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22 January 2018

Silicon photonics reaches tipping point, with transceivers shipping in volume

Market to boom for 100G then 400G, with 200G a parallel intermediate step

22 January 2018

ZSW and IPVF agree five-year CIGS PV collaboration

Franco-German research alliance to boost efficiency and cut costs flexible solar cells and modules

19 January 2018

Hexagonal-to-cubic phase transition in GaN via aspect ratio nano-patterning of silicon substrate

Elimination of polarization doubles emission efficiency

19 January 2018

Fudan University develops optically pumped all-silicon laser

High-pressure low-temperature passivation yields optical gains in silicon nanocrystals comparable to GaAs and InP

17 January 2018

Peregrine changes name to pSemi, as it celebrates 30th anniversary and ships 4 billionth chip

Expanded engineering team to boost product portfolio, supporting Murata’s move into more advanced and intelligent modules

15 January 2018

SMI demos MOCVD growth of silicon-doped gallium oxide on sapphire substrates

Large-diameter substrates open up development of wide-bandgap power devices and sensors

12 January 2018

US Army and Stony Brook grow InAsSb on GaAs substrates using GaSb intermediate defect-trapping layer and graded buffer

Practical, lower-cost solution for night-vision systems based on III-V long-wavelength IR materials

11 January 2018

CST Global receives £83,774 funding to continue GaN laser technology development for quantum sensing applications

Year-long CoolBlue2 project to investigate feasibility of fully monolithic, narrow-linewidth GaN DFB

11 January 2018

Oxide two-dimensional electron gases integrated with GaAs, paving way for new opto devices

Work opens path to integrate oxide 2DEGs with other III-Vs too

10 January 2018
Integrating indium gallium arsenide transistor and III-V laser on silicon
Step towards low-cost, low-power, high-speed optoelectronic integrated circuits, according to researchers.
10 January 2018

Prices of packaged LED products in China to fall in Q1

Suppliers focused on developing higher-growth markets

9 January 2018

Disco develops DAL7440 KABRA laser saw for 8-inch SiC wafers

Future increases in ingot diameter also supported

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16 January 2018
‘First’ quasi-vertical gallium nitride trench MOSFET on six-inch silicon
Researchers report 645V off-state breakdown capability for low-cost power electronics.
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1 December 2017

Vertical gallium nitride p-n diode with 5.0kV breakdown
Researchers have used a guard-ring structure with a resistor to reduce electric field crowding at the edge of the device.

1 December 2017

Reverse-blocking GaN-on Si high-electron-mobility transistor
Researchers claim a record high reverse breakdown of 900V, enabled by an integrated tri-anode Schottky drain.

1 December 2017

Low-threshold indium arsenide quantum dot lasers on silicon
Researchers have claimed the lowest threshold for any kind of Fabry–Perot laser grown on silicon.

1 December 2017

AlN nanocolumns on gallium nitride templates
Selective-area growth achieves fill factor of more than 80%.

1 December 2017

III-nitride on silicon optoelectronics transfer to plastic and glass
An indium gallium nitride multiple quantum well diode has been operated in dual emitter/detector mode.

1 December 2017

Hopes for mini-/micro-LED display market space invasion
Researchers and market analysts suggest that mass production could start in three to five years, or even sooner in niche applications, reports Mike Cooke.

1 December 2017

Michigan predicts incorporating boron in InGaN increases LED efficiency at high power
Incorporating boron and indium into gallium nitride in a 2:3 ratio yields BInGaN nearly lattice matched to GaN...

1 December 2017

Thin sacrificial layers of BN enable transfer of GaN gas sensors onto metallic foils and flexible polymers
Transfer technique could yield the production of low-cost wearable, mobile and disposable environmental sensors.

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