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31 March 2023

Luminus launches Gen 2 CCT tunable COB LEDs

Luminus Devices Inc of Sunnyvale, CA, USA – which designs and makes LEDs and solid-state technology (SST) light sources for illumination markets – has expanded its chip-on-board portfolio with the introduction of Gen 2 CCT tunable COBs.

These dynamic COBs feature two independent channels with 90+ CRI (color rendering index) warm and cool white engineered in a multi-stripe design for excellent color mixing and high flux density for directional lighting. Customers can easily achieve system beam angles from 10 degrees to 40 degrees using standard secondary optics to deliver uniform color and quality of light. With a correlated color temperature (CCT) range of 6500–2700K and consistent white light <3SDCM (standard deviation of color matching), these COBs are suitable for both commercial and residential applications including human-centric lighting, museum and high-end retail, hospitality and circadian lighting.

To enable a smooth transition from Gen 1 to Gen 2, Luminus has kept the same footprint and thus enabled customers to use their existing ecosystem. New customers also have a large ecosystem of optics, holders and connectors to choose from, since these products use the industry-standard 12mm x 15mm and 20mm x 24mm footprints, which have been common for two-channel COB over many years. Included in that ecosystem is the upcoming Cuvee Systems two-channel driver, which is engineered to support Luminus’ dynamic COBs with two 0-10V inputs and is available from Luminus’ sales channels. Luminus also plans to grow the Gen 2 portfolio over the coming quarters to include other CCT ranges, Salud high-melanopic spectrums, larger LES (light-emitting surface) sizes, and dim-to-warm options.

“Luminaire makers and lighting specifiers are excited about the industry-leading efficacy and flux density of these Gen 2 products, which meet the emerging demand for tunable CCTs to provide healthy lighting environments with tones that can change with the time of day or season,” says Tom Jory, VP, illumination marketing. “The quality of light is equally impressive, as narrow beams can now be achieved with smoother color mixing for a seamless dynamic directional lighting solution.”

The new product line is now available through Luminus’ authorized distributors.

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