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6 March 2014

Oclaro's OFC product line-up to feature 100G solutions with higher densities, lower power and smaller form factors

For the Optical Fiber Communication (OFC 2014) conference & exposition in San Francisco (11-13 March), Oclaro Inc of San Jose, CA, USA (which provides components, modules and subsystems for optical communications) has announced its line-up of product demonstrations and announcements leveraging its core competencies in lasers, photonic integration and advanced packaging. Delivering what is said to be higher performance, increased densities, lower power dissipation and smaller form factors, Oclaro says that the product line-up provides the innovation needed to deploy high-speed optical networks that can handle the demand for new and fast-growing applications such as social networking, cloud computing and video streaming.

“Oclaro continues to focus its product development efforts on the high-growth, high-speed segments of the optical network markets, with a special emphasis on 100G technology where we can leverage our expertise to drive higher densities, lower power, smaller form factors and increased performance,” says Jim Haynes, president of Oclaro’s Integrated Photonics Business.

Coherent CFP2 pluggable module

Oclaro will be demonstrating a coherent CFP2 pluggable module that, with a compact form factor and power dissipation of only 12 Watts, delivers what are claimed to be new levels of performance and flexibility for optical networks operating at 100G and beyond.

The coherent CFP2 module represents the first generation of coherent transceivers offered in a pluggable format and delivers the small form factor, low power dissipation and high performance needed to upgrade systems to 100G and beyond, says Oclaro. The coherent CFP2 can be deployed with a range of external digital signal processor (DSP) options, allowing selection of the optimal combination of optical and electronic solutions for specific applications.

New tunable 10G wideband SPF+ module

Building on Oclaro’s history of 10G DWDM products, the firm is also demonstrating a new tunable SFP+ module utilizing the firm’s next-generation high-efficiency indium phosphide (InP) tunable laser platform. The tunable SFP+ leverages a re-designed compact monolithically integrated laser Mach-Zehnder (ILMZ) chip, is fully compliant with the SFP MSA (multi-source agreement) form factor, and operates at 1.5W at 70°C with what is claimed to be excellent optical signal-to-noise ratio (OSNR) performance. Oclaro will also demonstrate a tunable SFP+ module operating up to 85°C that will enable higher-density line-card solutions in the future when cooling capacity for users is expected to be even more challenging.

Micro-ITLA with Flex Grid

Oclaro also says that it has qualified and is ramping production of its second-generation LambdaFlex micro-iTLA TL5350 with flexible grid operation. As a provider in tunable products for transmission systems, the new Micro-iTLA TL5350 builds on the legacy of Oclaro's InP portfolio. Key features include:

  • advanced locker technology to enable the user to set the optical carrier to any optical frequency in the C-band with 0.2GHz channel-setting resolution;
  • optical output power of 15.5dBm at less than 4.5W of power dissipation;
  • designed to the OIF multi-source agreement;
  • 3x smaller form factor than a standard iTLA with significantly reduced power consumption; and
  • high optical output power combined with power and frequency fine tuning to give greater flexibility to network designers.

CFP2 ER4 demonstration

Oclaro claims that, at OFC, it will be the first company to showcase a working demonstration between 25G EML (electro-absorption modulated laser) light sources and 25G APD (avalanche photodiode) arrays for 100G CFP2 ER4-Lite applications, enabling error-free operation over 40km of single-mode fiber (SMF). The availability of a CFP4 ER4-Lite application will enable users to transition to access networks where longer reach is required, says Oclaro. Key product highlights include:

  • expands product portfolio of multi-rate Ethernet and OTN-compatible 100G transceivers by extending reach coverage from 10km up to 40km while maintaining low power consumption and low cost;
  • enables intermediate reach of 100G connections up to 40km within core/metro/access networks; and
  • provides better solution in terms of long-term 100G form-factor roadmaps compared with existing PIN-PD + SOA implementations, which require more power consumption and cost due to additional SOAs (semiconductor optical amplifiers).

Technical papers and presentations at OFC

At OFC, Oclaro is presenting nine technical papers on topics such as CFP2, advanced packaging design, and tunable lasers. The firm is also participating in a Market Watch panel on coherent pluggable modules for 100G and 200G.

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