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23 April 2015
LEDs in signage & professional displays to grow at 12.1% annually to $3.56bn in 2019

COB LEDs to grow at triple-digit annual rate

23 April 2015
Cree reports better-than-expected quarterly LED sales

Accelerated inventory reduction yields larger-than-targeted impact on margins

22 April 2015
University of Texas at Arlington developing UV lasers to detect chemical and biological weapons agents

Weidong Zhou awarded $600,000 as part of Michigan State University-led $4.3m DARPA project

21 April 2015
Increasing power and efficiency of 265nm-wavelength LEDs

Researchers improve light extraction with photonic crystal and subwavelength structures.

20 April 2015
Hanergy to build 10MW plant in Wuhan for Alta's flexible GaAs solar cells

3MW first phase to begin production within 18 months

16 April 2015
Current gain achieved in III-nitride hot-electron transistors

Emitter and collector barriers implemented using AlN/InGaN polarization dipole barriers.

16 April 2015
Nanoco wins £400,000 Innovate UK grant for collaboration with Loughborough University

Printable CIGS solar ink technology to be scaled up to mini-module size

16 April 2015
Singapore's A*STAR develops one-step method for creating high-quality 2D materials

Magnetron sputtering of wafer-scale monolayer MoS2 could enable industrial-scale production

15 April 2015
HiPoSwitch project completed with development of fast, efficient normally-off GaN-on-Si power transistors

Transistor measuring 4.5mm x 2.5mm optimized for switching 600V

15 April 2015
IBM PDKs support RFIC interoperability between latest Keysight ADS software and Cadence Virtuoso design platform

PDK for SiGe 5PAe BiCMOS process available; extension to RF SOI underway

14 April 2015
ClassOne partners on ECD applications lab at Shanghai Sinyang

Sinyang buys ClassOne electroplating tools for China customer demos

14 April 2015
Ascent Solar supplying panels for Silent Falcon's UAV production

Customer flight demos underway, with annual sales of several hundred units foreseen

13 April 2015
SemiLEDs' recovery driven by new customers and design wins

Cost reduction halves cash burn

10 April 2015
China to comprise half of all LED epi & chip equipment spending in 2015-2016

China growing at double the global rate, from 35% to almost 40% of capacity in 2016

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22 April 2015
Indium gallium arsenide on insulator transistors with buried yttrium oxide

Back-gate devices achieve effective mobility of 2000cm2/V-s.

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9 April 2015

High-temperature and concentrated photovoltaic performance of GaInN wells
Strong potential seen for material system as active collecting junction and spectral filter for lower thermal load in conventional solar junctions.

9 April 2015

Photonic crystal improves light output of InGaN LED by 42% at 350mA
Low-cost polystyrene nanosphere lithography has been used to produce an array of holes at the interface between p-GaN and a silver reflector.

9 April 2015

Plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy of indium gallium nitride
Taiwan research develops two-step process for high indium content and high-intensity green light emission.

9 April 2015

Silver nanowires and compound semiconductor optoelectronics
Mike Cooke reports on recent research into transparent conducting layers that incorporate silver nanowires as a possible replacement for indium tin oxide.

9 April 2015

More absorbent 2D stacks through layer transfer rather than epitaxy
Randomly oriented 2D semiconductor structures have been fabricated that are as functional as those with perfect alignment.

9 April 2015

Prospect of accurate p-type silicon-doped gallium arsenide antimonide
MOCVD at increased temperature shifts conductivity from n- to p-type.

9 April 2015

Reducing gate leakage and current collapse in GaN HEMTs on silicon
UK research team combines sulfuric acid treatment and silicon nitride deposition to passivate devices.

9 April 2015

Power electronics market grew in 2014 after two years of stagnation
Yole forecasts a compound annual growth rate of 6.9% to $17bn in 2020, driven by IGBT improvement as well as SiC and GaN adoption.

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14 October 2014

Wafer Polishing and Characterization Manager
Galaxy Compound Semiconductors (a member of IQE plc Group)

12 June 2014

Principal Development Engineer in the Materials Department
University of California, Santa Barbara



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