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5 January 2024

Kopin and MICLEDI to collaborate on micro-LED displays for AR applications in high-brightness light conditions

Kopin Corp of Westborough, MA, USA (a provider of application-specific optical systems and micro-displays for defense, enterprise, consumer and medical products) and MICLEDI Microdisplays B.V. of Leuven, Belgium — a fabless developer of micro-LED display modules for augmented reality (AR) glasses that was spun off from nanoelectronics research center IMEC in 2019 — have announced a strategic agreement to work together to design, develop and manufacture micro-LED displays to provide a more immersive and information-rich AR experience for use in high-brightness light conditions.

The program will utilize MICLEDI’s unique CMOS production flow and Kopin’s backplane control and driving capabilities, along with its experience in manufacturing complete display systems, to create full-color micro-LED displays integrated with an advanced CMOS technology node for high-performance defense, enterprise, consumer and medical systems.

“The demand for AR solutions, particularly for defense programs, has never been higher as users desire more immersive and information-rich experiences,” says Bill Maffucci, senior VP for business development and strategy at Kopin. “MICLEDI’s micro-LED technology, combined with Kopin’s advanced backplane design capabilities, aims to create micro-LED displays that address the demanding needs of emerging applications without the deficiencies of current technologies,” he adds.

“We are pleased with Kopin’s adoption and co-development of our disruptive AR display technology in truly innovative system solutions,” says MICLEDI’s CEO Sean Lord. “To enable optimum micro-displays for AR, we believe MICLEDI has developed the world’s first solution for micro-LED manufacturing in a 300mm CMOS line, which allows integrating both controller ASIC and emitter module on a 300mm wafer in a highly efficient, high-volume and low-cost manufacturing flow,” he adds. “Unique solutions can be tailored to the particular requirements of each end-use system, making MICLEDI’s micro-LEDs — manufactured in collaboration with Kopin’s backplane and system integration skills — applicable to a variety of specialized AR micro-display systems.”

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2024) in Las Vegas (9–12 January), MICLEDI is hosting meetings and live demonstrations in a private suite at The Venetian.

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