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7 September 2023

AlixLabs raises SEK40m to industrialize Atomic Layer Etching Pitch Splitting nanofabrication technique

AlixLabs AB of Lund, Sweden, which has developed an Atomic Layer Etching (ALE) Pitch Splitting technology (APS), has secured SEK40m in funding from investors including Navigare Ventures, Industrifonden, and

AlixLabs says that its ALE Pitch Splitting technology enables the precise division of nanostructures and hence a high degree of packing semiconductor components. This eliminates several steps in the manufacturing process, and significantly reduces energy consumption and emissions, addressing the rising costs associated with existing semiconductor manufacturing techniques.

“The infusion of capital not only validates our vision but also empowers us to bring our groundbreaking technology to the forefront of semiconductor manufacturing,” says CEO Jonas Sundqvist. “This investment marks a significant milestone as we work towards our goal: to have our meticulously developed process adopted by circuit manufacturers in their most advanced production by 2025.”

AlixLabs reckons that its innovation comes at an opportune moment, with the European Union’s Chips Act allocating more than €43bn for semiconductor companies over the next five years.

“AlixLabs has taken considerable steps in establishing itself as an emerging equipment manufacturer, contributing to the fast-growing European semiconductor industry,” comments Navigare Ventures’ investment manager Alex Basu. “We look forward to a continued partnership as they bring their technology to production in the coming years,” he adds.

“At Industrifonden, we are committed to science-backed, scalable investments that have the power to drive meaningful change in society,” states senior investment director Tobias Elmquist. “AlixLabs is redefining semiconductor manufacturing and we're proud to support them on their journey towards a more efficient and sustainable industry,” he adds.

“The technology that AlixLabs has developed solves real problems for its semiconductor customers and adds a lot of value for them by reducing the complexity of making chips and making the process much cheaper while reducing the environmental impact of the process significantly,” comments partner Arjan Göbel.

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