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25 May 2016

Custom MMIC launches DC-18GHz switches and DC-22GHz and 26-35GHz amplifiers at IMS

At the IEEE International Microwave Symposium (IMS 2016) in San Francisco (24-27 May), monolithic microwave integrated circuit developer Custom MMIC of Westford, MA, USA is featuring a range of new high-performance microwave amplifiers and switches with ultra-wideband operation.  

DC-18GHz SP3T and SP5T non-reflective switches

Leveraging a non-reflective design, the SP3T CMD234C4 switch provides high isolation of 40dB at 10GHz and low insertion loss of 2dB. It includes an on-board binary decoder circuit, requiring only two complimentary control voltage logic lines of 0/-5V. Similar to the SP3T design, the SP5T CMD235C4 features a low-power integrated 3:8 TTL decoder for enhanced digital control. The switch provides an insertion loss of 2.5dB and high isolation of 40dB at 10GHz.

Both the CMD235C4 and CMD234C4 come in small-size and Pb-free RoHs-compliant 4x4 SMT QFN packages, and have a switching speed of only 66ns. The gallium arsenide (GaAs) switches are suited to test & measurement, military and telecoms applications.

DC-22GHz and 2-22GHz distributed amplifiers

Offering ultra-wideband performance from DC to 22-GHz, the CMD240 is a GaAs MMIC amplifier with a noise figure down to 2.2dB and gain of 15dB. Also highly linear, the CMD240 demonstrates a P1dB (output power at 1dB gain compression) of 19dBm at 10GHz and an OIP3 (output third-order intercept point) of 28dBm with only 80mA supply current. With slightly less current draw and a gain of 13.5dB from 2 to 22GHz, the CMD241 has a noise figure of 2.3dB, and features enhanced linearity performance with an output P1dB of 21dBm.

Both the CMD240 and CMD241 eliminate the need for an external DC block and are matched to 50Ω. The low-noise distributed amplifiers are suitable for military, aerospace and microwave/millimetre-wave telecoms applications.

26-35GHz balanced driver amplifier

In applications with very small size and high-linearity requirements, the CMD243 wideband balanced driver amplifier offers 15.5dB of gain and operates from 26 to 35GHz. The CMD243 also provides an output P1dB of 21dBm, a low noise figure of 4.4dB, and is 50Ω matched. The CMD243 is suitable for communications, military and space applications.

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