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20 March 2018

GlobalFoundries launches RF ecosystem program to speed time-to-market for wireless connectivity, radar and 5G applications

RFWave Partner Program targets faster product deployment on RF technology platforms

19 March 2018
Semi-polar III-nitride integration for visible light communication
Researchers combine laser diode with semiconductor optical amplifier, demonstrating 1Gbps data transmission.
19 March 2018

KLA-Tencor to acquire SPTS’ parent firm Orbotech

Acquisition expands KLA-Tencor’s portfolio for semiconductor applications

19 March 2018

HRL to develop ultra-linear GaN transistors for mm-wave devices as part of DARPA’s DREaM program

Transistors to enable higher-speed secure ultra-wideband communications while reducing power drain on ships or aircraft

19 March 2018

IQE acquiring Translucent’s cREO technology and IP portfolio for $5m

Exercise of option follows exclusive 30-month licence for commercialization of technology

15 March 2018

GlobalFoundries extends silicon photonics roadmap to meet demand for data-center connectivity

First 90nm process on 300mm wafers qualified, and 45nm process scheduled for production in 2019

14 March 2018

TowerJazz announces first open foundry silicon photonics design kits with EDA tool support

Collaboration with Cadence, Synopsys and Lumerical enables platform for design of silicon photonics ICs for optical transceivers

14 March 2018

Finisar’s quarterly revenue growth in 100G QSFP28 transceivers for data centers compensates for lower China telecom sales

Ramp-up of VCSEL fab capacity in second-half 2018 to aid margin recovery

13 March 2018

Finisar launches first 400G QSFP-DD AOC and transceivers for switching and routing

Product portfolio also expanded with next-gen 100G serial QSFP28 transceiver and first 50G SFP56 transceivers

13 March 2018

RJR opens Phoenix manufacturing facility and HQ relocation

New HQ and factory enables capacity expansion for air-cavity plastic packages

12 March 2018
Room-temperature electrically pumped indium gallium nitride microdisk laser
Researchers use ‘sandwich’ rather than ‘mushroom’ structure to claim first achievement of room-temperature electrical pumping on silicon substrate.
12 March 2018

Lumentum to acquire Oclaro for $1.8bn

Oclaro stockholders to own 16% of combined company

12 March 2018

NeoPhotonics reports revenue up 8% in Q4 to $76.9m

Chinese customer inventories back down to normal, driving volumes, but price reduction to delay revenue growth and profit until second-half 2018

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20 March 2018
Indium arsenide channel transistors for mm-wave and high-speed applications
Researchers achieve record 420GHz maximum oscillation and 410GHz/357GHz maximum oscillation/cut-off frequency balance.
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1 March 2018

RF GaN market to grow at 22.9% CAGR over 2017–2023, boosted by 5G implementation
Threefold increase over next five years to be driven by telecoms and defense.

1 March 2018

‘First’ quasi-vertical gallium nitride trench MOSFET on 6-inch silicon
Researchers report 645V off-state breakdown capability for low-cost power electronics.

1 March 2018

IEMN demonstrates over 1400V breakdown on ALLOS’ new GaN-on-Si epi
With potential to compete with silicon carbide at lower cost, epi firm ALLOS seeks industrial partner on 1200V devices.

1 March 2018

III–N resonant tunneling diodes at room temperature and below
Findings represent a significant step in resonant tunneling, intersubband-based physics, and III-nitride quantum devices, according to team.

1 March 2018

Two-dimensional electronics for neuromorphic and other networking
Mike Cooke reports on work presented at December’s IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting in San Francisco.

1 March 2018

Integrating InGaAs transistor and III–V laser on silicon
Researchers in Singapore and the USA says that they have taken a step towards low-cost, low-power, high-speed optoelectronic integrated circuits.

1 March 2018

Reducing dislocations in GaAs on silicon templates
Researchers optimize GaAs grown by molecular beam epitaxy using on-axis gallium phosphide on silicon substrates.

1 March 2018

Deep ultraviolet photonic crystal of AlGaN nanowires
Researchers hope structure will overcome poor light extraction of present light-emitting diodes with short wavelength less than 280nm.

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