Matheson Gas
6 July 2022

First Solar completes sale of Japan project development platform to PAG

Sale of operations & maintenance platform to follow in second-half 2022

6 July 2022

GaN Systems and PowerSphyr co-developing 30W, 100W and 500W industrial and automotive wireless charging solutions

Enhanced customer service and support to accelerate time-to-market

5 July 2022

Cardiff University-based Translational Research Hub opens for business

Innovation hub TRH includes Institute for Compound Semiconductors, aiming to foster collaboration between industry and academia

5 July 2022

UKRI awards National Epitaxy Facility £12m to support UK semiconductor R&D

Collaboration between universities of Sheffield, Cambridge and UCL to be critical element of UK’s strategy in semiconductors

1 July 2022

II-VI completes acquisition of Coherent

Combined materials, networking and lasers firm Coherent to trade as COHR on Nasdaq

1 July 2022

Fraunhofer IAF inaugurates new MOCVD and laboratory research buildings

New buildings expand activities in optoelectronic metrology, quantum sensor technology and materials science

30 June 2022
Full-color μLED pixels for displays and optical near-field communication
Researchers claim highest data rates for multi-color LEDs
30 June 2022

US Patent Office denies ST’s petition to invalidate Purdue SiC patent

ST’s challenge a response to Purdue’s patent infringement lawsuit

AFC Industries
News Features
22 June 2022
Gallium oxide power switching
US team reports record Huang material figure of merit.
15 June 2022
Stabilizing colors for micro-displays
Sheffield University proposes micro-cavity III-N µLEDs.
9 June 2022
Gallium oxide beats silicon power limit
Researchers report simultaneous high breakdown/low resistance.
26 May 2022
Magnesium doping of hot-wall MOCVD GaN
Process enables hole conductivity even without annealing.
19 May 2022
AlN doping for future deep UV/power tech
Researchers achieve state-of-the-art doping and PN homojunctions.
12 May 2022
InGaAs/AlGaAS nanowires on silicon
InGaAs QD/QW inclusions emit wavelengths out to 1.3μm
Feature Downloads
1 June 2022

SiC patent analysis shows firms building vertically integrated supply chains
Chinese patent applicants span the whole supply chain

1 June 2022

Speedy, durable, retentive GaN non-volatile memory
Researchers use a bipolar junction barrier to reduce degradation stresses.

1 June 2022

Gallium oxide on strontium titanate
Epitaxial growth on strontium titanate could lead to the seeding of thicker layers of Ga2O3 for high-power electronics and UV optoelectronics on silicon.

1 June 2022

High-Al-content p-AlGaN with 17.5meV activation energy
Using a superlattice p-contact structure results in 57% more light output power from a 280nm-wavelength deep-UV LED at an injection current of 100mA.

1 June 2022

UV-C LEDs with external quantum efficiency up to 8%
Achieving improved performance from growth on ‘face-to-face’ annealed sputtered AlN templates on sapphire.

1 June 2022

Microcavity QCL in CW operation at +5°C
Potential applications include photonic ICs and sensing outside the laboratory.

4 May 2022

Optimizing InGaN templates
LED on template with effective 8.5% indium content shows 1.9x improved efficiency over conventional device.

4 May 2022

N-polar InGaN LEDs with record output power
UCSB has used an inverted structure with the p-GaN layers buried beneath the quantum wells to yield better-quality p-GaN at a higher growth temperature.