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18 November 2014

MwT launches GaAs MMICs compatible with both epoxy and AuSn eutectic die attach

MicroWave Technology Inc (MwT) of Fremont, CA, USA, a division of IXYS Corp that makes RF and microwave discrete devices, MMICs, hybrid modules and connecterized amplifiers for wireless communication infrastructure, military/aerospace, industrial and medical applications, has launched a family of gallium arsenide (GaAs) monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs) that are fully compatible with both epoxy and AuSn eutectic alloy die attachment methods.

Many of the GaAs based MMIC products on the market can only use epoxy for the die attach process, says MwT, while certain commercial, military and high-reliability/space applications will demand eutectic die attachment process instead of epoxy process. The eutectic die attach process provides improved electrical performance and thermal dissipation, which enhances long-term reliability of the MMIC parts under operation.

MwT has recently converted its key MMIC products to have the compatibility of both eutectic and epoxy die attachment processes. In this unique device technology, a special non-wet metal layer is placed to the backside via holes regions to prevent the melted AnSn eutectic alloy from penetrating through the backside via holes and causing damage to the features/circuitries on the front side of the MMIC chip during the die attach process.

“This unique technology feature will allow our customers to utilize our high-performance GaAs-based MMIC products for applications that demand robustness and stringent long-term reliability,” says MwT general manager Dr Greg Zhou. “We have already had several key MMIC products with the eutectic die attachment compatibility designed into various sockets and have begun receiving the production orders for these MMIC products.”

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