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19 February 2019

Infinera announces ICE6 next-gen Infinite Capacity Engine featuring 800G waves

Infinera Corp of Sunnyvale, CA, USA, a vertically integrated manufacturer of digital optical network systems incorporating its own indium phosphide (InP)-based photonic integrated circuits (PICs), has launched its sixth-generation Infinite Capacity Engine (ICE6) for high-capacity dual-channel 800 gigabits per second (800G) per wave optical transmission.

Part of The Infinite Network, ICE6 builds on Infinera’s ICE4 and Instant Bandwidth with a 1.6 terabits per second (1.6T) optical engine, providing a seamless path for network operators to meet the growth of bandwidth and increasingly dynamic, unpredictable traffic flows.

Packaged in a cross-platform digital coherent module, ICE6 combines Infinera’s sixth-generation photonic integrated circuit (PIC) with its in-house 7nm FlexCoherent digital signal processor (DSP) technology. The ICE6 PIC is available now, and will be demonstrated for the first time at the Optical Networking and Communication Conference & Exhibition (OFC 2019) in San Diego, CA, USA (5-7 March). The FlexCoherent 6 DSP will be available in third-quarter 2019, with the complete ICE6 optical engine available by the end of the year, and platforms powered by ICE6 commercially available in second-half 2020.

High-baud-rate transmissions like 800G have extremely tight tolerances in module design. Infinera reckons that, with the use of revolutionary Nyquist subcarriers, deep vertical integration and mastery of indium phosphide (InP) photonics, it is uniquely positioned to deliver an industry-leading 800G solution. Featuring a second-generation probabilistic constellation shaping engine, powered by 7nm technology and a comprehensive toolkit of coherent technologies, ICE6 will deliver up to 45% higher maximum capacity per fiber, streamlined operations and lowest total cost of ownership, it is claimed.

“Infinera has historically been a leader in photonic integration and at the forefront of developing solutions in house, exemplified by high-volume shipments of multiple generations of coherent engines,” comments Andrew Schmitt, directing analyst, Optical Networking at market research firm Cignal AI. “ICE6 should demonstrate similar leadership, with levels of optical performance that deliver greater capacity and reach for network operators,” he adds.

“Infinera continues to lead industry innovation with ICE6, delivering the first coherent 800G per wave solution to the market ahead of schedule,” says founder & chief innovation officer Dr Dave Welch. “Similar to the launch of ICE4, ICE6 will transform the market by delivering cutting-edge technology, designed in house, enabling network operators to respond to the insatiable demand for capacity quickly while optimizing costs.”

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