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4 May 2022

QPT launches qGaNDrive module

Quantum Power Transformation (QPT) of Cambridge, UK has launched its qGaNDrive module, which utilizes gallium ;nitride (GaN) power ;transistors, for motor ;drives in HVAC (heating, ventilation and air ;conditioning) systems.

“GaN transistors have always promised the best performance and efficiency over silicon MOSFETs and silicon ;carbide, but they are notoriously difficult to drive at speed,” notes founder Rob Gwynne. “We have developed an entirely new and unique topology for driving GaN transistors allowing them to switch at speeds of up to 20MHz, delivering major benefits in power consumption and efficiency,” he claims.

“Electric ;motor ;driven systems (EMDS) consume 45% of the world’s energy, and yet their efficiency at typical operating speeds can be as low as 50%,” says business ;development manager Richard Ord. “Our solution tackles performance across the range of operating speeds and could improve efficiency by up to 35%,” he reckons.

The challenge of driving GaN transistors has so far restricted broader adoption and compromised performance. QPT claims that its solution fixes that problem and will accelerate GaN market share.

The qGaNDrive module integrates its core topology with GaN transistors in a fully EMC-screened turn-key power module. The firm estimates that a typical 15kW domestic heat ;pump could deliver a return in energy ;savings in 100 ;days or less.

QPT is attending Power, Control and Intelligent Motion (PCIM) Europe 2022 in Nuremberg, Germany (10-12 May).

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