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28 April 2022

ROHM and Delta partner on developing and mass producing GaN devices

Japan-based power semiconductor maker ROHM Co Ltd and power supply maker Delta Electronics Inc have entered into a strategic partnership to develop and mass produce gallium nitride (GaN) power devices.

Combining Delta’s power supply device development technology with ROHM’s market-proven power development and manufacturing expertise will make it possible to develop 600V breakdown voltage GaN power devices optimized for a wide range of power supply systems.

ROHM has already (in March) established a mass-production system for 150V GaN high-electron-mobility transistors (HEMTs) featuring what is claimed to be a breakthrough 8V gate withstand voltage. This will allow the firm to expand its new EcoGaN device range for power circuits in Internet of Things (IoT) communications and industrial equipment (i.e. base stations, data centers) while further improving device performance (maximizing the low-ON-resistance and high-speed-switching characteristics of GaN to achieve lower application power consumption, smaller peripheral components, and simpler designs that require fewer parts).

“As power semiconductors – a key area of focus for ROHM – play an increasingly important role in achieving a decarbonized society, ROHM will continue to develop advanced devices in a range of fields utilizing silicon, silicon carbide (SiC) and GaN, along with solutions that combine peripheral components such as control ICs that maximize their performance,” says Kazuhide Ino, ROHM’s managing executive officer & chief scientific officer (CSO). “Through this partnership, ROHM will mass produce GaN power devices that can contribute to the configuration of more efficient power supply systems as well as develop GaN IPMs [intelligent power modules] that integrate analog ICs (one of ROHM’s strengths) at an early stage, further expanding our lineup of easy-to-use products,” he adds.

“The development of GaN power devices is of significant interest to the global electronics industry,” notes Mark Ko, vice chairman, Delta Electronics. “We have been working with ROHM for many years, and are very pleased that this year’s technical exchange will finally produce results, which is a milestone for both companies and one that will bring us closer together,” he adds. “In addition to this GaN collaboration, Delta is looking to further strengthen its product lineup as a key business strategy, with high expectations for product development utilizing ROHM’s strengths in analog (Nano) and other technologies. We believe that strengthening our collaboration with ROHM will allow us to provide a wide range of solutions that meet the needs of the global power supply market.”

Improving the efficiency of motors and power supplies (which are said to account for the most of the world’s electricity consumption) has become a significant hurdle to achieving a decarbonized society. As power devices hold the key to improving efficiency, the adoption of new materials such as SiC and GaN is expected to further increase the efficiency of power supplies. ROHM and Delta says they have been engaged in technology exchanges and building a cooperative relationship for the development of various applications over many years and, through this partnership, both companies aim to develop and mass produce GaN power devices that maximize GaN performance to accelerate power technology innovation.

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