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18 January 2023

Silanna UV introduces TO-can package for SF1 235nm- and SN3 255nm-series UV-C LEDs

UV-C LED maker Silanna UV of Brisbane, Australia has released two new products in its SF1 235nm and SN3 255nm series of UV-C LEDs: the SF1-3T9B5L1 and the SN3-5T9B5L1.

Silanna UV’s new UV-C LEDs feature the transistor outline (TO-can) package format, consisting of a header and a cap forming a hermetically sealed package to protect sensitive semiconductor components within the package. The header supplies power to the encapsulated components, while the cap enables the transmission of optical signals. The strong weld between the cap and the header provides hermetic protection to the die, and the ball lens offers a narrow viewing angle for the high irradiance required in most sensing applications.

Using a steel header with a gold coating and an industrial-standard TO-39 footprint, the devices have ESD protection and contain no mercury. The TO-39 package has an 18-degree viewing angle, enhancing radiant intensity and measurement resolution.

The SF1-3T9B5L1 is a far UV-C emitting device with a peak wavelength of 235nm, making it effective for water quality detection of nitrate (NO3) and nitrite (NO2), gas detection of carbon dioxide (CO2) and liquid chromatography.

The SN3-5T9B5L1 is a powerful deep UV-C LED with a peak wavelength of 255nm, making it effective for water quality detection of COD (chemical oxygen demand) and TOC (total organic carbon), as well as gas detection for ozone (O3) and medical analyzers. It has a high optical output power, making it suitable for a range of applications including chemical and biological analysis, water quality monitoring, gas sensing and liquid chromatography.

Both the SF1-3T9B5L1 and SN3-5T9B5L1 offer what is claimed to be excellent stability and performance, with less than 0.5% drift and fluctuation in a steady state. They are also compatible with off-the-shelf optical systems, making them a convenient and reliable choice for sensing applications.

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