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17 November 2022

ams OSRAM adds camera-optimized emitters to OSLON P1616 high-power IR LED range

ams OSRAM GmbH of Premstätten, Austria and Munich, Germany has extended its OSLON P1616 family of small, high-power infrared LEDs, launching emitters that produce a field of illumination optimized for the square or rectangular field of view (FoV) of IR cameras. The OSLON P1616 products, which have a footprint of 1.6mm x 1.6mm, are said to be among the industry’s smallest high-power IR LEDs. Also, a low profile makes them suitable for use in the face recognition camera system mounted in the thin bezel of a laptop computer, or in smart doorbells.

Benefiting from advanced optical technology, the new OSLON P1616 LEDs produce a precisely shaped beam that matches the square or rectangular FoV of IR cameras. The new LEDs are said to provide as much as 25% more light in the FoV and more homogeneous illumination than LEDs without dedicated optics and a pure Lambertian light distribution.

“These latest members of the P1616 family produce remarkably high optical output power from such a small package,” says Dominic Bergmann, product marketing manager for the Visualization and Sensing business line. “The excellent performance-to-size ratio of these LEDs makes them the ideal solution for applications in which board space or height – or both – are limited.”

The new LEDs’ optimized beam shape reduces the development effort for manufacturers of IR camera modules and systems, providing more uniform illumination of the FoV and easing system calibration.

The new OSLON P1616 LEDs are:

  • the 850nm SFH4172 and 940nm SFH4182S in a lensed package that is just 1.31mm high) produce homogeneous illumination that has a half-angle of ±65° to fit the square field of view of IR cameras;
  • the 850nm SFH 41747 and 940nm SFH 41847S, in a lensed package that is 1.36mm high) produce homogeneous illumination that has a 100° x 140° radiation pattern to fit the rectangular field of view of IR cameras.

The optical output (total radiant flux) from the new OSLON P1616 LEDs is 800mW for the SFH4172, 1320mW for the SFH4182S, 700mW for the SFH41747, and 1150mW for the SFH41847S.

In addition to laptop computers and smart doorbells, applications include CCTV cameras, access control, eye tracking and gesture recognition as well as emerging applications such as machine vision and medical treatment.

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