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23 July 2018

KAUST demonstrates nanowire GRINSCH diode for efficient UV-LED/laser applications

AlGaN-based graded-index separate-confinement heterostructure improves current injection efficiency and lowers sheet resistance and turn-on voltage of UV-LED

20 July 2018

UCLA develops defect-free boron arsenide as most efficient semiconductor material for thermal management

Better heat conduction from hotspots could boost computer chip performance and energy efficiency

20 July 2018

German team unveils mechanism of strain relaxation in (0001)-oriented III-nitride thin films and heterostructures

3D surface structures and high concentration of shear stress enables nucleation and spread of misfit dislocations in interfacial plane, while critical thickness of films depends on surface morphology and geometry

19 July 2018

Avancis reopens CIGS PV module production facility in South Korea

Ramping of production scheduled for first-half 2019

19 July 2018

Kaiam initiates strategic transceiver reserve for data-center applications

US Cloud data-center firms vulnerable to import restrictions on Chinese-made optical transceivers

19 July 2018

Micro-LED market to grow from $2.7bn in 2019 to $10.7bn in 2022, mainly in advanced displays

…but LCD and OLED technologies to continue to do well in smartphones, tablets and regular TVs

18 July 2018

InteGreat project yields new approaches to LED production

Replacing bond wire by thin flat metal connection moves emitter to surface of package

18 July 2018

NREL develops dual-chamber dynamic HVPE, targeting III-Vs solar cells at $0.20-0.80 per watt

Research continues to reduce both cost of substrate and chemical deposition process

17 July 2018

FLOSFIA demonstrates first gallium oxide normally-off MOSFET

Production of GaO series power devices to start with Schottky barrier diodes in TO220 packages, then MOSFETs

16 July 2018

Akoustis completes technology qualification for pre-production of single-crystal BAW RF filter products

Firm shifts focus to customer acquisition and high-volume manufacturing

16 July 2018

Analog Devices breaks ground on new global HQ

Facility to accommodate 450+ additional staff

12 July 2018
Speeding oscillation of double heterojunction bipolar transistors
Researchers use graded quaternary gallium indium arsenide antimonide to improve electron transport from base to collector.
12 July 2018

Imec demos hybrid FinFET-silicon photonics technology for ultra-low power optical I/O

40Gb/s NRZ optical modulation achieved with dynamic power consumption of 230fJ/bit in 0.025mm2 footprint

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18 July 2018
Improving aluminium gallium nitride transistor channel performance
Researchers in China enable higher drain current and lower off-leakage current to give ultrahigh on/off ratio of ~109.
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3 July 2018

Improving magnesium doping of aluminium gallium nitride
Researchers seek better hole injection from molecular beam epitaxy material for deep ultraviolet light-emitting diodes.

3 July 2018

Near-UV optoelectronic transmitter/receiver system
III–nitride on silicon technology has been used to create an integrated platform for power monitoring, free-space light communication and wearable applications. Figure 2.

3 July 2018

Electro-absorption modulators for VCSELs
Modulation depth up to 68% achieved in integrated structure.

3 July 2018

Indium arsenide quantum dot laser on silicon from molecular beam epitaxy
Researchers claim first electrically pumped device using on-axis substrate.

3 July 2018

Platform for fully vertical GaN-on-silicon power devices
Record power performance claimed for GaN pn diodes on a foreign substrate.

3 July 2018

Normally-on gallium nitride nanowire transistors with inverted p-channel
Researchers create devices with +2.5V threshold voltage.

3 July 2018

Silicon carbide superjunction Schottky junction diodes
Researchers detail processing and analysis of the first functional devices.

3 July 2018

High-voltage gallium oxide transistors with more than 1kV breakdown
Enhancement-mode, normally-on operation achieved for first time.

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