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26 July 2016

HexaTech demonstrates first-generation 263nm AlN-based UV‐C LED

HexaTech Inc of Morrisville, NC, USA - which manufactures aluminium nitride (AlN) substrates and long-life UV-C LEDs for disinfection applications, as well as developing deep UV lasers for biological threat detection, and high-voltage power semiconductors devices for smart grid and efficient power conversion - has demonstrated its first-generation UVSure UV‐C LED, based on HexaTech's proprietary aluminium nitride (AlN) substrate material.

The 263nm-wavelength device achieves output power of 6mW in a 0.15mm2 active-area die. When scaled to the firm's second-generation larger footprint, the die is expected to produce about 24mW (twice the radiant flux of competing products, it is reckoned). Further, when driven in pulse mode at a current of 300mA, the same 0.15mm2 active-area die can reach 19mW, or about 76mW in the large die format.

"This demonstration is a milestone in our business, and is the direct result of intense device R&D coupled with the use of our exclusive high-quality AlN substrate material," says CEO John Goehrke. "This capability allows us to engage the UV‐C LED market at the right moment, linking together incredibly strong interest with cutting‐edge performance. It also clearly demonstrates our continued assertion that the best substrate material yields the best device performance, and this first-generation result is just the beginning," he adds.

"With point‐of‐use (POU) sterilization applications alone representing a $400m+ opportunity in the coming years, we anticipate significant corporate expansion and strategic customer engagement," says director of business development Gregory Mills.

"HexaTech's world‐leading, high-quality bulk AlN substrates are the essential foundation for attaining these results, enabling near perfect epitaxial growth quality throughout the active region of the device, essential to produce both high internal quantum efficiency (IQE) and long component lifetimes," says Dr Joseph Smart, director of LED development. "This is something that competing sapphire substrate technology simply cannot sustain at these wavelengths."

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