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19 July 2019

Silicon carbide power device market growing at 29% CAGR to $1.93bn in 2024, driven by EV market

Automotive sector to rise from 27% of SiC power device market in 2018 to 49% in 2024
19 July 2019

Altum RF expands Eindhoven office with RF Test Lab

Expansion includes full RF measurement capabilities
18 July 2019

BluGlass awarded US patent for buried activated p-GaN in tunnel junctions

RPCVD developer working with prospective customers on possible applications
17 July 2019

SiC- and GaN-based power electronics to boost automotive semiconductor efficiencies and profitability

Wide-bandgap semiconductors to grow at 60% CAGR through 2026
16 July 2019

NEDO, Sharp and Toyota to begin public road trials of electric vehicles with high-efficiency solar cells

Toyota Prius PHV demo car generates 860W using 34%-efficient triple-junction cells, versus 180W using 22.5%-efficient cells in commercial model
12 July 2019

Emcore cuts June-quarter revenue guidance from $20-22m to $17-17.5m

Chip product sales and GPON hit by US-China trade dispute
11 July 2019
Gallium nitride quantum well high-electron-mobility transistors
Researchers make first study of off-state breakdown with a view to radio frequency high-power applications.
11 July 2019

Extremely low-excess-noise and high-sensitivity APDs developed using AlAsSb lattice matched to InP

Cardiff, Swansea and UCLA’s CNSI co-develop ultrafast receiver technology for networking and sensing
11 July 2019

Akash raises $14.5m in Series A round

Funding to aid scaling transmit/receive radio modules and power amplifier business
11 July 2019

UKRPIF making £30m investment in new Centre for Integrative Semiconductor Materials at Swansea University

South Wales-based center to bring together semiconductor manufacturing and R&D
10 July 2019

Laser diode market to grow to $14bn in 2029, with direct-diode lasers contributing $2bn

Laser price and performance evolution rapidly opening up new markets, enabling novel applications in laser material processing and industrial manufacturing
9 July 2019

Ascatron secures €3.5m funding for 3DSiC product development

Production process to be qualified in Q4/2019 for 1200V and 1700V JBS diodes then Q2/2020 for MOSFETs
9 July 2019

ClassOne opens new Technology Development Center

Expanded capabilities address growing demand for electroplating and wafer cleaning equipment for compound semiconductor manufacturing
8 July 2019

BluGlass brings online BLG-300II upgraded RPCVD system

Installation boosts development and foundry capacity by over 30%
8 July 2019

Hamamatsu to construct second building at Shingai Factory

Opto device production to begin at Shingai Factory Building No.2 in October 2020
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18 July 2019
High-electron-mobility III-nitride on 3C silicon carbide template on silicon
Researchers work towards comparable electrical characteristics to epitaxial layers on conventional 4H-SiC substrates.
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1 July 2019

InGaN platelets for green and red LEDs
Reduced strain should enable more efficient recombination of the electrons and holes into photons.

1 July 2019

Boosting near-UV and deep-UV performance of light-emitting diodes
Mike Cooke reports on recent research to improve photon extraction and material quality in deep-ultraviolet light-emitting diodes.

1 July 2019

Imec demos optimized process flows for high-performance Ge-based devices
GmSAT/SSSAT benchmark has been improved in both n-type FinFETs and p-type gate-all-around devices.

1 July 2019

GaN transistor power boosted by diamond thermal management
Chemical vapor deposition substrate replacement gives record DC power density.

1 July 2019

Positive threshold in GaN transistors with p-type aluminium titanium oxide
An AlTiO gate insulator combined with recessing enables the first demonstration of normally-off, enhancement-mode operation.

1 July 2019

First demonstration of RF N-polar GaN MISHEMT
Reduced-dislocation-density gallium nitride substrate used to reduce carrier scattering at low carrier concentration for use in AB-mode amplification.

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