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11 January 2021

NS Nanotech showcases portable far-UVC ShortWaveLight Purifier at CES

In its virtual booth at the All-Digital Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2021) on 11-14 January, NS Nanotech of Ann Arbor, MI, USA is highlighting its ShortWaveLight Purifier, along with products and services being developed by early-adopter customers.

Drawing on a decade of work on nitride semiconductors by researchers at McGill University and the University of Michigan, NS Nanotech’s patented technologies are said to dramatically improve the fabrication process and resulting efficiency of nano-scale light-emitting materials.

To be available in 2021, the portable ShortWaveLight Purifier is claimed to be the first personal, portable product to inactivate coronavirus and other pathogens on surfaces and in the air by using far-UVC germicidal light.

It is powered by NS Nanotech’s solid-state ShortWaveLight Emitter, which are claimed to be the first solid-state products to emit short-wavelength ultraviolet light in the far-UV range of 200-230nm. Unlike standard UV bulbs, which operate at high temperatures and require the use of caustic gases, they run cool, are small enough to integrate into portable tabletop devices, and do not use dangerous gases, notes the firm.

ShortWaveLight to power Kryptolights

Initial customer Kryptolights is utilizing ShortWaveLight Emitters in a new suite of commercial and residential products for cleansing pathogens from the environment. “This essential technology is vital to curbing the current pandemic and in preventing one in the future,” believes Kryptolights’ co-founder Shey Godoy. “Many industries could utilize our products to regain people’s trust by offering customers a clean environment to conduct business. This spectrum of light offers normalcy, as it can seamlessly integrate into people’s businesses and lives.”

UV Ray Lights to rent ShortWaveLight emitters to event planners

Another new customer, UV Ray Lights (which utilizes years of experience in specialized lighting to bring a safer UV germicidal light to events), is to rent out tabletop UltraClean UV sterilizers equipped with ShortWaveLight Emitters to meeting and event organizers. Through collaboration with NS Nanotech and Kryptolights, UltraClean UV can be deployed at events ranging from conferences to conventions. Each device assigned to an attendee will sterilize surfaces and air in front of it, reducing the viral load in the room, says co-founder Ray Stewart.

“Now we are ready to deploy a real tool to help curb the rising infection rates not only of the current pandemic, but from other viruses and germs people share when they gather for conferences or conventions. Scientific studies are coming out consistently now showing that the real potential of this technology is just emerging,” he adds. “We are excited to be on the forefront of bringing it to the marketplace through our unique rental service. It will now be possible for businesses and industry to gather together for networking, education and other important in-person events.”

Far-UVC disinfection

The market for disinfection solutions using UV light is 100 years old, but the COVID-19 pandemic set suppliers in the UV market on a search to address the unprecedented disruption to the global economy and daily life for communities worldwide, says NS Nanotech. The far-UVC range of light can inactivate pathogens (including coronaviruses) by attacking their RNA and making it impossible for them to reproduce. Also, recent scientific studies have found that, due to its short wavelength of 230nm or less, far-UVC light does not penetrate living cells on the surfaces of skin and eyes.

“Revolutionary solid-state nanotechnologies from NS Nanotech are making it practical to deploy shortwave far-UVC light in many settings,” says Godoy. “Unlike standard UV bulbs, which operate at high temperatures and require the use of caustic gases, the solid-state ShortWaveLight Emitters run cool, are smaller, and do not use dangerous materials. Whereas previous UV emitters were difficult to operate, now we can bring Kryptolights UltraClean solutions to the market and make a difference in everyone’s lives,” he adds.

“We are delighted to announce our partnerships with both UV Ray Lights and Kryptolights on the eve of CES,” says CEO & co-founder Seth Coe-Sullivan. “We designed our new solid-state far-UVC ShortWaveLight Emitters to be useful for thousands of applications that will protect consumers and businesses from coronavirus and future pathogens,” he adds. “Kryptolights and UV Ray Lights are early adopters developing innovative far-UVC disinfection solutions that we expect will have a big impact in the near future and in coming years.”

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