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23 September 2019

Osram developing 25,600-pixel second-generation Eviyos hybrid LED for smart headlights

About two years after unveiling the world’s first hybrid LED for smart headlights (the first-generation Eviyos – featuring 1024 individually controllable pixels – to be launched at the beginning of 2020), Germany’s Osram is developing the second generation of Eviyos, with 25,600 individually controllable pixels on a single chip with a footprint of just 40mm2 (targeted for market launch in 2023). The individual light pixels are brought together to a pixel pitch of only 40µm, creating a particularly space-saving component for future multi-functional, intelligently controllable headlamps that can do more than just illuminate the road.

Picture: Visualization of information with the help of headlights in HD quality.

“With more than 25,000 individually controllable pixels, the second generation of Eviyos will bring HD-quality projections onto the road,” says Wolfgang Lex, VP & general manager Automotive at Osram Opto Semiconductors. “In the future, vehicles will be able to visually display warnings or symbols to vehicle occupants or other road users,” he adds. “Car owners can also be greeted by a variety of welcome scenarios when approaching their vehicle thanks to this product.” In addition to the high resolution, the second generation of Eviyos will offer advantages over comparable solutions, especially in terms of energy efficiency and space, reckons Osram.

An essential feature of the Eviyos family is that only the pixels that are needed are illuminated for a particular situation, so only the required energy is consumed (crucial, especially for electric vehicles). The second generation of Eviyos is currently under development, but it already shows how automotive lighting can change in the coming years, says Osram. They can fade out areas with unprecedented precision, while other areas shine in full light. This technology also opens the door to new fields of application beyond classic lighting. Depending on the application, customers will be able to combine several Eviyos with each other or other conventional LEDs.

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