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22 January 2019
Rigaku Europe and Fraunhofer IISB partner on x-ray topography for substrate and epilayer characterization
Fraunhofer IISB to act as demo center for XRTmicron system in Europe
21 January 2019
Compound Semiconductor Centre’s vertical GaN project wins Welsh Government funding via SMARTCymru scheme
Project to develop manufacturing of voltage-scalable E-mode GaN trench FETs within UK
21 January 2019
Sofradir and ULIS investing €150m in French Nano 2022 program as part of EU’s IPCEI initiative on microelectronics
Five-year investment to develop next-generation infrared detectors
16 January 2019
San’an expands ROY LED production with Aixtron AIX 2800G4-TM MOCVD systems
Fine-pitch displays continue to raise demand for red LEDs
15 January 2019
NeoPhotonics raises Q4/2018 profit guidance
Sale of Russian operation agreed; Lestina lawsuit settled; client transceiver module manufacturing to be discontinued
14 January 2019
AXT cuts Q4/2018 revenue guidance from $26.5-27.5m to $22-22.4m after caution-induced order slowdown
Revenue below expectations for all product lines
10 January 2019
Diamond thermal management boosts output power of InAlGaN transistor
Researchers achieve more than 20W/mm ~3GHz S-band performance for indium-added barrier layer high-electron-mobility device.
9 January 2019
Mid-infrared aluminium gallium nitride quantum cascade detector on silicon
Device promising for integrated-optoelectronics technology, showing potential for ultra-fast operation at very wide spectral range
9 January 2019

MehrSi project achieves record 22.3% efficiency for tandem solar cell with III-Vs grown directly on silicon

Fraunhofer ISE to accelerate development in new research center from 2020

9 January 2019

Skyworks cuts December-quarter revenue and earnings guidance

Impact driven by unit weakness across largest smartphone customers

9 January 2019

Aixtron’s AIX G5+ C MOCVD system chosen for PlayNitride’s micro-LED production

Joint collaboration agreement to accelerate technical and commercial breakthroughs of micro-LEDs

8 January 2019

Cree and ST sign multi-year SiC wafer supply agreement

Deal to boost commercial expansion of SiC in automotive and industrial applications

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17 January 2019
Gallium oxide prospects for high-voltage and high-power electronics
Researchers review potential routes to commercial application.
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10 December 2018

Mini-LED adoption driven by high-end LCD displays and narrow-pixel-pitch LED direct-view digital signage
Adoption is characterized by incremental innovations and limited investment but also supply chain disruption, says Yole Développement.

10 December 2018

Towards ultraviolet optoelectronic systems on silicon substrates
Mike Cooke reports on III–nitride semiconductor on silicon technologies enabling photonic on-chip data transfer and improved material quality for higher-efficiency photon emission and detection.

10 December 2018

High-performance light emission from III–nitride stress/dislocation control
Diodes have achieved high 592mW 456nm-wavelength output power at a low forward voltage of 2.77V with 350mA injection current.

10 December 2018

Low threading-dislocationdensity heteroepitaxial AlN film on sapphire
Simple yet effective technique demonstrates potential for mass fabrication of low-cost and high-performance deep ultraviolet devices

10 December 2018

Large-area silicon carbide ultraviolet visible-blind avalanche photodiode
Variable-temperature resist reflow enables low leakage current and avoids premature breakdown under reverse bias.

10 December 2018

Protecting ‘Made in America’ ingenuity
GTAT’s CEO Greg Knight argues for the US government to prevent critical SiC production equipment and process technology from being lost abroad.

10 December 2018

Peking provides evidence of substitutional C atoms occupying N site with –1 charge state in semi-insulating GaN
Work could provide method for identifying carbon dopant lattice sites in other compound semiconductors.

10 December 2018

III-V heterojunction bipolar transistor MOCVD on 200mm (001) silicon
Researchers hope for future application in power amplifiers for mobile phone handsets.

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