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8 December 2020

AquiSense and NS Nanotech partner

AquiSense Technologies LLC of Erlanger, KY, USA (which designs and manufactures water, air and surface disinfection systems based on UV-C LEDs) has partnered with NS Nanotech of Ann Arbor, MI, USA on the development of what is said to be the first solid-state broadband UV research device. It will be powered by what is claimed to be the first UV lamp that is solid-state and emits wavelengths from 200nm to 400nm, developed by NS Nanotech. The device is critical for research into key disinfection wavelengths such as 220nm (far UV-C), 254-280nm (UV-C) and 290-400nm (UV-A and -B).

A startup with patented technology developed at the University of Michigan and McGill University, NS Nanotech claims that its new nitride semiconductor chips are the first solid-state devices to emit far-UVC light at wavelengths ranging from 200-222nm.

The collaboration between AquiSense and NS Nanotech aim to offer researchers reliable, low-footprint tools, as part of AquiSense’s PearlLab Beam product line: one device to test all wavelengths within the full UV spectrum and another focused on the 220nm (far-UV) region.

“This partnership signifies a shift in how we can research spectral impacts of UV on various mediums and organic material,” says AquiSense’s CEO Oliver Lawal. “Due to the early stages of far-UV-C, much more research is needed on its effects as a disinfectant; we wanted to provide that research tool so we can more effectively expand into consumer markets if far-UV-C is found to be unequivocally safe. Expect this product to be ready to purchase in the coming year,” adds Lawal.

“We believe our technology will revolutionize how we disinfect our world and we’re excited to get this technology into the hands of researchers to quantify the safety and effectiveness of this breakthrough,” says Victor Hsia, VP of sales & business development at NS Nanotech.

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