ABB has supplied close to 700 MVA of power protection to the semiconductor industry

ABB is a leading supplier of power protection products to the semiconductor industry. To date, ABB has supplied over 690 MVA of power protection to this growing industry. Major companies, such as Samsung, Hynix and Toshiba have invested in ABB’s power protection products to ensure their factories run smoothly, without any production downtime or loss of materials.

Your business is important to you – five reasons to invest in power protection

Power protection is extremely important to any business, especially in the semiconductor industry where sensitive equipment is used to produce the highest quality of products for the digital world. Investing in power protection has many benefits, and choosing a solution for your given requirement, will future proof your equipment from the devastating effects of Mother Nature.

1. Eliminate unwanted downtime

Power protection is important for 24/7 processes in industrial manufacturing plants. A slight disruption in power caused by external environmental factors can result in the whole or parts of a production line stopping. This can lead to production targets not being met; hence downstream customers may have to look elsewhere to meet their requirements. ABB’s power protection portfolio can eliminate unwanted downtime by protecting sensitive industrial and commercial loads from voltage disturbances.

2. Maintain quality production output

When production lines are restarted or operate at less than optimal voltage, the product quality of the items being manufactured can suffer. This can result in loss of quality and can damage a supplier’s reputation, which will eventually cause a loss in profitability for the manufacturer. When a sag, surge or outage occurs, ABB’s power protection products provide continuous voltage regulation by drawing additional current required to make up the correction voltage from the utility supply. This enables production output to be maintained and supply forecasts to be achieved.

3. Minimize waste of resources and materials

Usually when a production line stops, raw and partially completed materials can be damaged due the production cycle not being completed. This creates waste as many materials cannot be re-used for commercial sale. ABB offers complete power protection and provides enhanced energy efficiency by reducing system losses, thereby improving power quality and providing equipment immunity from power quality events on the AC network supply.

4. Prevent damage to your machinery

Uncontrolled stoppage on a production line can also damage the production line tools. This increases maintenance costs and time required for repair purposes. This therefore has an impact on the quantity or amount of product being manufactured. Voltage sags and surges and unbalance also stress the power supplies in the production tools, leading to premature failure of electronic components, which adds to the maintenance costs.

5. Increased profits

The highly reliable PCS100 products are designed for harsh electrical environments whilst also providing high efficiency (greater than 98 percent). This will ensure your equipment is protected at all times. Small confinements are made easy thanks to the unique modular design of the PCS100 portfolio, saving storage space. Lowest total cost of ownership means very low maintenance, providing continuous output, allowing power quality to be improved and profits increased.

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