27 November 2020

Turning point in RF GaN patenting over last 2 years

Patent activity driven by China, and IP moving further down value chain

27 November 2020

AOI’s post-COVID rebound continues

…but Q4 hit by Chinese customers’ inventory adjustments

26 November 2020
Improving p-GaN gate HEMT reliability
Researchers introduce GaON ‘concrete wall’ to block hot-electron damage.
26 November 2020

Aixtron participating in European pilot line for graphene and 2D materials

EC funds 2D-EPL as part of Graphene Flagship

26 November 2020

CEA-Leti to build quantum-photonics platform for secure data transmission

Demonstrators to transmit and receive qubits

25 November 2020

CSC launches first quantum photonic component foundry

Three-year project to use use standard techniques to scale up manufacture

24 November 2020

IQE expecting over 20% revenue growth for full-year 2020

Record first-half revenue being followed by strong second half

24 November 2020

IQE’s Drew Nelson to relinquish CEO role

Founder to become board member & president, with advisory and ambassadorial role

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News Features
19 November 2020
InP QDs on silicon with high PL intensity
High dot density reduces impact of threading dislocations on output.
12 November 2020
MOCVD tunnel junctions for GaN LEDs
Researchers say they have solved key challenges with much reduced forward voltage
5 November 2020
III-V photovoltaics for IoT dust
Researchers claim higher power density than all prior micro-PVs on silicon and silicon-on-insulator.
29 October 2020
Optimizing SiC MOSFET performance
Researchers claim record-breaking combination of on-resistance and breakdown for power applications.
Feature Downloads
9 November 2020

Avoiding mobility collapse in high-voltage gallium nitride power devices
Highest mobility yet achieved —1470cm2/V-s — in very lightly doped n-type material suitable for thick vertical drift layers.

9 November 2020

Halogen-free vapor phase epitaxy for gallium nitride
Process sought for vertical power device high-voltage applications.

9 November 2020

UVC LED market growing at 61% CAGR to $2.5bn in 2025
The COVID-19 pandemic is driving interest in UVC LEDs for disinfection applications, says Yole Développement.

9 November 2020

Gallium nitride VCSEL with electrically conductive bottom mirror and contact
Nanoporous GaN has been used to create a distributed Bragg reflector structure
with a 39nm stop gap.

9 November 2020

VCSEL market to grow at 18.3% CAGR from $1bn in 2020 to $2.7bn in 2025
Telecom & infrastructure applications of vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers will grow at 13.2% from $277m to $516m, reckons Yole Développement.

9 November 2020

Boron strain therapy for high-indium-content InGaAs layers
Researchers achieve the longest near-infrared PL wavelength so far of 1.4μm

9 November 2020

Large-area liquid-phase indium–V growth on SiO2
Hall measurements give mobility values comparable to epitaxial material.

9 November 2020

First claim of nitrogen-polar III–nitride tunnel-junction light-emitting diodes
Light intensity enhanced by 70% over non-tunnel-junction reference, and efficiency by 1.7x, at 20A/cm2.