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1 February 2019

II-VI showcasing new products and capabilities at Photonics West

Engineered materials and optoelectronic component maker II-VI Inc of Saxonburg, PA, USA is presenting at the SPIE LASE and OPTO 2019 conferences and exhibiting new products and capabilities in booth #1804 at SPIE Photonics West 2019 (2-7 February) and in booth #8543 at SPIE BiOS Expo (2-3 February) in San Francisco, CA, USA.

Conference papers:

  • ‘Towards 300W high power laser bars’ by Jürgen Müller, Rainer Bättig, Vinzenz Beer, Christian Blumer, Reinhard Brunner, Jarkko Telkkälä and Johanna Wolf of II-VI Laser Enterprise GmbH (Switzerland) in LASE 2019 - Conference 10900: High-Power Diode Laser Technology XVII; Session 2: High Power Devices I, Paper 10900-9; 3 February (1-1:20pm, Room 203, South Level Two).
  • ‘Optics with diamond-like-carbon overcoat (DOC) provide improved optical performance over traditional DLC films and better cleanability than standard PVD coatings’ by Stan Himelinski, Jim Bacon, Alan R. Hedges and Gregg Davis of II-VI Infrared (USA) in OPTO 2019 - Conference 10914: Optical Components and Materials XVI; Session 11: Development of Optical Components, Paper 10914-51; 6 February (4:50-5:10pm, Room 313, South Level Three).

New products & capabilities:

  • Zero Pixel Shift Filters for Fluorescence Microscopy: II-VI’s thin-film technology delivers filters with high transmission, steep slopes and deep out-of-band blocking, enabling next-generation fluorescence microscopes to achieve very high sensitivity.
  • 405nm Lasers for Biomedical Instruments: II-VI’s QOMO laser is now available at 405nm, in addition to the existing laser wavelengths of 488, 638 and 660nm. The extremely stable, low noise, optical output power enhances the measurement sensitivity of next-generation flow cytometers, enabling greater accuracy and faster measurements.
  • Flat Top Beam Shaper Optics: II-VI’s flat-top beam-shaper optics improve laser-based micro materials processing by converting circular laser beams with Gaussian intensity profiles to circular or rectangular beams with highly uniform or ‘flat-top’ intensity profiles only a few millimeters in size. Such laser beams enable process areas to be delineated precisely and processed evenly.
  • Red Lasers: II-VI’s red lasers enable high-power fiber-laser systems to achieve precise alignment of multi-kilowatt infrared laser beams to the target process areas. They maintain a tightly controlled high output power of 350mW to within 2% while under the presence of up to 5W of reflected optical power.
  • 22W Pump Laser Diodes: II-VI’s new laser diodes achieve 22W of output power or 22% more than the existing product, enabling fiber-laser designs with fewer emitters and therefore lower cost.
  • 80 Watt Pump Laser Modules: II-VI’s new 80W pump laser modules with wavelength-stabilized output power enable ultrafast fiber lasers to operate with very short pulses for high-precision drilling and marking.

II-VI is also exhibiting at the following upcoming trade shows:

  • EALA - European Automotive Laser Applications 2019 (booth #3) in Bad Nauheim, Germany (12-13 February) on laser-based processes for future car body production.
  • Optical Networking Communication Conference & Exhibition (OFC 2019) (booth #4312) in San Diego, CA, USA (5-7 March) on optical communications.

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Visit:  http://spie.org/photonics-west.xml

Visit:  www.ii-vi.com/material-processing

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