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9 September 2021

NeoPhotonics launches CFP2-DCO module with 0dBm output power for ROADM-based metro, regional and long-haul networks

NeoPhotonics Corp of San Jose, CA, USA – a vertically integrated designer and manufacturer of silicon photonics and hybrid photonic integrated circuit (PIC)-based lasers, modules and subsystems for high-speed communications – has launched a high-output-power version of its 400G multi-rate CFP2-DCO coherent pluggable transceiver with 0dBm output power and designed to operate in metro, regional and long-haul reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexer (ROADM)-based optical networks.

The new, high-output-power module is based on NeoPhotonics’ vertically integrated indium phosphide technology platform, including its ultra-pure Nano tunable laser and Class 40 coherent driver modulator (CDM) and coherent receiver (ICR). The module operates at up to 67Gbaud, enabling longer-distance transmission and exhibiting superior receiver optical signal-to-noise ratio (rOSNR) performance, it is claimed. A differentiating feature is that the transmitter integrates an optical amplifier to achieve the 0dBm output power, while simultaneously achieving what the firm believes is the best transmitter OSNR and out-of-band OSNR performance in the industry. Higher transmitter OSNR enables longer-distance transmission or more ROADM stages, while higher out-of-band OSNR ensures less crosstalk for colorless ROADMs.

In addition to the high output power and superior OSNR performance, ROADM applications also depend on a CFP2-DCO’s optical filtering tolerance when its signal passes through multiple ROADMs in a network. This is because each ROADM stage applies optical filtering and causes the signal to lose power at the spectral edges. The CFP2-DCO module is well suited for metro ROADM applications to cover a network distribution of up to 16 ROADM spans, encompassing almost all network scenarios. In addition, this module runs at a high spectral efficiency with 75GHz DWDM channel spacing. The same 400G CFP2-DCO module has sufficient performance to cover long-haul applications at 400G and 200G.

“Our newest CFP2-DCO coherent pluggable module, with high output power, robust ROADM filtering tolerance and demonstrated transmission over 1500km, allows customers to use one coherent pluggable solution to cover essentially all metro ROADM use cases, simplifying network design, enabling disaggregation, and lowering inventory costs,” says chairman & CEO Tim Jenks. “The key to achieving line-card-equivalent performance in a pluggable module, but with significantly lower power than a line-card, is the vertical integration of our optical solution and Nano tunable laser,” he concludes.

Separately, NeoPhotonics is conducting a Trends and Technology webinar on 9 September at 11am ET, addressing important issues and new experimental results relevant to the introduction and growth of 400Gbps pluggable modules for data-center interconnect, metro, regional and long-haul applications.

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