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21 February 2017
Qualcomm launches RF front-end platform for next-generation global mobile devices

Qualcomm Technologies ships its first GaAs power amplifier modules

21 February 2017
Noel expands facility and adds new wafer-processing capabilities

New litho, deposition and measurement tools increase foundry's capacity by 25%

21 February 2017
Navitas launches first integrated half-bridge GaN power IC

650V-rated power IC integrating high-speed drivers in 6mm x 8mm QFN package paves way for MHz high-voltage power systems

21 February 2017
GlobalFoundries makes available 45nm RF SOI process for 5G mobile communications

Optimized RF features deliver high performance for mmWave beam-forming applications in smartphones and base stations

20 February 2017
Veeco's Q4 revenue grows 9% to $93.6m

Revenue to rise significantly from Q3/2017 with sharp recovery in MOCVD shipments forecasted

17 February 2017
Room-temperature single-photon emission demonstrated from defects in GaN films

Team now integrating sources with on-chip devices to develop commercial prototype

16 February 2017
Peregrine opens Austin development center

New office to accelerate development of UltraCMOS products for mobile applications.

16 February 2017
ALLOS' doping-free 600V HEMT epi technology running on both Aixtron G5 and Veeco K465i at customer

Project yields performance and cost comparison of two MOCVD platforms for GaN-on-Si

16 February 2017
HexaTech signs long-term AlN supply and IP licensing agreements with Osram

Osram to accelerate UV‐C LED device development while HexaTech focuses on AlN substrates

16 February 2017
Walter Schottky Institute demonstrates first electrically pumped, single-mode, tunable VCSELs emitting cw up to 4µm

Buried tunnel junction with single-stage GaSb-based type-II quantum well active region extends VCSEL wavelength range to mid-IR

15 February 2017
Gallium nitride on silicon on insulator metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy
Buried oxide increases breakdown voltage from vertical through-wafer current by 400V.
15 February 2017
Monocrystal increases sapphire shipments by 18% in 2016

…but sapphire revenue falls 18% as average sales price drops by 23% for LED substrates and 38% for ingots

14 February 2017
Aluminium indium gallium nitride electron-blocking layers
Quaternary III-nitride improves light output power, droop, forward voltage, and wall-plug efficiency.
14 February 2017
Ascent Solar secures $20m in funding from strategic investor Hong Kong Boone Group

Targeting of flexible CIGS PV modules at China market to drive economies of scale

14 February 2017
FBH's new CV measurement method offers more specific approach to UV LED device optimization

Measuring p-side of stressed device independently from pn-junction and n-side indicates that stress activates magnesium acceptors

14 February 2017
IDT to acquire GigPeak for $250m

IDT adds GigPeak's optical, RF and video transport technology

10 February 2017
Lumentum's revenue grows 21% year-on-year to record $265m, driven by 100G datacom growth of 537%

CapEx rising to address capacity constraints and to prepare for emerging 3D sensing applications

10 February 2017
NASA Glenn demos SiC-based ICs operating over 100 times longer under Venus-like temperatures and atmosphere

Development also has Earth-relevant applications such as in aircraft engines

10 February 2017
Korea's UNIST fabricates thinnest oxide semiconductor

Deposition of monolayer hexagonal ZnO on graphene promises highly transparent and flexible opto devices

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20 February 2017
Bulk aluminium nitride platform for gallium nitride high voltage and power
Researchers claim first measurements on quantum well field-effect transistors achieve record high 2A/mm drain current.
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23 January 2017

Black polycrystalline diamond transistors with high breakdown
Despite material imperfections such as cracks and grain boundaries, devices also achieve high maximum drain currents.

23 January 2017

Single III-V channel structure for complementary MOS transistors
One indium arsenide/gallium antimonide compound semiconductor structure has been developed that can provide both n- and p-channel mobility.

23 January 2017

Advancing high-frequency and high-power electron device technology
Mike Cooke reports on work presented at the IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM) in December.

23 January 2017

Crystal orientation and gallium nitride trench MOSFET performance
Non-polar m-plane interface doubles drain current over a-plane devices.

23 January 2017

Normally-off gallium nitride power transistor on (110) silicon
Researchers see high potential for monolithic wafer-level integration of GaN power and CMOS electronics in first demonstration of technology.

23 January 2017

GaN – A truly revolutionary semiconductor technology matures
Chief marketing officer Dr Markus Behet and chief technology officer Dr Joff Derluyn of epiwafer supplier EpiGaN discuss the benefits of GaN-on-silicon technology for RF power and power switching applications.

23 January 2017

Driving deployment of wide-bandgap power devices on 200mm
Hans Auer and scientist Dr Dominik Jaeger of Evatec introduce the advantages of wide-bandgap (WBG) power devices and some of the development challenges ahead.

23 January 2017

Heterogeneous integration of 2.3μm DFB laser diodes on silicon photonics
Device used for tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy of carbon monoxide gas.

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3 August 2016

Project Development Officer
Cardiff School of Engineering

5 August 2016

Senior Cleanroom Process Engineer
Cardiff School of Engineering



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