-mobility transistors to create a 10-stage amplifier with 9dB gain at terahertz frequency.

1 July 2015

InGaAs-on-insulator transistors with buried yttrium oxide
A simple MOS back-gate stack has been used to demonstrate what is claimed to be the first InGaAs-on-insulator transistor with a buried yttrium oxide layer, achieving effective mobility of 2000cm2/V-s.

1 July 2015

Opening windows for silicon carbide junction termination extensions
Mike Cooke reports on attempts to improve the effectiveness of junction termination extensions across a range of parameters.

1 July 2015

Raising GaN Schottky diode breakdown with recessed double-field plate anode
University of Notre Dame claims record breakdown voltage of 1.9kV for lateral AlGaN/GaN Schottky barrier diodes on silicon.

1 July 2015

Stressed out InAlN/GaN fin- HEMT boosts performance
Record transconductance and electron velocity achieved at room temperature.

1 July 2015

Sidewall emissionenhancement for deep UV light-emitting diodes
Techniques have been developed to overcome anisotropic photon emission in high-aluminium-content aluminium gallium nitride.

1 July 2015

Red lasers from III-nitride nanowire forests on silicon
Small-signal modulation for plastic fiber optical communication.

11 May 2015

Long-wavelength room-temperature InAs interband cascade lasers
Record 7μm lasing wavelength achieved with less than 1kA/cm2 threshold current density.

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12 June 2014

Principal Development Engineer in the Materials Department
University of California, Santa Barbara



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