26 February 2021

II-VI Inc unveils VCSEL flood illuminator modules for driver and occupancy monitoring systems

AEC-Q102 automotive certification expected in Q2

25 February 2021

SiC-based power electronics & inverter market to reach $3888.2m by 2027

CAGR of 21.5% to $542.2m in 2020, despite COVID

25 February 2021
Flexible indium phosphide DHBT frequency boost
Wafer-scale process results in highest performance so far
25 February 2021

RF GaN market growing at 30.58% CAGR to $3057.4m by 2026

Telecom infrastructure demand driven by 5G implementation

23 February 2021

POET’s LightBar-C targets new markets for co-packaged optics and optical sensing

Optical Interposer platform extended for C-band lasers

22 February 2021

AXT’s Q4 revenue grows 47% year-on-year, driven by InP for 5G

8-inch GaAs and 6-inch InP to be brought to market in 2021

22 February 2021

Kubos demos first commercially compatible cubic GaN LEDs

Cambridge spin-off aims to license technology to LED makers

19 February 2021

Cree completes $500m at-the-market equity offering

Proceeds to support silicon carbide capacity expansion

News Features
18 February 2021
Hybrid III–V TFETs and MOSFETs on silicon
Researchers demonstrate TFETs with subthreshold swing of 42mV/decade.
11 February 2021
HEMTs from AlScN-barrier MOCVD
Team also investigates silicon nitride cap material for first time.
4 February 2021
Transistor cut-off frequency at 738GHz
Researchers report record fT combined with outstanding DC parameters.
21 January 2021
CMOS-compatible III-V photodetector
Researchers fabricate device with 65GHz bandwidth and 100GBd reception.
28 January 2021
On-chip III-N LED/photodetector integration
Incorporating photodetector into light-emitting structure boosts response and uniformity.
Feature Downloads
1 February 2021

Smartphone production falls a record 11% to 1.25bn units in 2020 as Huawei exits top-six
This year will see a 9% rebound to 1.36 billion units, but Huawei will fall from third biggest smartphone maker to seventh, reckons TrendForce.

1 February 2021

Optimizing silicon carbide MOSFET performance
Researchers claim a record-breaking combination of on-resistance and breakdown for power applications.

1 February 2021

Silicon carbide device market growing at 30% CAGR to over $2.5bn in 2025
The automotive sector is growing at 38% to exceed $1.5bn, says Yole.

1 February 2021

GaN for fast chargers joining SiC in power electronics market, as 5G infrastructure drives GaN RF
5G handsets and Wi-Fi 6 are powering growth in the GaAs power amplifier market for RF front-end modules, says Yole Développement.

1 February 2021

AlPN vapor phase epitaxy on gallium nitride
Potential for high-electron-mobility transistors and distributed Bragg reflectors.

1 February 2021

Indium gallium nitride laser with n-type ridge on silicon
An inverted diode structure has been shown to slash Joule heating and boost thermal management.

1 February 2021

Displaced misfits boost QD laser on silicon
Researchers see performance improvements comparable to order-of-magnitude reductions in threading dislocations.

1 February 2021

III–V photovoltaics for dust-sized IoT devices
Higher power density than all prior micro-PVs on silicon and silicon-on-insulator.