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24 November 2014
UCLA develops hybrid perovskite photodectector with high detectivity

Thin solution-processed perovskite could improve quality and manufacturing efficiency of imaging devices

21 November 2014
NanoFlex extends research agreement with universities of Southern California and Michigan

GaAs and organic photovoltaic development and commercialization to continue to 2021

20 November 2014
Veeco launches MOCVD platform for development of GaN power electronic devices

New Propel Power system to speed transition from R&D to production

19 November 2014
Power electronics discrete component market to grow 77% to $23bn in 2024

Silicon to retain 87% share, while SiC and GaN to grow 30% and 32% annually to 13% share

19 November 2014
Silvaco joins Japan project on gallium oxide power devices

Fundamental technologies for Ga2O3 to be established by 2018

19 November 2014
MACOM acquiring BinOptics for $230m to complement opto IC portfolio

Wafer-scale InP lasers target supply-constrained opto sector

18 November 2014
Plessey's GaN-on-Si LEDs achieve 120lm/W

Output doubled in six months

18 November 2014
Ascent Solar secures $35m financing from institutional investor

Proceeds to fund expansion of retail channels, brand building, and launch of additional EnerPlex products

17 November 2014
North Carolina researchers transfer atomic-scale thin films to arbitrary substrates

Transfer of MoS2 using room-temperature water, a tissue and tweezers targets flexible devices

14 November 2014
TriQuint's new NoDrift and LowDrift RF filter technologies target LTE coexistence challenges

Temperature stability improved to reduce interference as frequency bands squeezed together

13 November 2014
NeoPhotonics' record $81.6m Q3 revenue driven by 22.9% growth in 40/100G

Restructuring and cost reduction yields higher-than-forecast margin and return to profit

13 November 2014
Noise in a microwave amplifier is limited by quantum particles of heat

InP transistors optimized by Chalmers for sensitive signal detection in physics and astronomy

12 November 2014
Thicker InGaN wells enabled by semi-polar (30-3-1) substrate

UCSB produces device with less efficiency droop at high currents and temperatures.

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18 November 2014
Staircase quantum barriers to improve LED efficiency at high current

Droop at 200A/cm2 of only 3.3% in 450nm device.

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3 November 2014

Photo-electro-chemical etch & vertical-cavity laser diodes
UCSB has used the photo-electro-chemical etch technique to give a smooth surface for the deposition of distributed Bragg reflectors.

3 November 2014

Graded electron blocking improves III-nitride VCSELs
Varying the AlGaN composition flattens the barrier to hole injection while raising the barrier to electron overflow.

3 November 2014

Visible laser light lift-off for UV-A LEDs on free-standing gallium nitride
Removal of substrate improves light output power at 380nm wavelength by a factor of 1.7x at 50mA injection current.

3 November 2014

Grading InGaN wells to boost LED light output & efficiency
Varying indium composition has allowed wider quantum wells with reduced carrier density, reducing Auger recombination.

3 November 2014

High-electron-mobility light-emitting devices for optoelectronics
Nitride semiconductor transistor heterostructure have been used as the basis for light-emitting Schottky diodes and transistors.

3 November 2014

Adoption of flip-chip LEDs & chip-scale packaging changing material/equipment market and supply chain
The LED packaging equipment market will return to growth for the next 3 years but then fall sharply, forecasts Yole Développement.

3 November 2014

III-V compound semiconductors from van der Waals epitaxy
Researchers have been exploring crystal growth on two-dimensional layered materials such as graphene. Mike Cooke reports.

3 November 2014

Scaling III-V integration to 300mm silicon and beyond
A direct wafer bonding method could open the way to integrated high-mobility electronics and optoelectronics.

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14 October 2014

Wafer Polishing and Characterization Manager
Galaxy Compound Semiconductors (a member of IQE plc Group)

12 June 2014

Principal Development Engineer in the Materials Department
University of California, Santa Barbara


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