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12 March 2019

Lumileds’ LUXEON 2835E 9V LED raises drive current from 60mA to 100mA

LED maker Lumileds LLC of San Jose, CA, USA has introduced a new version of the LUXEON 2835E 9V LED optimized specifically for the typical drive current of retrofit lamps and downlights (100mA).

Lamp designers can achieve a 5% boost in efficacy over the existing 60mA LED when driven at the same current, leading to more efficient retrofit lamps (including A19, PAR and B11 lamps). Forward voltage drops by 4% as well. For example, at a correlated color temperature (CCT) of 2700K and a color rendering index (CRI) of 80, the LUXEON 2835E 9V produces a luminous flux of 118lm and achieves luminous efficacy of 127lm/W at 9.3V (versus 120lm/W at 9.7V).

“The LUXEON 2835E is extremely popular for retrofit lamps because of its high efficiency and compact package. Now with a drive current closer to operating conditions, customers get the most relevant spec for output and efficacy,” says Mei Yi, product manager of Mid Power Products. Unlike competing products it is claimed, the LUXEON 2835E also can be driven at up to 150mA, with a junction temperature of 125°C, for reduced LED count in compact designs.

LUXEON 2835E LEDs are available in a wide range of color temperatures and minimum CRI of 70 to 90. The LEDs are hot color targeted, ensuring that the color remains inside ANSI bin specifications at typical operating conditions. Design kits are available to meet to 3-, 4- and 5-step MacAdam ellipse color consistency.

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Visit:  www.lumileds.com/LUXEON2835

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