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26 May 2017

Veeco completes acquisition of Ultratech for $862m

Acquisition targets equipment for advanced packaging

25 May 2017

Method developed for electrically tuning refractive index in metal dichalcogenide monolayers by 60%

2D materials promise development of field-effect photonics for controlling optical functionality using CMOS circuits

24 May 2017
Toward visible and ultraviolet III-nitride lasers on silicon
Researchers study optically pumped microdisk lasers with output from 280nm deep ultraviolet to 500nm blue-green/cyan.
24 May 2017

Alta Devices and PowerOasis to develop power system reference design for small UAVs

Lightweight GaAs PVs to be combined with Li-ion batteries in hybrid power systems

24 May 2017

Sol Voltaics completes manufacture of PV nanowires using Aerotaxy process

Step forward in commercialization of efficiency-boosting GaAs-based SolFilm

24 May 2017

Siva Power completes $25m funding round

CIGS PV firm to build out pilot line and develop solar module business

24 May 2017

CST Global presents detuned DFB lasers for increased modulation efficiency in fiber-optic transmission

Interim summary for project iBROW; 1310nm lasers show greater modulation efficiency than 1550nm

22 May 2017

POET grows revenue in Q1 after shipping backlog for DenseLight photonic sensors

Gross margin boosted by streamlining and realignment of consolidated business

22 May 2017

ROHM expands full-SiC power module lineup

New 1200V/400A and 600A models aid efficiency and miniaturization in high-power applications

19 May 2017
Indium gallium nitride light-emitting diodes on thin industry-spec silicon
Researchers find ways to tackle bowing and threading dislocation trade-offs.
19 May 2017

Cree’s chairman & CEO Chuck Swoboda to step down upon appointment of successor

Swoboda to remain as consultant during transition period

19 May 2017

BluGlass to install BLG-300 RPCVD system upgrade while making progress on Lumileds Phase II & IQE collaborations

Commercialization boosted by adding two process engineers to technology team

19 May 2017

Latest issue of Semiconductor Today now available

For key compound semiconductor business and technology developments, see latest issue

19 May 2017

Mitsubishi Electric, Nokia Bell Labs, UCSD develop first ultra-fast GaN envelope-tracking power amplifier for next-gen wireless base stations

High-speed operation with 80MHz modulated LTE signals to help reduce energy consumption

17 May 2017
Indium gallium arsenide quantum well transistors on 300mm silicon
Researchers claim record effective mobility for 15nm-channel-thickness devices.
12 May 2017
Gallium oxide transistor radio-frequency measurements
Researchers claim record-high transconductance and frequency characteristics.
11 May 2017

WIN increases GaAs wafer manufacturing capacity by over 20%

Phase 2 expansion of Fab C features cleanrooms and new process lines for optical devices

11 May 2017

UNIQUE project to develop mass-market UV-C LEDs for industrial disinfection applications

Five Bavarian concerns span supply chain from AlN material to system integration

11 May 2017

Fraunhofer IAF develops first monolithically integrated half-bridge for 600V-class

GaN-based voltage converters target e-mobility applications

11 May 2017

Emcore’s quarterly revenue grows by 8% to $32.6m, driven by greater-than-seasonal CATV sales

Completion of Beijing facility transition to lower break-even and boost margins

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26 May 2017
Optimizing trench profiles for power gallium nitride electronic devices
Tetramethylammonium hydroxide wet etch used to round corners and repair sidewalls, lowering surface fields in structures.
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24 May 2017

Benefits and advantages of silicon carbide power devices over their silicon counterparts
Giuseppe Vacca outlines the advantages of silicon carbide compared with traditional silicon and the benefits attainable for fabricating power devices.

24 May 2017

Getting the best cost and performance out of GaN-on-silicon devices
Mike Cooke looks at recent research to realize better-performing and more complex transistors and diodes.

24 May 2017

Towards polarized white light with tunnel junctions and hybrid growth
UCSB has fabricated a semi-polar InGaN device emitting blue and yellow light from electroluminescence and optical pumping.

24 May 2017

Semi-polar InGaN laser diode/ waveguide photodiode combination
Researchers see integrated device as leading to on-chip power monitoring, visible light communication, and photonics platform.

24 May 2017

Monolithic III-V transistors and laser diodes integrated on germanium
Researchers see work as a milestone on the path towards enabling low-power and high-speed optoelectronic integrated circuits.

24 May 2017

Graphene phototransistor promises high-performance optoelectronics
Position-dependent and millimeter-range photodetection has been achieved using micron-scale graphene on SiC.

21 April 2017

Gallium nitride quantum dot emission at 232nm deep ultraviolet
Cornell University and University of Notre Dame claim the shortest-wavelength electroluminescence so far in the deep ultraviolet for GaN active material.

21 April 2017

Aluminium indium gallium nitride electron-blocking layers
Quaternary III-nitride improves light output power, droop, forward voltage, and wall-plug efficiency in blue LEDs.

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3 August 2016

Project Development Officer
Cardiff School of Engineering

5 August 2016

Senior Cleanroom Process Engineer
Cardiff School of Engineering



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