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4 September 2014

MACOM showcasing GaN portfolio and live GaN-on-Si demo at European Microwave Week

In booth 131 at European Microwave Week (EuMW 2014) in Rome, Italy (5-10 October), M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc of Lowell, MA, USA (which makes analog semiconductors, components and subassemblies for analog, RF, microwave and millimeter-wave applications) is showcasing its gallium nitride (GaN) product portfolio along with a live GaN-on-silicon demonstration. MACOM will also feature a suite of new products targeted at applications spanning industrial, scientific, medical, E-band point-to-point wireless and X-band radar.

At EuMW, MACOM will be presenting:

  • GaN portfolio - featuring what is claimed to be the industry’s broadest portfolio of GaN power products, ranging from 100W GaN in plastic to 1000W ceramic GaN devices.
  • Live demonstration of MACOM’s GaN-on-Si integrated amplifier family, featuring matched, broadband, integrated amplifiers operating over a 30-2500MHz band, showcasing the ease of use of the products for a variety of applications.
  • A new family of high-performance, ultra-compact broadband mixers, suitable for multi-market customers.
  • X-band multi-function module – a fully integrated MMIC packaged in a 7x7 QFN, enabling dual path-transmit/receive operation over the X-band for weather and commercial radar applications.

MACOM staff are also presenting papers in the following sessions:

  • EuMIC06-04, Aurelia (6 October 15:20-15:40pm) – ‘Improving GaN on Si Power Amplifiers Through Reduction of Parasitic Conduction Layer’ by Lydon Pattinson, Tim Boles, Gary Lopes;
  • EuMIC10-03, Hortensia (6 October 17:20-17:40pm) – ‘A Novel 10MHz to 70GHz Surface Mount Amplifier for Broadband Applications’ by Henrik Morkner, Alfy Riddle;
  • EuMIC04-03, Hortensia (6 October 09:40–10:00am) – ‘28Watt X-band Silicon P-I-N Diode RFIC Switches’ by Jim Brogle, Andrey Rozbicki, Tim Boles;
  • EuMC/EuMIC05-03, Flavia (6 October 17:20-17:40pm) – ‘A 25W X-band GaN PA in SMT Package’ by Johnathan Lecky;
  • EuMIC Poster01-7, Hall 10 (6 October 10:00am-17:30pm) – ‘A High Linearity Amplifier Using an Optimized Transconductance Process’ by A. Noll, D. Pal A. E. Parker, S. J. Mahon; and
  • EuMC Poster01-13, Exhibition Hall (8 October 10:00am-17:30pm) – ‘A Single-Chip, Low-Noise Video Amplifier with Variable Gain in a 0.5µm GaAs pHEMT Technology’ by I. Bisby.

Also, MACOM staff are also presenting in the following Microapp sessions:

  • 7 October (2:00pm) – ‘GaN-on-silicon RF & Microwave HEMTs’ by Douglas Carlson;
  • 8 October (11:30am) – ‘GaN-on-silicon Carbide Pallet Amplifier Advantages’ by Gary Lopes; and
  • 9 October (10:00am) – ‘Pulsed Power Thermal Considerations’ by Timothy Boles.

In addition, Dr Doug Carlson, VP of strategy, is participating in the MWJ Panel, EuMW Defense and Security Forum (8 October 9:00-10:40am).

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