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15 November 2013

Seoul Semiconductor launches Z5-M1 Series of improved efficacy high-power LEDs

South Korean LED maker Seoul Semiconductor says that its new Z5-M1 series LED has been optimized to deliver maximum efficacy and luminous flux with an industry-standard 3535 surface-mount package.

The Z5-M1 combines high light output, reliability and color uniformity to deliver luminous efficacy of up to 132 lumens per watt at a drive current of 350mA (at 85°C junction temperature, 80 CRI minimum) in warm white (3000K). In cool white (6000K), it delivers up to 150 lumens per watt at 350mA (85°C junction temperature, 70 CRI minimum). The Z5-M1 series is available in the full correlated color temperature (CCT) range of 2600-7000K and two CRI options to provide lamp and luminaire manufacturers with maximum flexibility.

Seoul Semiconductor says that advances made in chip architecture and phosphor technology are the key ingredients to the performance enhancement of the new Z5-M1 series. The improved efficacy helps lighting manufacturers to use fewer LEDs in their system designs, translating to lower system costs. Also, the Z5-M1 can be operated at a drive current ranging from 150mA to 1.5A, making them suitable for a wide range of general illumination applications (from street and area lighting to replacement lamps to high output flashlights).

The new product also features what is claimed to be excellent color uniformity over angle, based on new phosphor coating technology that enables high-quality directional light sources.

“The efficacy enhancements in the new Z5-M1 series not only ensure a reduction in luminaire development costs incurred by our customers, but also enable the best possible color over angle homogeneity with the new phosphor coating technology,” comments J.B Choi, president of Seoul Semiconductor’s Lighting Division.

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