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23 September 2014

CIVCOM releases 2nd-generation 100G coherent transponders based on ClariPhy DSP

Two years after launching its first-generation 100G coherent transponder, CIVCOM of Petach Tikva, Israel (which provides high-end DWDM tunable transponders) claims to be first to release a line of second-generation 100G coherent transponders based on the LightSpeed-II family of DSPs from ClariPhy Communications Inc of Irvine, CA, USA, which develops high-speed mixed-signal digital signal processing (MXSP) systems-on-chip (SoC) for coherent optical networks. The new line of transponders offers what is claimed to be best-in-class cost per bit by delivering the highest performance available with reduced cost, foot print and power consumption.

CIVCOM says that it is committed to expanding the acceptance and deployment of 100G coherent technology by offering a product line of transponders optimized to fit different market segments:

  • Metro 100G-OIF coherent transponder – Optimized for metro networks, this module enables vendors that deployed first-generation 100G OIF modules to seamlessly provide a competitive solution for the metro.
  • Regional 100G-OIF coherent transponder – Designed for regional and inter-city applications, the module has what are claimed to be the best optical signal-to-noise ratio (OSNR) results on the market, reduced power consumption and size, and offers significant saving compared to Gen I transponders.
  • Long-haul OIF transponder – Targeting long-haul (LH) and ultra-long-haul (ULH) networks, this premium transponder offers what are claimed to be the the highest chromatic dispersion (CD) compensation and best OSNR tolerance on the market.

Advantages include: drop-in replacement to existing Gen I line-cards; significant savings – what is claimed to be the best cost-per-bit available; optimization to different market segments; and low risk - utilizing field-proven optical components.

“CIVCOM and ClariPhy worked closely together to bring this line of products to the market,” says CIVCOM’s CEO Gabby Shpirer. “The test results surpassed our high expectations, especially with respect to the best-in-class performance of the modules,” he adds.

“These new industry-leading coherent products will significantly accelerate 100G deployments into applications spanning regional, metro, long-haul and ultra-long-haul networks, while addressing the ever-increasing demand for cost-effective, high-performance coherent technology,” believes ClariPhy’s CEO Nariman Yousefi.

Engineering samples will be available in fourth-quarter 2014.

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