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16 December 2019

Bruker Nano Surfaces presents free webinar on 3D optical metrology

Samuel Lesko Ph.D, Senior Applications Development Manager at Bruker Nano Surfaces, is presenting a free webinar on recent advances in 3D optical metrology. In this webinar, the firm will present case studies that address improving yield, identifying root cause failure and driving next generation device development from bare wafer to final packaged device.

This webinar takes place on December 17th, starting at 9AM, GMT. Please follow link to register: www.semiconductor-today.com/mail/external/Bruker/bruker-webinar.html

In particular, the webinar will highlight requirements for advanced telecommunications, compact on-board electronics, and electric vehicles covering metrology needs for denser interconnect networks, finer redistribution layer (RDL), direct wafer to wafer bonding and wafer fan-out packaging.

Front end (FEOL) examples will include: 

  • Wafer bin roughness and edge roll-off
  • CMP efficiency full die flatness
  • CD metrology including TSV, deep trench RIE (Bosch process)
  • Epi layer defect quantification in high power devices

Back end (BEOL) and packaging examples will address:

  • Under Bump Metallization (UBM)
  • Recess defect inspection
  • Full die screening for dense interconnect control

This 45 minute interactive webinar will include a Q&A session. It will be valuable for process engineers, CMP engineers, metrology & quality engineers, as well as R&D scientists working across semiconductor, microelectronics, display technology, printed electronics and telecoms industries.

Tags: Bruker Metrology

Visit: www.semiconductor-today.com/mail/external/Bruker/bruker-webinar.html

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