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28 July 2020

GaN Systems issues 12V Class-D audio amplifier reference designs

GaN Systems Inc of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (a fabless developer of gallium nitride-based power switching semiconductors for power conversion and control applications) has issued its latest technical manual ‘12V High-Efficiency Audio Reference Designs using GaN Power Transistors’.

The technical manual was developed in response to the launch of its Class-D audio amplifier evaluation kit in May and from growing customer interest for designs in the 12V market for automotive, marine, powersports and other applications from power system design engineers.

High-quality audio is now a ‘must have’ across all segments from pro-audio, home-audio and portable audio, says the firm. Class-D audio systems using GaN are not only smaller and lighter but provide better sound quality, it adds.

The new technical manual provides several amplifier designs for 12V input systems using GaN Systems’ Class-D audio amplifier evaluation kit, which includes a 2-channel, 200W-per-channel (8Ω) Class-D audio amplifier and companion 400W continuous power audio-grade switch-mode power supply (SMPS), including:

  • Single-Phase and Dual-Phase 12V Boost Converter design supports both a ‘direct’ +12V to +18V single-rail power supply and a ‘boosted’ +12V to +18V single-rail power supply configuration;
  • Direct +12V to +18V VIN Supply to +/-32V VOUT Boost Converter design supports a ‘direct’ +12V to +18V VIN supply and allows for the best cost versus power output trade-off, while maintaining the desired audio performance.

In audio systems, delivering more power and more channels has typically meant driving up size and weight and sacrificing sound quality. With GaN, designers can provide more power, more channels and better sound quality in small, lightweight solutions, says GaN Systems.

The technical manual, as well as the Class D amplifier and power supply kit and white paper ‘See, Feel, and Hear the Difference with GaN Class-D Amplifier and Companion SMPS’, are available at

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