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1 September 2014

CRAIC adds Raman to flagship UV-visible-NIR and fluorescence microspectroscopy system

UV-visible-NIR microscope and microspectrometer manufacturer CRAIC Technologies of San Dimas, CA, USA has added Raman microspectroscopy to its flagship product: the 20/30 Perfect Vision microspectrophotometer. Users of the 20/30 PV now have the ability to acquire Raman spectra, with multiple laser wavelengths - in addition to UV-visible-NIR absorbance, reflectance, fluorescence and emission microspectra – rapidly and easily from micron-scale samples.

CRAIC’s 20/30 Perfect Vision microspectrophotometer. Picture: CRAIC’s 20/30 Perfect Vision microspectrophotometer.

The 20/30 PV can acquire all these spectra from the same area because it features CRAIC’s proprietary optical aperturing technology. It also has the ability to acquire images of these same microscopic samples in the UV, visible and NIR regions.

Applications for such a multi-purpose instrument include developing the latest advanced materials (such as graphene and carbon nanotubes) and measuring thin-film thickness in semiconductors.

“The 20/30 PV is now able to acquire vibrational spectra in addition to UV-visible-NIR spectra and images,” says president Dr Paul Martin. “Using CRAIC Technologies’ proprietary optical technology, the Raman, UV-visible-NIR and luminescence spectra are all from the same area. The ability to acquire spectra using multiple techniques and of the same microscopic target area represents a strong advantage for the 20/30 PV microspectrophotometer,” he adds.  

The 20/30 PV microspectrophotometer is a self-contained unit that features advanced UV-visible-NIR light sources, solid state lasers, true UV-visible-NIR microscopy, sensitive Lightblades spectrometers and Lambdafire spectral and imaging software. Raman microspectroscopy is added with the Apollo Raman microspectroscopy packages. Each Apollo is a self-contained package including laser, spectrometer and hardware.

All these capabilities can be integrated into the 20/30 PV microspectrophotometer, providing multiple methods for rapidly and easily analyzing microscopic samples. With its Raman, UV-visible-NIR spectroscopic and imaging capabilities, durable design, ease-of-use and CRAIC’s experience in microanalysis, the 20/30 provides a solution to the most challenging analysis, says the firm.

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