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20 October 2017

Infinera claims two industry-first milestones for optical transport technologies

Multi-channel InP-based PICs enable 100GBaud transmission rate and 1024QAM modulation scheme

20 October 2017

Comptek raises €450,000 for Kontrox technology to passivate oxidized III-V surfaces

Atomic-level surface engineering reduces defects by up to 98%, increasing yields

19 October 2017

PHIX Photonics Assembly raises first round of investment

Funding to accelerate scaling up assembly & packaging of photonic integrated circuits

19 October 2017

Navitas announces TSMC and Amkor manufacturing partnerships

High-volume production supports rapid GaN power IC growth

19 October 2017

MACOM opens Optoelectronics Innovation Lab in China

Opening showcases CWDM4, PAM-4 and 10G-PON solutions for 100G, 400G-and-beyond optical applications

19 October 2017

Cree quarterly revenue rises despite Lighting Product sales falling and Wolfspeed capacity constraints

Accelerating Wolfspeed capacity investment to double power device capacity by end 2018

18 October 2017
Thermal curing of SU-8 for bonding gallium arsenide to silicon
Researchers produce quasi-vertical Schottky diodes with 325-500GHz-band performance and without wafer fracture or delamination.
16 October 2017

Veeco receives first order for new GENxcel MBE system

China’s Acken Optoelectronics to use next-generation system for optical communication devices

16 October 2017

GlobalFoundries unveils roadmap for next-generation 5G mmWave applications

RF-SOI, SiGe, RF CMOS and FinFET plus ASIC design services and IP target front-end modules, transceivers and baseband processing, plus networks and base-station applications

13 October 2017
Low-threshold indium arsenide quantum dot laser diodes on silicon
Researchers claim lowest threshold for any kind of Fabry-Perot laser grown on Si.
13 October 2017

LED lighting module market growing at 22.6% CAGR from $4bn in 2016 to $13.8bn in 2022, driven by mid-power modules

Module makers seeking higher-margin new applications as general lighting penetration leads to intense price pressure and competition

12 October 2017

HB-LED chip production to grow 2.8% to $13.179bn in 2017, then 2-5% annually during 2018-2022

Automotive and display applications to rise at CAGR of 13-15% and 8-11%, and lighting at less than 10% as penetration approaches saturation

11 October 2017
Indium gallium nitride quantum dot microcavity light emission
Electrical pumping results in radiation wavelengths covering 129nm range from yellow-green to violet.
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20 October 2017
Vertical gallium nitride Schottky diodes with single and double drift layers
Researchers claim record low turn-on voltages for diodes on bulk gallium nitride.
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4 October 2017

SiC MOSFET with record power efficiency for 1200V-class power device
Extra region in source area controls series resistance, reducing short-circuit current and simplifying protection circuitry

4 October 2017

Aluminium nitride Schottky barrier diodes with breakdown more than 1kV
Arizona State University has claimed the first demonstration of high-performance 1kV-class AlN Schottky barrier diodes on sapphire substrates.

4 October 2017

High-breakdown slanted tri-gate gallium nitride power transistors
Researchers claim record figure of merit, reflecting high breakdown and low on-resistance.

4 October 2017

Gallium nitride on silicon in-plane gate field-effect transistors
Researchers see prospects for high-frequency high-power devices using small gate capacitance, high carrier density and high breakdown field.

4 October 2017

Controlled spalling of bulk and free-standing gallium nitride substrates
Process could be developed for material thinning and wafer reuse in power electronic applications.

4 October 2017

Silicon-on-insulator substrates for compound semiconductor applications
Mike Cooke reports on research developments reaching towards high-power electronics and infrared optical communications.

4 October 2017

Near-ultraviolet laser diodes powering visible (white) light communication
Researchers achieve increased color rendering and lower color temperature with red-green-blue phosphors.

4 October 2017

Monolithic red-green-blue InGaN pixels from strain engineered nanopillars
University of Michigan reports on a potential path towards future LED-based microdisplay technology and augmented reality applications.

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