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3 June 2019

Arralis announces long-range 3D target detection with E-band automotive Corvus Radar

Arralis Ltd of Limerick, Ireland - which has a design center in Belfast and manufactures RF, microwave and millimeter-wave devices, modules and antennas up to and beyond 110GHz (the W-band) for aerospace/satellite and security markets - has launched its new E-band automotive radar system. The Corvus Radar is said to exceed what is available in the current automotive marketplace in detection range, elevation resolution and scan area, enabling multiple 3D target detection at up to 300m over a ±45° azimuth angle and ±7° elevation angle.

The system utilises Arralis’ Corvus monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) portfolio and a patented analog beam-forming technique to enable detection of a 0dBm2 target (e.g. a fast-approaching motorbike) at 300m distance. Monopulse is applied in both azimuth and elevation planes to enable resolving of targets angle within beams.

“Our extensive experience with all aspects of millimeter-wave system design, from MMICs to beamforming, and from antenna design to system integration, has enabled us to meet a demanding specification,” says Dr Peter Ludlow, principal engineer on the project. “To achieve a higher level of vehicle autonomy the detection of targets at greater distances and in unfavourable weather conditions is essential. We see the Corvus Radar as essential to enabling safe operation of autonomous vehicles in the most challenging environments.”

Arralis says it is working with leading automotive OEMs and is looking forward to working with interested customers who wish to evaluate the system.

Arralis is showcasing the new system in booth 261 at the TU-Automotive Detroit Conference (4-6 June).

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