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7 September 2016

Solar Frontier's 1.4MW CIGS PV installation powering Italy's biggest shopping center

Munich-based Solar Frontier Europe, a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Solar Frontier – the largest manufacturer of CIS (copper indium selenium) thin-film photovoltaic (PV) solar modules – says that its CIS modules have been selected for use in a solar installation on the roof of 'Il Centro' in Arese near Milan, which is the largest shopping center in Italy and among the largest in Europe (housing about 200 shops over an area of 100,000m2).

The installation features 1.4MW of nominal power and completely covers the roof of the Il Centro shopping center. While P.M. Service of Pontassieve near Florence acted as the distributor, ING srl of Treviolo, Italy was responsible for the installation of both the thermal power plant and the PV system.

"We decided to propose Solar Frontier's modules as an alternative solution, given the higher performance and quality compared to crystalline silicon technology," says ING's owner Gabriele Ghilardi.

The energy generated is used to light the building and run the air conditioning system. Excess energy is sold to the grid. Altogether, the installation covers 50% of the daily energy needs of the shopping center, which opened in April. Comprising 8295 of Solar Frontier's 170Wp modules, the installation was mounted on the roof between October 2015 and January 2016.

"Solar Frontier is part of such a trendsetting project that can serve as a model for major consumers in Europe," says Solar Frontier Europe's managing director Wolfgang Lange. "With about 1400kW-hrs of solar radiation per square meter annually, the region around Milan is ideal for capitalizing on solar energy," he adds. "The installation saves more than 800 tons of CO2 each year and ensures that the shopping center is not dependent on rising electricity prices."

"Solar Frontier has been a reliable partner for over five years," comment Massimo Innocenti and Andrea Parrini, owners of P.M. Service. "We selected the CIS modules for this project because of their excellent temperature stability, as well as the high yield at lower irradiation."

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