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27 April 2022

CVD Equipment receives order for nine SiC PVT systems

CVD Equipment Corp of Central Islip, NY, USA (a designer and maker of chemical vapor deposition, gas control, and other equipment and process solutions for developing and manufacturing materials and coatings) has received an order for nine physical vapor transport (PVT) systems. Scheduled to ship in second-half 2022, the systems will be used to grow silicon carbide (SiC) material that is subsequently processed into wafers to support high-power electronics applications. This order is in addition to the order for six PVT tools that was previously announced in fourth-quarter 2021.

“Demand for SiC devices for high-power electronics continues to accelerate for electric vehicles, energy and industrial applications,” says president & CEO Emmanuel Lakios. “We are committed to establishing a leadership role in manufacturing high-quality SiC production systems.”

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