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15 March 2017

Mitsubishi Electric to launch compact low-power-consumption integrated APD-ROSA for extra-long-haul 100G transmissions

On 1 June, Tokyo-based Mitsubishi Electric Corp will begin shipping an avalanche photodiode (APD) receiver optical subassembly (ROSA) capable of supporting 100Gbps optical transmission.

Incorporating four 1.3μm-wavelength APDs (with a high typical receiving sensitivity of -23.5dBm at a bit-error rate of 10-6) integrated with a compact optical demultiplexer, the new FU-302RPA ROSA supports extra-long-haul transmission (up to a range of 40km without an optical amplifier built-in optical transceiver), extra-low power consumption (among the industry’s lowest, it is reckoned, at 0.4W typically, due partly to a low-power trans-impedance amplifier for APD signals) and downsizing in quad small-form-factor pluggable (QSFP28) transceivers.

The FU-302RPA compact integrated 100Gbps APD-ROSA.

Picture: The FU-302RPA compact integrated 100Gbps APD-ROSA.

In response to the growing need to install communication equipment in increasingly confined spaces, Mitsubishi Electric’s new APD ROSA offers what is claimed to be one of the industry’s smallest footprints (6.55mm x 24.6mm x 5.1mm, excluding flexible printed circuits) combined with 40km reach (suitable for long-distance transmissions, such as between data centers), which will help to downsize 100Gbps communication equipment and expand high-speed 100Gbps optical transmission networks, says the firm.

Built to QSFP28 specifications of next-generation small-footprint optical transceivers as an optical-amplifier-free APD with optimal optical demultiplexer, the new 100Gbps APD-ROSA complies with common specifications of coming optical transceivers.

The new device is being displayed at the Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exhibition (OFC 2017) in Los Angeles (21-23 March).

The new ROSA can be combined with Mitsubishi Electric’s FU-402REA compact integrated 100Gbps electro-absorption modulator laser (EML)-TOSA (launched in July 2016) to realize optical transceivers that achieve even further compactness and low-power consumption.

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