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1 November 2019

IGaN and RAM partner on commercializing GaN-on-Si whole-body monitoring quantum sensor

Singapore-based technology providers RAM Group (which has developed multi-parametric, single-point bio-electro-mechanical quantum sensor technology) and IGSS GaN Pte Ltd (IGaN) – which supplies proprietary 8-inch gallium nitride on silicon (GaN-on-Si) epitaxial wafer fabrication services for both power and radio frequency (RF) devices – have announced what is claimed to be the first clinically validated quantum device sensor (QDS) providing non-invasive, continuous whole-body organ system monitoring.

Targeted at an array of healthcare applications and wearables, QDS integrates a proprietary Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) engine to produce data sets with the potential to aid immediate and hyper-accurate diagnosis of diseases or disorders in the heart, lungs and other organs.

“Powered by AGI that operates 70% faster than AI in neural net analysis, the QDS addresses the need for a small, ultra-low power, non-invasive sensor that can simultaneously and continuously detect minute changes in electrical fields within the human body,” says RAM Group’s CEO & founder Ayal Ram. “It fundamentally transforms the way critical illnesses and disease states are detected, diagnosed and understood sooner with less stress and cost,” he adds.

“We are excited to bring to this partnership IGaN’s in-depth know-how in cost-competitive commercializing and accelerating time-to-market of GaN-on-Si based technologies,” says Raj Kumar, founder & group CEO of IGSS Ventures Pte Ltd (of which IGaN is a subsidiary). “Successful clinical trialling and QDS’ market-readiness is a case in point for the advanced capabilities of niche semiconductors like GaN-on-Si, particularly as a superior replacement for silicon chips,” he adds. “With RAM Group we can, together, enable the adoption of GaN-on-Si sensor-based applications beyond healthcare to further drive Singapore’s potential as a global innovation hub in emerging semiconductor applications.”

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