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22 March 2023

Crystal IS and Asahi Kasei set 160mW output record for single-chip UVC LED in 260–270nm germicidal range

Tokyo-based Asahi Kasei and its subsidiary Crystal IS Inc of Green Island, NY, USA, which makes proprietary ultraviolet light-emitting diodes (UVC LEDs), have demonstrated their next-generation Klaran single-chip UVC LED which emits at 160mW in the ideal germicidal range of 260–270nm. Setting a new record for single-chip device output in a commercial device, this marks a 60% increase over prior Crystal IS devices while retaining the optimal wavelength for germicidal efficiency.

The higher-output device will be used to accelerate the adoption of UVC LEDs and hasten the widespread replacement of low-pressure mercury lamps, say the firms. While the new device will retain the Klaran’s compact 3.5mm x 3.5mm package and solder pad design to allow backward compatibility with existing customer designs, the higher output will allow UVC LEDs to meet the performance and cost targets needed to expand into new applications in high-flow water and air treatment, it is reckoned.

The new single-chip UVC LED design uses a rigid fused silica lens and a thin layer of proprietary UVC transparent resin developed by Asahi Kasei specifically to withstand the intense UVC output. In contrast to soft molded lens, the rigid fused silica lens allows higher transmission of the UVC light, which ensures stable long-life performance and high temperature stability. Asahi Kasei says that it leveraged its long-running expertise in the field to develop the proprietary resin after a careful and lengthy evaluation of commercially available adhesives resulted in no suitable candidate.

“This new high-output and long-life Klaran device is made possible by the strong cooperation between Crystal IS and Asahi Kasei innovation teams,” notes president & CEO Eoin Connolly. “With this new device in our portfolio, Klaran UVC LED devices make another significant step forward in replacing low-pressure mercury lamp technology and promoting the transition to non-mercury/non-ozone generating devices.”

Engineering samples of the new 160mW single-chip UVC LED can be requested now from Crystal IS. Commercial product release is expected later in 2023.

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