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14 October 2019

ROHM launches 4-pin TO-247-4L package SiC MOSFETs

Power semiconductor maker ROHM of Kyoto, Japan has announced the availability of the SCT3xxx xR-series of six new trench-gate-structure SiC MOSFETs (three each with breakdown voltages of 650V and 1200V, respectively). This follows ROHM in 2015 becoming the first supplier to mass-produce trench-type SiC MOSFETs. The neww sevices are suitable for uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, solar power inverters, power storage systems, electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, and power supplies for server farms and base stations requiring high efficiency.

In recent years, the growing needs for cloud services due to the proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) has increased the demand for data centers worldwide, notes Rohm. But for servers used in data centers, a major challenge is how to reduce power consumption as capacity and performance increase. At the same time, SiC devices are attracting attention due to their smaller loss over mainstream silicon devices in the power conversion circuits of servers.

The SCT3xxx xR-series utilizes a 4-pin package (TO-247-4L). With conventional 3-pin packages (TO-247N), the effective gate voltage at the chip is reduced due to the voltage dropped across the parasitic inductance of the source terminal. This causes the switching speed to be reduced. Adopting the 4-pin TO-247-4L package separates the driver and power source pins, minimizing the effects of the parasitic inductance component. This makes it possible to maximize the switching speed of SiC MOSFETs, reducing total switching loss (turn ON and turn OFF) by up to 35% over conventional 3-pin TO-247N packages.

As the TO-247-4L package’s reduced switching loss contributes to lower power consumption, it is expected to be adopted in high-output applications such as servers, base stations and solar power generation.

ROHM says that, in addition to these newest 650V/1200V high-efficiency SiC MOSFETs, it is committed to developing devices and proposing solutions that contribute to lower power consumption in a variety of devices, including gate driver ICs optimized for SiC drive.

Evaluation board

ROHM also proposes solutions that facilitate application evaluation, including the P02SCT3040KR-EVK-001 SiC MOSFET evaluation board, equipped with the firm’s BM6101FV-C gate driver ICs along with multiple power supply ICs (optimized for driving SiC devices) and additional discrete components that facilitate application evaluation and development. Compatibility with both TO-247-4L and TO-247N package types enables evaluation of both packages under the same conditions. The board can be used for double pulse testing as well as the evaluation of components in boost circuits, 2-level inverters and synchronous rectification buck circuits.

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