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22 October 2014
LED product maker PRP Opto announces long-term strategic investment partnership with Veruth

Funds to aid continued product development and market diversification

21 October 2014
GaN LEDs in automotive to exceed $1bn for first time

Exterior applications driving 11% growth from $943m in 2013 to $1.05bn in 2014, then $1.3bn in 2018

21 October 2014
Chalmers sets 40Gb/s data transmission speed record for 140GHz chip

InP circuits targeted by Ericsson at transmission between base stations and cellular towers

20 October 2014
Versatilis awarded US patent for processing semiconductor fines/ powders

Low-cost process targeted at large, flexible arrays of micro-solar cells and LEDs

17 October 2014
Fujitsu develops lower-cost CMOS-based automotive millimeter-wave radar

Prototype CMOS transceiver chip suppresses oscillator noise on receiver circuit by configuring frequency-conversion circuit for 76-81GHz band; power consumption halved versus SiGe

17 October 2014
Adoption of flip-chip LEDs and chip-scale packaging changing material/equipment market and supply chain

LED packaging equipment market growth to return for next 3 years, then fall sharply

16 October 2014
Alta Devices cooperating with Airware to integrate solar power into small UAVs

Four-fold increased flight endurance critical for precision agriculture, search & rescue, land surveying and commercial applications

16 October 2014
Military GaAs device market to grow at CAGR of 13% to over $0.5bn by 2018

GaAs device demand for defense to grow almost three times rate for commercial market

16 October 2014
Nanoco signs follow-on agreement with Osram to use Cd-free quantum dots in LED lighting

New 12-month deal aims to further product development

15 October 2014
Skyworks raises guidance for quarterly revenue growth to 51% year-on-year and 22% sequentially

Guidance for diluted earnings per share raised from $1.00 to $1.08

10 October 2014
Cool-white quantum dot light-emitting diode

Researchers believe devices may prove crucial for realization of cool- and warm-white light sources.

9 October 2014
Bendy blue LEDs on polymer without thermal budget restrictions

Gallium nitride growth on graphene and transfer to polymer enables creation of flexible devices.

8 October 2014
Cantilever bridge to higher bandwidth from VCSELs

Thermal wavelength drift reduced by factor of four compared with conventional vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers.

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13 October 2014
Color tuning from defect engineering

China research uses silver nanorods to create red to white gallium nitride LEDs.

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1 October 2014

Working toward lasers for on-chip global interconnects
Tokyo Institute of Technology has claimed the first RT-CW operation of a lateral-current-injection GaInAsP membrane FP laser on silicon.

1 October 2014

Toshiba red InGaN LED reaches 1.1mW at 20mA
Highest power output achieved so far for such devices.

1 October 2014

Increasing light output from InGaN LEDs on silicon wafer
Substrate removal from under device reduces light absorption for six-fold increase in emission slope.

1 October 2014

MOCVD trends helping to drive down LED chip costs
Veeco’s Sudhakar Raman explains how a new generation of processing equipment is cutting the cost of manufacturing high-brightness LEDs by improving the yield and productivity of the MOCVD process.

1 October 2014

Band engineering for improved photo-electro-chemical etch
A band-engineering technique has been developed to improve photo-electro-chemical etch of nitride materials for optoelectronic and micro-electro-mechanical system applications.

1 October 2014

Ultrathin transitionmetal dichalcogenides and 2D optoelectronics
A strong coupling of light and electrons and holes in ultrathin transition-metal dichalcogenides has opened prospects for efficient solar cells.

1 October 2014

Aspect ratio trapping to improve InGaAs quality on silicon substrates
ART technique eliminates GaAs anti-phase boundaries at a relatively low aspect ratio of 1.3.

1 October 2014

Gallium nitride thin-film transistors produced at less than 250°C
Low-temperature process suggests potential for flexible/transparent electronics application.

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14 October 2014

Wafer Polishing and Characterization Manager
Galaxy Compound Semiconductors (a member of IQE plc Group)

12 June 2014

Principal Development Engineer in the Materials Department
University of California, Santa Barbara


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