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10 January 2019

Sanan’s mini-LED and micro-LED chips on display at CES

Xiamen-based San’an Optoelectronics Co Ltd (China’s largest producer of full-color ultra-high-brightness LED epiwafers and chips) says that at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas (8-11 January) several panel makers for TVs, digital displays, smartphones, smart watches, augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR) goggles, and gaming notebooks have unveiled new products using its latest mini-LED and micro-LED chips.

Since the technology debuted at CES in 2017, the firm has entered large-scale production of RGB mini-LEDs, and has complemented its portfolio with capacity investments for micro-LED, including 27 applied patents and key partnerships.

Given the maturity of mini-LED technology, display panel makers are widely implementing across a broad range of consumer applications, including for cinema screens, and soon also for automotive. With their compact unit size of 100-200μm, mini-LEDs allow for high-density backlight designs with local dimming capabilities. They help to create ultra-thin, ultra-compact designs with features for notch and curved form factors, for example. As a display technology, mini-LEDs are said to provide superior energy efficiency with ultra-high brightness, high dynamic range (HDR), with higher color saturation, contrast and resolution compared with the traditional liquid-crystal display (LCD) approach.

Micro-LEDs are poised to be the next-generation technology, offering significant advances in image quality through individually driven self-emitting pixels and even more miniaturized form factors, says the firm.

“We see tremendous growth in the mini-LED market, and are delighted to see its increased adoption from among the product launches here at CES”, says CEO Simon Lin. “The industry is certainly taking full advantage of the key benefits that mini-LEDs bring, namely enhanced power savings, and higher performance,” he adds. “Given the success of our core business in LED chips combined with our manufacturing infrastructure and cost competitiveness through economies of scale, we have been able to overcome the high barrier of entry for the mini-LED market. While we are fully committed to drive innovation further for this technology and are well positioned to support the market’s high volume demand, we are also ramping up R&D and scaling up capacity for micro-LED production to meet the demands of the next wave of innovative LED displays”.

Sanan Optoelectronics offers a family of RGB display and backlight mini-LEDs with various element sizes, dimensions and light output power (LOP) ratings, suitable for these emerging applications and market trends, with high-volume production capacity. Customized form factors and solutions are also available. The firm has also expanded its manufacturing capabilities and facilities for micro-LED production.

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