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22 September 2014

Oclaro demos first 200G coherent CFP2 pluggable transceiver

Oclaro Inc of San Jose, CA, USA (which provides components, modules and subsystems for optical communications) says that, at the European Conference on Optical Communications (ECOC 2014) tradeshow in Cannes, France (22-26 September), it will be the first company to demonstrate a 200G coherent transceiver.

The next-generation coherent module features power dissipation of only 12W, and Oclaro claims that the small CFP2 form factor enables users to be first to market with 400G line-cards (using 2x 200G with 16-QAM) that deliver optimum density and performance for applications such as data-center interconnects and metro/regional packet optical transport networks.

Featuring 100G and 200G flexible modulation, the analog coherent CFP2 pluggable transceiver has been shipping to customers since May, and is being shown in booth #MR7 operating in either 100G PM-QPSK or 200G 16-QAM mode. The transceiver leverages Oclaro’s proven indium phosphide (InP) photonic integration circuit (PIC) technology to deliver what is claimed to be industry-leading performance, increased density and low cost in a pluggable format. The firm says that these critical requirements are being demanded by new Web 2.0 customers, router companies and long-haul network equipment manufacturers that are struggling to meet the explosive bandwidth demands and are looking to deploy faster 100G and 200G optical networks while keeping costs down.

“Oclaro is on track to be the first company to bring a high-density coherent CFP2 pluggable transceiver to market,” says chief commercial officer Adam Carter. “This important 200G milestone validates our strategy to focus on delivering differentiated products that leverage Oclaro’s core competencies and continually raise the bar on density, performance, and power efficiency to help our customers meet their growing bandwidth requirements,” he adds.

“CFP2-ACO [analog coherent optics] technology is the most important catalyst for cutting the cost of coherent equipment and accelerating the rollout of 100G metro networks,” comments Andrew Schmitt, principal analyst, Carrier Transport Networking, at Infonetics Research. “Oclaro took a leadership role in developing a coherent CFP2-ACO transceiver, and our aggressive 2016 forecast is based on the wide availability of this technology,” he adds.

The analog coherent CFP2 transceiver incorporates Oclaro’s InP PIC technology for both transmit and receive elements of the module. The transmitter utilizes Oclaro’s narrow-linewidth tunable laser and nested Mach-Zehnder modulators and can be used in 100G PM-QPSK or 200G 16-QAM with the appropriate external DSP on the line-card. Key features of the CFP2 coherent transceiver include its small size, power dissipation of only 12W, and high optical output power of 0dBm with 16-QAM modulation format. All relevant circuitry, such as laser and modulator control and drivers and receiver TIAs, are included inside the analog CFP2.

Coherent DSP solution provider ClariPhy of Irvine, CA, USA is working with Oclaro to demonstrate the coherent 200G CFP2 pluggable transceiver. “We see strong market demand for solutions that can deliver cost-effective, high-density 100G and 200G connections,” says ClariPhy’s senior VP sales Reza Norouzian. “Our customers have validated the technology in Tier-1 networks and are very excited by this combined solution of Oclaro’s coherent CFP2 and ClariPhy’s LightSpeed-II CL20010 coherent SoC [system-on-a-chip].”

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