Matheson Gas
14 January 2022
Ohmic contacts on lightly doped p-GaN
Current flow increased by up to five orders of magnitude.
13 January 2022

First Solar wins 1.2GW order from Swift Current Energy

PV modules to be delivered in 2023 and 2024

13 January 2022

ULTRARAM memory demonstrated on silicon wafers for first time

Performance on silicon surpasses similar devices on GaAs substrates

11 January 2022

AXT applies for IPO of subsidiary Tongmei on Shanghai’s STAR Market

Q4/2021 revenue guidance raised from $34–$36m to $36–$37m

10 January 2022

A*STAR’s IME and Soitec to co-develop silicon carbide for EVs and high-voltage electronics

Soitec’s Smart Cut and IME’s pilot production line to create 200mm SiC substrates

10 January 2022

GaN Systems releases GeN2 Class-D audio amplifier and companion SMPS reference design

Second-generation reference design optimized for sound quality, thermal performance, size and cost

6 January 2022

Voyant raises $15.4m in Series A funding to deliver 3D sensing with chip-scale LiDAR

Silicon photonics technology from optical datacoms applied to machine perception

6 January 2022
VCSEL micro-transfer to silicon nitride PICs
Potential for low-cost, large-volume refractive index/biological sensing and power-efficient data communication.
News Features
15 December 2021
Hot performance from InGaN red μLED
External quantum efficiency reaches 3.2% at room temperature.
9 December 2021
GeSn-on-insulator platform for lasing
Integration prospects with silicon and higher performance than suspended microdisks.
2 December 2021
Slow-light VCSEL power boost
Single-mode device achieves more than 5W output power
25 November 2021
Defect-tolerant type-II QW lasers on silicon
Estimated 312,000 hour mean time to failure, “first report” beyond 1000 hours.
18 November 2021
InP-lithium niobate hybrid laser
Researchers claim first electrically pumped LN/III-V laser.
12 November 2021
Metal modulated AlGaN superlattices
Epitaxy technique results in highly coherent self-assembled structures.
Feature Downloads
16 December 2021

How AI and ML can save $38bn for semiconductor manufacturers
Atonarp’s CEO Prakash Murthy explains how artificial intelligence and machine learning can be used for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and process co-optimization.

16 December 2021

Logic technology scaling options for 2nm and beyond
imec presents a roadmap marked by the increased synergy between advanced logic device and nano-interconnect research.

16 December 2021

ALD equipment market growing at 12% CAGR to $680m in 2026
Atomic layer deposition is penetrating all More than Moore applications, says Yole Développement.

16 December 2021

Ruthenium gate for indium phosphide MOSFETs
Researchers claim record transconductance and subthreshold swing for a planar device with a high-k metal gate incorporating Ru.

16 December 2021

Relaxed InGaN for green/red light emission
A simple MOCVD structure has been used to create a 85% relaxed indium gallium nitride pseudo-substrate.

16 December 2021

UV LED market to grow to $2.466bn in 2026, driven by impact of COVID-19
The total UV lighting market will roughly double or triple to $3.5bn by 2026, forecasts Yole Développement.

16 December 2021

Gallium oxide white LED prospects
A vertically integrated rare-earth-doped layer structure emits at a relatively low forward voltage of 8.8V.

16 December 2021

Direct-epi InP quantum dot micro-disk lasers on silicon
HKUST has claimed the first micro-disk lasers made using direct epitaxy of indium phosphide quantum dots on silicon that emit in the red spectral range.