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29 August 2023

Toshiba ships first 2200V dual SiC MOSFET module

Japan-based Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corp (TDSC) – which was spun off from Toshiba Corp in 2017 – has begun volume shipments of what it reckons is the industry’s first 2200V dual silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFET module for industrial equipment.

Toshiba’s MG250YD2YMS3, the first 2200V dual SiC MOSFET module.

Picture: Toshiba’s MG250YD2YMS3, the first 2200V dual SiC MOSFET module.

Using the firm’s third-generation SiC MOSFET chips and with a drain current (DC) rating of 250A, the new MG250YD2YMS3 module is suitable for applications that use DC1500V, such as renewable energy power generation systems (photovoltaic power systems etc) and energy storage systems.

Such industrial applications generally use DC1000V or lower power, and their power devices are mostly 1200V or 1700V products, but Toshiba anticipates widespread use of DC1500V in the coming years.

The MG250YD2YMS3 offers low conduction loss with a low drain–source on-voltage (sense) of 0.7V (typical, tested at ID=250A, VGS=+20V, Tch=25°C). It also offers lower turn-on and turn-off switching loss of 14mJ (typical) and 11mJ (typical) respectively (tested at VDD=1100V, ID=250A, Tch=150°C), an approximately 90% reduction against a typical 2300V silicon (Si) insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) module. These characteristics contribute to higher equipment efficiency. Realizing low switching loss also allows the conventional three-level circuit to be replaced with a two-level circuit with a lower module count, contributing to equipment miniaturization.

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