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23 June 2017

Umicore inaugurates metal-organic precursor production plant in Germany

Precious Metals Chemistry business unit’s TMGa and TEGa target semiconductor and LED markets

21 June 2017

Finisar reports record full-year revenue, but a 6% drop quarter-to-quarter driven by Chinese telecom OEMs

Growth to resume in October quarter, driven by 100G QSFP28 transceivers for hyper-scale data centers and VCSEL arrays for 3D sensing

21 June 2017

MOCVD market growing at 14% CAGR to 2021

Equipment utilization up in Asia Pacific, driven by LED lighting market

21 June 2017

CST Global leading Quantum Ring Single Photon LED project

Mass production of low-cost, single-photon LEDs targets next-generation network security

20 June 2017
Gallium nitride implanted current-aperture vertical electron transistor
Researchers claim first demonstration of device with 450V blocking and respectable on-state characteristics.
20 June 2017

Custom MMIC expands partnership with X-Microwave

More than 35 MMICs added to modular simulation, prototyping and production system

19 June 2017

A*STAR develops manufacturing of hybrid silicon lasers for mass-produced photonic devices

New heterocore configuration and integrated fabrication process combines low-temperature SiO2 interlayer bonding with dual hard-mask, single lithography patterning

19 June 2017

GaN to drive its share of RF high-power semiconductor revenue to more than double by 2022

Overall RF high-power semiconductor market exceeded $1.4bn in 2016 despite wireless infrastructure sector continuing to flatten

16 June 2017

Sofradir developing 2048x2048 15µm-pitch SWIR detector for space observation

Collaboration with CEA-Leti and CEA-IRFU under ESA’s Near Infrared Large Format Sensor Array program targets fully characterized low-flux, low-noise ALFA prototype in first-quarter 2019

15 June 2017

Imec demos first sub-10nm germanium gate-all-around FETs

High-pressure anneal used to boost performance of both Ge FinFET and GAA devices

15 June 2017

II-VI Inc ramps production of 18W pump laser diodes for fiber lasers

Production capacity to be doubled by end-2017

15 June 2017

Imec achieves record-low source/drain contact resistivity for PMOS transistors

Shallow gallium implantation on p-type SiGe source/drain contacts then pulsed nanosecond laser anneal yields sub-10-9Ω.cm2 contact resistivity

15 June 2017

UV LED market growing at 34% CAGR from $288m in 2017 to $526m in 2020

South Korean and Japanese suppliers dominant, but Taiwanese blue LED makers turning to higher-growth UV LED market

15 June 2017

MIRPHAB pilot line to provide tailor-made spectroscopy solutions

EU-funded project to fabricate mid-infrared sensor devices for early adopters

14 June 2017

WIN develops GaAs PIN diode MMIC process on 150mm wafers

Flexible 3µm process targets high-frequency switch and limiter applications

14 June 2017

Imec develops 200V and 650V dispersion-free normally-off/E-mode power devices on 200mm silicon

Technology ready for prototyping, customized low-volume production and technology transfer

12 June 2017

Osram acquiring California-based LED supplier LED Engin

Purchase to boost Osram’s specialty lighting business

9 June 2017

Aixtron appoints Felix Grawert as new executive board member

Schulte and Grawert to jointly lead firm

7 June 2017
Improving isolation of gallium nitride transistors on silicon-on-insulator
Technique enables use of trench isolation and is promising for monolithic integration of power systems, reducing parasitic inductance and die size.
2 June 2017

Manz receives initial €64.3m downpayment as part of €263m CIGS PV order from Chinese partners

Manz’s sites in Germany, Slovakia and Asia working on orders

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21 June 2017
Finding the root of nanopipes in aluminium nitride on sapphire
Researchers reduce densities by treating precursor residues on reactor quartz-ware.
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News Archive
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24 May 2017

Benefits and advantages of silicon carbide power devices over their silicon counterparts
Giuseppe Vacca outlines the advantages of silicon carbide compared with traditional silicon and the benefits attainable for fabricating power devices.

24 May 2017

Getting the best cost and performance out of GaN-on-silicon devices
Mike Cooke looks at recent research to realize better-performing and more complex transistors and diodes.

24 May 2017

Towards polarized white light with tunnel junctions and hybrid growth
UCSB has fabricated a semi-polar InGaN device emitting blue and yellow light from electroluminescence and optical pumping.

24 May 2017

Semi-polar InGaN laser diode/ waveguide photodiode combination
Researchers see integrated device as leading to on-chip power monitoring, visible light communication, and photonics platform.

24 May 2017

Monolithic III-V transistors and laser diodes integrated on germanium
Researchers see work as a milestone on the path towards enabling low-power and high-speed optoelectronic integrated circuits.

24 May 2017

Graphene phototransistor promises high-performance optoelectronics
Position-dependent and millimeter-range photodetection has been achieved using micron-scale graphene on SiC.

21 April 2017

Gallium nitride quantum dot emission at 232nm deep ultraviolet
Cornell University and University of Notre Dame claim the shortest-wavelength electroluminescence so far in the deep ultraviolet for GaN active material.

21 April 2017

Aluminium indium gallium nitride electron-blocking layers
Quaternary III-nitride improves light output power, droop, forward voltage, and wall-plug efficiency in blue LEDs.

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3 August 2016

Project Development Officer
Cardiff School of Engineering

5 August 2016

Senior Cleanroom Process Engineer
Cardiff School of Engineering



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