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5 February 2019

Sofradir’s SW Tecless detector selected for Allied Vision’s latest Goldeye SWIR camera

Machine vision camera maker Allied Vision Technologies GmbH of Stadtroda, Germany has announced the availability of Goldeye G/CL-033 TECless, a cost-effective SWIR (shortwave-infrared) industrial camera designed with Snake SW Tecless technology from Sofradir of Palaiseau near Paris, France, which develops and manufactures infrared (IR) detectors for military, space, scientific and industrial applications.

Using Sofradir’s Snake SW Tecless detector, Goldeye cameras have VGA resolution in a compact housing (55mm x 55mm x 78mm), allowing integration into systems with limited space.

Allied Vision designed its new model Goldeye G/CL-033 TECless industrial cameras around the Snake SW Tecless sensor due to the uncooled detector’s small footprint (0.65in2, 3.23cm2), the compatibility of its frame rate (300 frames per second) within most industrial in-line inspection requirements and its availability in large volume. In addition, the detector has what is claimed to be an exceptional level of performance in terms of low noise and image quality.

The Snake SW Tecless is manufactured based on the cost-efficient high-volume standards typically used for visible image sensors, which makes SWIR technology more affordable in cost-sensitive applications such as industrial machine vision.

“The industrial machine vision market has, thus far, been dominated by visible-light CMOS/CCD cameras for product sorting and quality control. Yet, cameras using SWIR wavelengths have proven to be effective in solving challenges where the capacities of visible light fall short,” says Sofradir’s SWIR product line manager Sebastien Frasse-Sombet. “Until now, the cost of SWIR technology has been prohibitive for most high-volume applications. Our new affordable Snake SW Tecless detector helps customers justify the use of SWIR solutions like the Goldeye camera in machine vision applications aimed at increasing production yields and improving performance and quality.”

The Goldeye G-033 TECless with Snake SW Tecless is claimed to be among the fastest GigE Vision-compliant SWIR cameras on the market. The camera has multiple image correction features such as non-uniformity, defect pixel and background correction, as well as features including auto-contrast, look-up tables and comprehensive I/O control. By selecting smaller regions-of-interest (ROI), the camera’s frame rate can be increased even further and image data processing can be optimized.

“The combination of Sofradir’s knowledge in manufacturing infrared sensors and Allied Vision’s expertise in sensor integration, including image correction and optimization, will sustain the ongoing growth in the SWIR imaging market,” believes Allied Vision’s senior product manager Jens Hashagen.

“With SWIR vision system costs gradually decreasing thanks to the maturity and production volumes of these technologies, the adoption of SWIR vision technology is accelerating to reliably cover a growing spectrum of applications,” says Frasse-Sombet.

Allied Vision is showcasing its Goldeye G-033 TECless camera, designed with the Snake SW Tecless detector, in a microscope-based semiconductor inspection demo in booth 2369 (South Hall) at the SPIE Photonics West 2019 event in San Francisco (5–7 February).

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