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14 March 2023

CrayoNano’s CrayoLED H-series UV-C LEDs enter 100mW and 5% efficiency performance class

CrayoNano AS of Trondheim, Norway — which develops and manufactures semiconductor components based on patented and proprietary nanomaterials technology — has announced improvements to the performance of its CrayoLED H-series UV-C LEDs. Entering the 100mW and 5% wall-plug efficiency (WPE) class at a standard operating current of 350mA, the LED is targeting the disinfection market.

The CrayoLED UV-C LED is said to offer reliable and long-lasting solutions for demanding disinfection applications. The high-power performance class of 100mW can effectively inactivate bacteria, viruses and other illness-inducing pathogens in a relatively short amount of time, improving system efficiency and future disinfection automation.

The improved wall-plug efficiency of 5% means that the CrayoLED is more energy-efficient and generates less heat, resulting in a longer lifetime. The externally confirmed L70 TM-21 extrapolated lifetime is more than 10,000 hours at 350mA, a defining industry-required standard. The CrayoLED would have an effective lifespan of up to 5–10 years in commercial and residential point-of-use (POU) and point-of-entry (POE) water disinfection systems, which typically use UV-C LEDs for several minutes per operation cycle, for a total annual usage of 1000–2000 hours. The CrayoLED is hence said to provide a reliable and long-lasting solution for water disinfection.

The long lifetime and high power output of 100mW reduce the need for frequent replacement, facilitating the adoption of UV-C LED disinfection in municipal water treatment facilities. These facilities require reliable and powerful solutions to handle higher water flows and to reduce maintenance needs. The combination of the CrayoLED’s UV-C LED longevity and performance makes it an efficient and effective solution for water treatment applications, says the firm.

“Our dedication to continuous development and commitment to quality and performance has culminated in more than 30% improvement since the product’s launch,” notes chief revenue officer Michael Peil. “Entering the performance class of 100mW, 5% wall-plug efficiency, high drive current capacity without compromising our values of quality first — make the CrayoLED a reliable, efficient and robust solution, suitable to enable mass UV-C LED adoption into disinfection applications,” he reckons. “With these results, we look forward to further characterization of our LEDs at a higher drive current capacity.”

The CrayoLED H-series (CLH-N3S) UV-C LED is available in both sample quantities and in stock for volume production.

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