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3 March 2023

Crystal IS and Asahi Kasei announce lifetime characterization data for Klaran LA UVC LED

Tokyo-based Asahi Kasei and its subsidiary Crystal IS Inc of Green Island, NY, USA, which makes proprietary ultraviolet light-emitting diodes (UVC LEDs), have released lifetime characterization data after more than 10,000 hours of testing its Klaran LA UVC LED, which supports a projected L70 lifetime of 25,000 hours. This advancement retains true disinfection with a refined wavelength optimal for germicidal efficiency, with a lifetime exceeding that of low-pressure mercury lamp technology, promoting the transition to non-mercury/non-ozone generating devices.

The characterization data on its Klaran LA UVC LEDs was released to assist partner companies in water, air and surface treatment to take full advantage of its UVC LED capabilities in their designs. This data shows how a set of Klaran LA LEDs operating at a current of 350mA and with a junction temperature of 53°C (soldering point temperature of 35°C - Figure A) would have a projected L70 lifetime value over 25,000 hours (L70 refers to the point in time when an LED produces 70% of its initial light output). This data was observed on the Crystal IS in-house VEKTREX Integrated Thermal Control Systems (Figure B), demonstrating the organization’s commitment to providing ample characterization data under various test conditions to aid in customers’ designs. The VEKTREX system enables Crystal IS to perform lifetime testing of large quantities of LEDs at multiple temperatures and driving currents.

“Klaran LA's lifetime performance is the result of Asahi Kasei product innovation using the Crystal IS proprietary aluminium nitride substrate and reinforces the company mission to replace low-pressure mercury lamps in consumer and industrial applications that depend on reliable and effective disinfection performance,” says Crystal IS’ president & CEO Eoin Connolly. “Our rigorous testing on thousands of Klaran devices and ISO 9001 quality system provide the data-driven proof of the reliability and performance of our Klaran products,” he adds.

The Klaran product line leverages the unique properties of Crystal IS aluminium nitride to provide premium germicidal UVC LEDs and associated modules to treat water, air and surfaces for healthcare, consumer appliances, and commercial water treatment.

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