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8 March 2016

Lumileds launches 3535 form-factor high-efficiency mid-power LED approaching 200lm/W

LED maker Lumileds of San Jose, CA, USA has launched LUXEON 3535L HE Plus in the familiar 3535 form factor, enabling upgrade to a mid-power LED satisfying the need for luminous efficacy approaching 200lm/W at the LED level and 160lm/W or greater at the luminaire level.

"In one of the industry's most popular formats, customers are requiring the highest efficiency with all of the fantastic features delivered by our LUXEON 3535L Line," says Matthew Everett, senior director of LUXEON Mid Power Products.

Lumileds claims that only it has proven reliability for its mid-power LEDs that rivals that of high-power products. For example, LM-80 data for the LUXEON 3535L at a temperature of 85˚C and a drive current of 200mA after 10,000 hours indicates that the LEDs will maintain 90% of lumen output after seven years of continuous operation (projection using TM-21). Everett also claims a better color over angle with the LUXEON 3535L emitter versus its competitors, enabling better color consistency over the LED's useful life.

Typical performance of the LUXEON 3535L HE Plus at a color temperature of 4000K and color rendering index (CRI) of 80 is 52 lumens at 100mA drive current and 186lm/W luminous efficacy, or 34 lumens at 65mA drive current and 194lm/W. The 3V parts are initially available in color temperatures of 2700K, 4000K and 6500K and 80 CRI. They are tested at 100mA and are 1/7th ANSI color binned.

For maximum design flexibility, the LUXEON 3535L line is offered at four performance levels: entry-level (3535LS), standard (3535L) and high-efficiency (3535L HE, HE Plus). The LUXEON 3535L HE Plus is one of the breakthroughs introduced during Lumileds' Mid Power March series of product launches.

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Visit: www.lumileds.com/LUXEON3535L

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