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16 July 2021

Skyworks and Qualcomm gain RF front-end market share despite challenges in 2020

Skyworks and Qualcomm gained market share in the RF front-end sector despite challenges in 2020, according to the report ‘Power Amp & RF Front-end Share and Outlook: Skyworks & Qualcomm Make Gains’ from Strategy Analytics.

“Demand for 5G mobile devices and semiconductor shortages helped push up prices and revenue for the RF front ends in cellular devices in 2020,” says report author Christopher Taylor. “Downlink MIMO, carrier aggregation, higher frequencies, and wider channel bandwidths for 5G helped boost sales of the most advanced integrated RF FE solutions, leading to gains in market share for both Skyworks and Qualcomm,” he adds.

“Suppliers Qorvo, Broadcom and Murata won significant slots in 5G mobile devices as well,” notes Stephen Entwistle, VP of Strategic Technologies. “These firms have made significant advances in RF FE integration and filters in particular, a key aspect of the RF front-end. At the same time, suppliers in mainland China made technical and market advances, and it appears will take more RF FE share this year and in 2022 as Chinese OEMs attempt to increase their use of domestic suppliers,” he concludes.

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